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  1. Same as Snark, either launch in to a higher orbit ahead of the target, or a lower orbit behind the target, and then plot an intercept. Depending on the altitudes involved it's usually easy enough to sort it out within 1 orbit. My standard launch profile is to 80km so I tend to put stations at 120-150ish and then come in below them.
  2. I use ScanSat so I map bodies before I land there and the map highlights anomalies, I've just never bothered visiting them as I usually just use the maps to get the Lat/Long of flattish bits in the different biomes to land on. Time to start visiting anomalies!
  3. I also keep thinking I should have a play with subs at some point so watching this with interest. Presumably in a jet engine sub, as you use fuel it gets more buoyant? I'm sure I've seen people say landing gear has different buoyancy deployed and stowed, are there any parts than can be used to control buoyancy like that? I guess drain valves can be used to increase buoyancy, but I'd like to be able to decrease it as well.
  4. How long ago did this come in? I've been playing on and off for years and never heard of it.
  5. This may not look like much, but it's the product of several evenings head scratching and experimenting. My kOS launch script launches me to within about 0.6 degrees of Minmus's orbit, which is good but in theory I should be able to improve on it. However my plane matching scrip now gets me to about 0.0075 degrees out from Minmus's orbit.
  6. My kOS driven precision Mun landing ETA: In fact I was pretty damn proud of that entire mission and plan to repeat it in my current game once I finish rejigging and updating all my kOS scripts https://imgur.com/gallery/Zv7OU9J
  7. The term Deprecate is used a lot in software development to describe exactly this situation, you put in a new feature or way of doing something, but leave the old one in place so any old code that used it still works, but you discourage people from using the old method deliberately.
  8. Good point, if you're sending a probe and don't plan to bring it back, definitely go to the Mun first.
  9. Both take a similar amount of dV, you need more to get to Minmus but less to land and take off, so if you have the technology to go tone you can go to both. Landing is easier on Minmus as there's big obvious flat places and less gravity to contend with. It's easier to get to the Mun though as it's a simple transfer without the need for a plane change or launching in to an inclined orbit. Personally I always go to the Mun first in a new game but that's only really because it's become a habit.
  10. But Vis-Viva is based on the amount of kinetic energy and gravitational potential energy at given points, so doesn't take in to account the Oberth effect does it? Oberth effects the amount of energy you gain from a given quantity of fuel doesn't? So does a burn from 100 to 200m/s use more fuel than a burn from 500 to 600 m/s? If so this would push the altitude of the gate orbit up a bit.
  11. What mod is the linear aerospike engine from? I've not seen that before. Lovely looking plane but by why the choice to use the aerospike rather than electric props? Is the plan to develop it for use on other bodies too?
  12. I find multiple Vectors on an engine plate seems to be the best way to do it, I never have any problem with overheating whereas every other engine configuration I've tried tends to explode. Unless you use FMRS,l doing a SpaceX style return means you need to have good timing to boost the upper stage, switched back to the first stage and land it, then switch back to the second stage to circularise. Personally I prefer to build a VTOL SSTO, and either bring it down on the next orbit, or dock a returning module to it for it to bring back down. I do something a bit closer to Blue Origin, with small wings to help the glide on re-rentry, and with Trajectories and kOS I can put them down on the runway reliably but getting them to land on the pad is a lot harder.
  13. You know when you slightly over do the payload and then realise you can't actually launch it efficiently with your current level of technology? Built a Mun lander to my usual early game design, and then realised there's some new ScanSat sensors since last time I played which are available a lot earlier than the old one, so I figured a transfer stage could then go in to a polar Mun orbit with the sensors while the lander heads for an equatorial orbit and landing. But that meant the whole think was a bit too heavy for a sensible first stage. Ended up going back to my previous save and taking a slightly different research route to get the skipper and some bigger tanks Now I just need to finish my Mun transfer and landing kOS scripts.
  14. Been working on a kOS script for altitude changes, boosting the Ap or Pe to a given value. It's taken a bit of fiddling and a lot of debugging but but I'm very happy with the result. From an 80x80 ish orbit I told it to raise the Apoapsis to 110km, and then raise the current Periapsis to 120km. The end result: I think I can live with that. then tried raising the Ap to 5000km and the current Pe to 6000km I make that a 0.0016% error on the semi major axis :