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  1. XB-70 was a Military airplane. Anybody who flew in it kept their mouths shut.
  2. He was not the first person to visit Agartha. The Germans did so, even before Byrd. They even had a small submarine base, if I recall correctly. However, they left Agartha in 1944. A Kriegsmarine map from 1942 showing the Antarctic entrance. My granddad used a similar one for the North Pole. He got it from a German pilot whom he shot down over England; they became friends after the war. And you did not see the hole because the North Pole is a no-fly area and no plane goes over 82 degrees northern latitude. Anybody who sees one of the holes (military pilots, polar researchers or astronauts) are not allowed to speak about it.
  3. By "85 degrees northern latitude", I mean the latitude OVERGROUND at which the curvature starts. The latitude underground can be calculated using various reference points such as mountain ranges that are on the opposite side of the inner surface. Why are you not taking me seriously? Morlocks are a fictional construct and have nothing to do with the Hollow Earth. What I am telling you is non-fictional.
  4. Actually, turns out that he is calling the Inner Earth Salim. Never told me for some reason...we only spoke of Agartha, Hollow or Inner Earth. I will ask him why he renamed it. Note that he claims to be in contact with Reptilians while my grandfather even denied their existence.
  5. The site is owned by a friend of mine. I did most of the renders there. And yes, the correct name of Inner Earth is Agartha. Neither I nor my Grandfather ever heard of the term "Salem" for that.
  6. This is a render I based on the photo several years ago. I forgot about it. Thank you for finding it!
  7. I am not roleplaying. I am just telling you what my grandfather told me.
  8. The polar holes allow for air exchange and the expulsion of excess energy. My grandfather noticed how it started getting warmer and warmer when he passed 85 degrees of northern latitude. Roughly at the same time, the gravity anomalies began and his compass started spinning wildly. The Inner Earth civilizations (there are 7 of them) also employ volcanoes as heat sinks; if it gets too hot, the inner temperature and pressure is decreased using a major eruption. Krakatoa, for example.
  9. Yes, I know the Shell Theorem. According to my Grandfather, the "inner sun" not only radiates enough heat and light for life to function but also has a "repulsor field" that utilizes "semi-psionic energy" and generates approximately (-)0.3G on the inner surface. The centrifugal force in the "equatorial" regions is negligible. And the picture: I know it is bad, but the line on the upper right is clearly recognizable as some sort of coast, top hard and straight for a cloud formation.
  10. There are major holes at the poles with sides covered in water, allowing for planes or ships to pass into Agartha, albeit experiencing strange anomalies such as a period of near-zero-G. This is what my grandfather said.
  11. I asked them for a contact to their legal team. They ignored my request. Note that my legal threat is fake and for fun, of course. Testing ROBLOX bots and badmins.
  12. In 1952, my grandfather and several of his mates decided to follow the footsteps of Admiral Byrd (whom they knew) and flew to the North Pole in a decommissioned bomber. They claim that they found a hole that leads to Hollow Earth there; they entered it and were contacted by the residents of Hollow Earth. They flew for several hours before they landed in an Agarthan city, where they spent three days. When they returned, their friends noticed that they somewhat grew taller during the expedition and their clothes glowed in the night for several weeks. My grandfather (who piloted the plane most of the time) took this picture several hours after passing through the polar hole. Even though the quality is bad, a tundra landscape and the further away parts of the Inner Earth can be seen in the background. There is a river in the right part of the picture; my grandfather claimed that it was over a kilometer thick. My granddad often saw UFO's, especially silver discs, after his expedition. He even told me that he was abducted once and talked to Grey-like figures about his trip to Agartha. While he was visiting our house, we also noticed strange things; I saw unnatural lights during a late night barbecue on his birthday, for example. My grandfather went missing five years ago. The last message he sent me was the following: "They are taking me to them now. I will return to Agartha now as I promised sixty years ago. Seek the truth, my dearest grandson." Note that he never drank a single drop in his life and stayed entirely healthy until his disappearance. He even beat my father in a foot race once. Our doctor even commended him that he was as healthy as a 40-year-old at the age of 96. What do you think?
  13. I sent them a legal threat. It was ignored.
  14. I think it'll be a bot answer anyway. A random algorithm chooses 2% of the appeals to be accepted, maybe.
  15. Sent them an appeal telling that it was my brother who declared that he had taken David Baszucki hostage. Hope they'll consider it 'cause I'm lifetime OBC.