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  1. MedwedianPresident

    What is your worst successful launch?

    A fellow veteran! My most embarassing launches from the old era? Well...I forgot parachutes on numerous occasions. Imagine returning from a successful Mun mission, realizing that your crew is doomed, about to crash. More-or-less embarassing are also my attempts at building laterally-symmetrical spaceplanes in the VAB (there was no SPH back then). BTW: SAS used to be a simple torque-applying stabilizer module back then; ASAS (usually added by means of the MechJeb mod) could follow simple orders like "prograde" or "retrograde".
  2. MedwedianPresident

    Libretto for a KSP-themed opera

    You think so? Okay. But this was unintended.
  3. Hello. The request I am making is simple: to transfer cockpit props (both stock and RPM/ALCOR ones) into part format, e.g. make them placeable in editor and to create functioning placeable RPM GUI's. This would be nice for making custom cockpits and bridges. Can anybody help?
  4. MedwedianPresident

    Libretto for a KSP-themed opera

    As some of you might know, myself and another user of this forum are desiring to compose a Kerbal Space Program-themed opera. I have written up a libretto proposal and request feedback on the story and ideas on its musical realization. Table of Characters: Jebediah Kerman, Bill Kerman, Bob Kerman - Tenors Wehrner von Kerman, Gene Kerman - Basses Mission Control choirs Alien choirs Conspect: Act I: The few peaceful days on Kerbin between two missions. Slightly drunken Jeb, Bill and Bob, already in their fourties/fifties, are having a night walk through KSC, remembering the heroic days of the first advancements of the Kerbal Space Program. They are due to conduct a routine flight to the Mun the next day. Suddenly, Gene Kerman appears with happy news: a Jool probe has found an anomaly on Vall. The trio agrees to partake in the mission, seeing it as reminiscent of the old times. Wehrner and Gene warn them throughoutly of the fact that the ship they will be flying in is untested and there is only a limited possibility of return to Kerbin. The warnings are ignored, and the brave Kerbonauts board their rocket as a triumphal farewell march plays. The music is calm, concentrating on woodwinds and strings in the beginning, becoming more and more dramatic towards the end of the act as percussion and brass sets in. I wonder how a rocket launch can be pictured by an orchestra... Act II: The long flight to Jool. The trio spends the time recalling their youths once again and maintaining the spaceship. They speculate about the nature of the anomaly. Everything is normal and boring in the beginning. One night, Jeb has a dream. He dreams of alien choirs welcoming Kerbalkind into the greater community of the Galaxy, starting a new age of peace and prosperity for the race. The hymns are suddenly interrupted by a great explosion - Jeb awakens and realizes that a meteorite has hit the module Bill and Bob were working in during his own sleeping shift, killing them both. The communication antenna is also destroyed - funeral choirs in the background symbolize Mission Control, which declares that the ship is lost. Jeb breaks down morally, knowing that he will not be able to return to Kerbin. He cries out in a dramatic aria, longing for his home planet and his mother. Jool and his moons appear in the window, and Jebediah understands that the mission can still be completed, that there is still the possibility of landing at the designated site on Vall and finding out its secret. Jeb inspects the lander and retreats to the bridge of the ship to do the last calculations and write the autopilot program. Here, I picture that the music will have some "imperfections" in order to symbolize the claustrophobia and stress of a long interplanetary voyage. The meteorite collision could be pictured by a strong percussion impact, with chaotic, maybe even completely disharmonic music underlining the moments thereafter. Jeb's aria should be extremely sad, driving the listener to tears so that he can comprehend the Kerbal's pain. The finale could be happier, maybe a march again, but fatalist. Act III: The landing on Vall. Jeb bids farewell to his ship. Due to the impact-induced change in trajectory, the lander only has enough fuel for landing, not for takeoff and return; every chance of seeing home again is forfeited. Jebediah's soul is broken, the first signs of mental trauma set in as he begins singing of looking forward to seeing the aliens. His mourning for home wears off slowly and is replaced by the anticipation of the landing as the icy desert of Vall gets closer and closer. The lander touches down hardly, on the last drops of fuel, and Jeb sets a flag on the surface of the moon. Jool is watching over the scene like a fatherly figure, standing high in the sky. The stage lights should have taken on a green tone by now. Jeb begins to walk towards the presumed location of the anomaly. He finally enters Vallhenge, a magnificent formation. As Jeb's oxygen is already running out, he begins to hallucinate. For a moment, the brave explorer realizes that the creators of the anomaly are long-extinct - but suddenly, the alien choirs appear once again. The final climax comes. The "aliens" appear on stage; Jeb is lifted off and presumes that they are going to take him to their planet. In reality, they are angels who are going to bring his soul to Heaven, for the Kerbonaut is dead. The alien choirs merge with the Mission Control choirs, forming a last heroic elegy, louder and more magnificent that all prior music of the opera. The finale would end gradually, with the choirs slowly receding, a string chord symbolizing the real end. The music of the third act should synthetize the elements of the last two acts at first, then superseding them with a new tune that signifies Jeb's sacrifice. I would be happy if at least the finale of the third act included church organ as an instrument of adding boldness to the music. What do you think?
  5. MedwedianPresident

    Anybody wants to compose a KSP-themed opera?

    I have recently been playing around with the idea of an opera set in the KSP universe. Is anybody else interested? If yes, we can draw out a rough libretto, maybe some of the most important verses. As I'm not a professional composer, anybody who is good in the field of music is welcome.
  6. MedwedianPresident

    Help me design a alien/prometheus scenario

    There is a mod that turns Kerbals into Ponies, if I recall correctly. Perhaps you can speak to the owner about xenomorphs.
  7. MedwedianPresident

    Implempting the Kerbal Space Center in Trainz: A New Era

    Hm...publishing by way of spacedock is a good idea.
  8. MedwedianPresident

    Implempting the Kerbal Space Center in Trainz: A New Era

    I mean deciding on the countries and regions.
  9. MedwedianPresident

    Implempting the Kerbal Space Center in Trainz: A New Era

    On ipad right now. Might do later this week. @Lo Var Lachland But how about making a map of Kerbin first?
  10. MedwedianPresident

    Implempting the Kerbal Space Center in Trainz: A New Era

    @Lo Var Lachland YARNISH intersection comes with them. Also note that the country surrounding KSC uses rather american signs, while signs more similar to the Vienna Convention are used on the premises of the KSC - this is to cater for kerbonauts and scientists from other countries. KSC is a special administrative region under international jurisdiction with its own laws. BTW: How could the flag of KSC look?
  11. MedwedianPresident

    Implempting the Kerbal Space Center in Trainz: A New Era

    @YNM Do you have any idea on how to get VAB/SPH/Building models?
  12. MedwedianPresident

    I have finally chosen a profile picture.

    After more than six years of participating in this forum, I have finally selected a picture for my profile. It is the flag of the Medwedian Democratic Fedration, cropped and confined into a square form.
  13. MedwedianPresident

    Implempting the Kerbal Space Center in Trainz: A New Era

    Yes. I will ask the Kopernicus maintainers.
  14. MedwedianPresident

    Implempting the Kerbal Space Center in Trainz: A New Era

    I think I understand what you mean, @YNM. It is EXTREMELY unrealistic to think that all (or any) vessels are assembled within the VAB or SPH - some are larger than those buildings. As outlined before, there is a large industrial complex within and southwest from KSC, where rockets are built in large hangars, fuels produced by stinking factories and where the workers employed in the Kerbal Space Program live in large barracks. There are heavy railways connecting the factories with KSC and Kerbin City, with some of them leading directly to the hangars and launchpads of the KSC and light railways, possibly forming one system with the metropolitan rail of Kerbin City, transporting persons. I think that we should outline a rought plan for the route we will be building. BTW: How can I grab it from the game files? And SCANSat's heightmaps are of relatively bad quality, unusable for small-scale modelling.
  15. MedwedianPresident

    Implempting the Kerbal Space Center in Trainz: A New Era

    Okay. BTW, do you have any idea on how the models of the space center buildings can be ported into Trainz?