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  1. Hello KSP Community, I have been playing this game since the 0.12 era, I proudly consider myself a veteran. What I liked most about the earlier days of the community, when it was still small, was the Kerbin Political Roleplay. It was removed from this forum due to drama and then eventually banned but the spirit still lives on. As such, I am asking whether any other users, veterans and newer users alike who want to learn about the history of the KSP community and experience the nostalgic feelings of the early 2010s, want to start a political roleplay community that emulates that of 2012. Pick a spot on the map, carve out a country, and then start writing about how you want to assassinate the rival nation's leader at a formal dinner. We can do it on a dedicated forum, or on NationStates. Please reply here or PM me. Note that actual roleplaying is banned on the KSP forum and as such will not occur in this thread. @Ascensiam @Charzy @Spearka, Please also notify any other veterans you know.
  2. Agree but might be bad for those who don't have the character on their keyboard.
  3. Gentlemen, let us embark on a short journey back in time. To an era in which rockets still wobbled properly, no planets beyond the Mun were discovered yet and flying to this only available foreign destination required wild guessing and multiple passes during which Jeb, Bill and Bob prayed for Mun's gravitational field to catch their capsule. When the atmosphere was a hard wall and reentry produced no flames but a characteric sound more reminiscent of a WW2 bomb. When Medwedia actually existed on Kerbin, eventually being brutally partitioned by neighboring countries. What are YOUR most nostalgic memories of the old KSP community? Sorry if this is the wrong forum. Bonus if you find me (or yourself).
  4. Kerbal Powers a political roleplay game set on Kerbin Note to anybody who thinks that this contradicts the anti-RP rule: I have asked @Vanamonde whether I am allowed to recruit on the forum, and he permitted me to do so. No actual roleplaying is permitted to occur on this forum or specifically in this thread. Violations of this rule will lead to moderation actions. Kerbal Powers is a Reddit-based roleplaying community that bears many resemblances to the classic forum roleplay of KSP’s early era (and is frequented by many veterans). Nevertheless, we are also open to new players, as long as they are wishing to contribute interesting and meaningful content. Whether you like BD combat, political intrigue or complex economies: Kerbal Powers is an interesting place for you to prove yourself. Commanding a country on the planet Kerbin, it is up to you to decide whether you will advance it through space colonization, trade or military conquest. Will you turn your nation into a socialist utopia or will you choose to oppress your kerbals in a fierce totalitarian dictatorship? Or will you rather create a megacorporation and offer your services to the world's superpowers? Upon applying for entrance, you will be able to choose your territory (if you want to make a country) and political ideology. We have a custom economical system and simulate military conflict by means of AI BD Armory battles (a limited modpack which you can find on our reddit includes this mod). However, text-based roleplay still plays a great role (no pun intended) in the game. All veterans of the old forum roleplay will feel at home in Kerbal Powers. Interested? Come and join us!
  5. Now that we may remove helmet rings the possibility to create non-spacesuit clothing (military uniforms, casual attire, etc...) is given. I request that the modmakers take this notice into account.
  6. I don’t have access to KSP right now, so I’m gonna ask this before I sit down and check: Do the new suits have a fixed collar or can it be removed with the helmet, at least for the IVA version? If this is not the case, I urge Squad to make a collarless suit model for use with texture mods. Lots of people need it in their cinematics, machinimas and other stuff, including me. Sorry if this is in the wrong section.
  7. Anyway, for the premises of the novella I am writing right now (The Kronos Maneuver), I will be doing a standard human approach, even thiugh I am of a different opinion about kerbals. The kerbonauts are an extended family descending from an emigree from the Kerbal equivalent of Germany who had a title of nobility (Wehrner von Kerman, Jeb’s grandfather). Due to a mistake in the birth register, Wehrner’s two sons (one of them Gene Kerman, Jeb’s uncle) got registered as just “Kerman” instead of “von Kerman” and therefore lost their nobility. Wehrner might have tried to fix that, but eventually he said “screw it”, so the name of the family formally changed. Fun fact: the same scenario probably applies to Scrooge MacDuck and his nephew Donald Duck.
  8. Hm...never thought about that, especially considering how even the movies portray J, B & B as not relatives. Wehrner’s “von Kerman” might be a higher version of the honorific reserved for older people. Is he possibly a former kerbonaut?
  9. One 14:53, 1st of August, Mission Control, Kerbal Space Center, Central Kafrican Republic ”Goddamnit, Winkler, we lost him!” ”What did you say? We lost him?” ”Yes. Five degrees off the prescribed deceleration trajectory. Messed up the whole vector - last ping we got contained thermal alert. He’s either fried or crashed. And so is the material.” ”He must have saved himself. Did he have a parachute?” ”Yes, but parachutes are not of great use at Mach 5. He’s dead. Just like Humphrey and Anders last month. Just like Lieutenant John Briankerb. He went poof. And moreover - he crashed in goddamn Medwedia.” ”Good grief. Well...the good thing is that the Igors will have to collect the pieces and bits and not we. And I must say, that’s probably gonna be a great cleaning job, right?” ”Stop being morbid, Frank.” The two men immediately interrupted their lunch as Gene Kerman entered the mission control room. Everything went silent. The color of the face of the Head Mission Director (Operations) was not the pale yet formidable green his subordinates were used to but an unusual medium red. Gene was the uncle of Jebediah Kerman. ”Stand up.” Gene Kerman’s was speaking calmly (like he always did when he was furious), and yet his voice sounded like thunder. Those who were finishing their coffee turned to him. ”Stand up. Everybody.” ”What has happened, Mr. Kerman?” - somebody courageous had dared to interrupt the silence before the storm. ”We’re fired”, said the Head Mission Director (Operations) calmly, “all of us. This is the last order from the Director of the Space Program before he resigns.” A hearty murmur went through the majestic control hall. Kerbonauts died, even crashed in Medwedia, and every time, a funeral with weeping mothers and widows held at the space center paid by the Program closed the affair. Yes - it was Jebediah Kerman, the man who had stepped onto the Mun thirty and onto Duna fifteen years ago, but... ”No, it’s not what you think. It has nothing to do with my goddamn nephew, who seldom missed opportunities to get into trouble,” proceeded Kerman, who was now noticeably intoxicated by a mix of coffee and wine, “it’s much, much worse, at least for me.” A newspaper fell down somewhere, and everybody heard that. ”This morning, I have been accused of diverting thirty million dollars from the space program’s budget. Gentlemen, this is the end of the civilian space program. Even if I can prove that I - and you - are innocent, we are doomed. This is the end.” ”What is happening now, Mr. Kerman?” ”I don’t know, Mr. Davies, but I can assure you of my suspiction that this is all orchestrated in order to get the civilian program, a thorn in the eyes of certain persons, as we know, out of the game. Do you think somebody who wants orbital laser cannons will suddenly give a new grant for an orbital greenhouse after inauguration?” ”So we are basically uneployed from today on, Director?” ”Yes. At least most of us. Who is in the military?” Ten employees raised their hands. ”I have been asked to forward a new offer to you. You will be taken over with the infrastructure here. Mediocre pay. The rest of us - and that includes me - can just as well go knocking of the door of the homeless shelter.” A sight of relief went through the part of the room where most of the officers where sitting, and sixty pairs of envious eyes stared at them.
  10. When I ask myself if the engines will burn out when sitting in a plane. When I remember 0.12 amd 0.13 - KSP was a game far different from modern KSP then. When I remember the Kerbal Roleplay.
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