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  1. I'll be honest, I'm disappointed you've got Jeb and Val flying that thing rather than Stringfellow and Dominic!
  2. Its looking awful crowded in my sky Both Kerbin and the Mun now have 3 RemoteTech Komsats in equatorial orbit and a ScanSat in polar orbit. I managed to hold off getting the comms network up until I had longer range antenna than usual so the the longer range Omni's mean I only need 3 rather than my usual early game 4 around Kerbin, and they have dishes with the range to hit Duna. I'll live with the risk of eclipses at the wrong time for now and wait until I have an even longer range dish before putting up a couple in an eccentric polar orbit, although I'm wondering it it's worth having the ones I'll put around Minmus as long range relays instead.
  3. I do love a nice resonant orbit, 2 KomSats in positions and the third about to boost in to it's final orbit.
  4. I did something similar a few games back with a "Spider crane" design to move modules around, with legs long enough it could dock to port on the roof of the base module. The main problem I found was in low gravity with a big mass on it, the whole thing was very bouncy. It was able to recover from a complete rollover though. Anyone else ever find themselves in search of unnecessary perfection? I'm launching a Mun mission of a lander, orbiting fuel depot, and return capsule, and as I use KOS my launches are easily repeatable. Initially the second stage got it to altitude and then had about half the burn time needed for the circularisation burn, so I've been playing with slightly different launch profiles to see if I can get the second stage to burn out just before it reaches altitude. The last attempt had 7m/s of fuel left with a 70m/s second circularisation burn needed. Increasing the initial pitch over angle by just a quarter of a degree meant it didn't make orbit. Basically I've just spent the last hour trying to get a perfect launch profile when I could have landed the thing on Mun multiple times by now ETA: +0.1 degrees leaves it with a 120m/s circularisation burn so a less efficient launch as it must be losing more to drag. It's a fine line...
  5. The trouble with the early game is I tend to slap stuff together that works but doesn't really look that good. For example my first Mun lander, trying to fit the science experiments and enough fuel and a capsule to land and return in a single vessel means I've ended up somewhat asymmetric, Materials lab on one pod, service bay on another for experiments and batteries, and a reaction wheel on the third one It was only intended for one mission but due to some further KOS testing it's ended up doing 3. Time to replace it with lander can based design and an orbital fuel dump! I'm not that impressed with the graphics for the new surface features though, it really does look like it was plonked there as an afterthought
  6. If you bought it from the KSP website rather than Steam then you can download older versions. Click the download link and it gives you the option of 1.7.2 or 1.61, but there's a link below them legacy versions where you can download 1.5.1, 1.4.5, 1.3.1, 1.2.2, 1.1.3 or 1.0.5
  7. Doesn't CKAN filter by mods that are compatible with the current version? I just started a new career game and my usual modlist seems to be working fine. KOS, KER, ScanSat, RemoteTech, plus EVE/Scatterer/PlanetShine/DistantObjectEnhancement. I'm trying ReStock for the first time but not sure what differences are due to that and what are from upgrading to 1.7.2 and buying both DLC packs I've also got USI Life Support loaded, and it gives a message at the start saying it's not compatible with 1.7.2 but doesn't seem to be causing any problems so far,
  8. Usually when I start a career game I do one Mun flypast to get science high above Kerbin, and high and low above the Mun, then then move on to a landing. This means the KOS script I wrote ages ago never gets any love and is pretty rubbish compared to my more recent stuff. However this game I've decided to earn some money early on from tourist missions, and having done the initial Mun flypast got a couple of contracts to take tourists for a flypast. Hence I've updated my script slightly and now have a proper free return, a periapsis of 522km over the Mun, and 35km over Kerbin. This brings the overall mission time down from over 5 days to just under 2 days and 20 minutes, and just 9 minutes of player time. Plus over 400k kredits for the two missions (2 flights of 2 tourists) Tempted to do some more flypasts for the hell of it and to refine the code a bit more, but as soon as I do a mun landing the tourists will all want to orbit or land on the Mun so there'll be no benefit in this free return trajectory again.
  9. Once you've put in the effort on your script library, KOS does a great job of simplifying the stuff you already know how to do. Quick mod to my tourist orbiter for some extra range, load up an existing script, and Jeb went off and a did a perfect double rescue while I got on with my Dutch homework Parked up just over 50 meters away from each target without any RCS fitted. I now have an extra scientist and engineer, plus some more cash, while reinforcing my belief that the Dutch have deliberately developed a way of telling the time to confuse foreigners Then I accidentally launched some tourists North instead of East, think I should have charged them more for the better view!
  10. I really rather enjoy the early career game. A few tourist shots to raise some cash and we're ready for a Mun flypast...but due to a cockup by the R&D department we don't have any solar panels, and the 30 part constraint limits the amount of batteries that can be carried. Bob made it successfully to the Mun, but with no pilot or remote unit onboard he's totally reliant on the KOS module for control, and shut off all non essential electronics to ensure he had enough power left to setup the re-rentry burn. This meant a several day return journey from an almost free return trajectory to burn at periapsis on the way back. He had plenty of time to enjoy the view though As it turned out he probably had enough fuel to burn for aerobraking as soon as he popped out of the Mun SOI but he had plenty of snacks on board so didn't really want to take the risk. It's all worth it in the end though. That should unlock enough science for him to go back and land!
  11. Not played in a while did my usual of install the latest version and start a new career. Only this time I finally bought Breaking Ground and Making History to go with it. Installed a bunch of my usual mods (EVE/Scatterer/etc, KOS, KER, ScanSat, RemoteTech, USI-LS) and dusted off my KOS scripts. First flight got enough science to get my second flight suborbital and the third orbital. Now raising some money with tourist flights, and my 3xMk1 capsule tourist bus just made it to orbit...just... 70,800m by the time it circularised, I was getting a bit nervous
  12. "ModuleGrappleNode" "ModuleAnimateGeneric" "FXModuleLookAtConstraint" "FlagDecal" "KosNameTag" Looking at the save file for the ModuleGrappleNode MODULE { name = ModuleGrappleNode isEnabled = True stagingEnabled = True state = Disabled dockUId = 0 grapplePos = 0,0,0 grappleOrt = 0,1,0 grappleOrt2 = 0,0,0 EVENTS { } ACTIONS { ReleaseAction { actionGroup = None } DecoupleAction { actionGroup = None } MakeReferenceToggle { actionGroup = None } } UPGRADESAPPLIED { } } State changes to "Ready" when it's armed, so that's definitely the parameter I'm trying to change. Backup plan is put it in an action group and toggle that, but it'd be nice to know how to do it properly.
  13. It's the "Arm" button on the right click menu I'm trying to use, so presumably it should be available. I've tried printing :allfields, :allevents and :allactions for the ModuleGrappleNode It returns no fields, 1 event (control from here) and 3 actions (release grapple, decouple node and control from here). Nothing obvious for arming it.
  14. Can anyone give me some pointers on part modules and operating stuff in the right click menus? I want to arm an Advanced Grabbing Unit, but can't work out the relationship between the part and names of the modules/variables that sit below that. From a rummage through the persistent save file I thought this would do it set PartList to ship:parts. for Parts in PartList { set part to Parts. if part:name = "GrapplingDevice"{ print "Klaw fitted". part:getmodule("ModuleGrappleNode"):setfield("State",True). } } But it tells me there isn't a field called state, so I'm a bit stuck.
  15. With only an approximate Lat/Long from a low res ScanSat pass to go on I managed to plonk a lander down just 1.3km away from an anomaly on Minmus, and Brooke spotted a good selfie opportunity when she realised both the Mun and Kerbin were in shot Don't think my landing script is precise enough to put a lander down on top of it yet though