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  1. That is weird. But anyway, thanks for your rapid response! Guess I had better get to playing with them. I'm really enjoying the kit so far, it's an awesome set of parts. I do have a backup save where the slots are available in the editor for some reason, but it might be because of the presence of Kerbalism. It's the only mod I've changed between the backup and now and it does have its own centrifuge, so it might be because of that. Again though, I just needed to establish a baseline, I can work with either scenario- if you're keen to make a conclusion about it I can send the log your w
  2. Hi, I've just got a question regarding crew slots on the centrifuges. I've had an issue midway through career where crew slots are no longer visible in the SPH and VAB on centrifuges. I don't know if this is a case of problem created or solved, could anyone confirm whether or not they're supposed to have crew slots in-editor? Just so I can establish a baseline. EDIT: Just checked, and it's anything inflatable, not just centrifuges. However, the phenomenon is limited only to the SSPX mod.
  3. @PiezPiedPy Ah bummer, that's a shame. I was really looking forward to pairing these mods up. I've located a user-made patch for it here, but it was made a couple of years ago so it'll be a miracle if it still works. If not, I'm no programmer but I'll see if I can't give it a good solid kick, get it working. Thanks for your help!
  4. Hi, so, I couldn't see a reference to this in the thread, but it might very well be that I'm blind. I've got Kerbalism at the moment and I really like it, but I'm also playing with the Pathfinder mod, the one with all the inflatables. I pumped up a massive dome earlier, but realized it had about 1 square metre of living space. Checked this both in and outside of the Spaceplane Hangar, no change. Is there something I've missed? A config, the order of install? (Kerbalism then Pathfinder, just for the record) Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Granted, but you become incredibly obsessive, correcting mistakes in online articles through frenzied petition, and viciously altering spelling in physical writing pieces. You make a horrible mistake one day and browse Facebook, and the comments drive you over the edge. You sell all of your earthly possessions, barring your computer and your house, and vainly attempt to stem the tide of grammatical travesties. You eventually forget to eat and drink, and your final act is to post a correction, but as you fall, you spell the last word wrong and hit enter, immortalising it forever in the still-re
  6. Granted, but you're forced to pour it all into a post about small kittens falling off of ledges in a comical manner. I wish I were actually decent at calculus.
  7. [quote name='panzer1b']i like these in general, but would it be too difficult to make them toggleable (in the same way say the new engine fairings can be disabled in 1.0.5). It shouldnt be too much work to allow us to use them (default to on ofc), and itll let those of us that have some sci-fi designs or other craft of the sort which would be completely ruined by the new engine turbines (and also for VTOL makes, myself i dont really make jet VTOLS, but there is enough people who do that the turbines, if forced upon them, would kill designs in terms of appearance). [URL]http://imgur.com/Dfp
  8. The last one on the thread has the Kerbal like "Oh... that doesn't sound good. Will it look any better if I turn around?"
  9. Mainly because DTs are the most interesting part of the week, and it applies to everyone. Twtich generally only appeals to a few people per episode.
  10. All that needed to be said was the word "multiplayer" and this Devnotes was absolutely worth it.
  11. I have neither a second monitor nor room in which to place it... ...but if I did, I'd love to get this mod! Mainly so me and my friend can play a multiplayer version, in which I misinterpret his commands, muck up my flight angle and smack into a particularly tall mountain on Pol.
  12. Tip? Remember, Kurt, Kerbals are no longer expendable. The little green men are expensive, now.
  13. An XCOM-like random event series that makes the game feel like a living breathing world- a program- as opposed to a simulator. However, you may get attached to your Kerbals and watch them die horribly as the rocket crashes. So... Yeah. A gamey element as opposed to pure simulator.
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