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  1. I've never managed to get close enough trying that to not end up burning a fair bit of fuel fixing it, wheras can reliable get within a couple of km by orbiting first, which only needs a tiny bit of fuel to correct. Updating my kOS scripts so trying to define some specific parameters for it. The idea is to get the timing right so it only takes one orbit, but agree fur any further apart several orbits is more efficient. Not that worried about efficiency though I don't think there's a massive difference between them, but need to define some specific criteria for my kOS scripts
  2. If I wanted to launch to intercept a craft in an 80km equatorial orbit I would launch to 80km but ahead of the target, then push my Ap out further to slow down and get an intercept on the next orbit. If I wanted to launch to intercept a craft in a 200km equatorial orbit I'd launch to 75-80km but behind the target, and push my AP out to 200km at the right time to get an intercept half an orbit later Is there either an optimal altitude at which one approach becomes more efficient than the other, or is there a better way entirely?
  3. First Mun landing of the current career, and 100% kOS driven. Jeb landed safely only to discover that the self levelling suspension software doesn't seem to be working properly This mainly using kOS code I wrote in my previous game, 2 years ago, with a new mission planner that decides what bits to run. Also only just discovered the GUI so tempted to move the initial menu over to that at some point. I was also sad enough to video it for posterity Kerbin to the Mun https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrpTB65beDM And the return trip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g3AYEQ5Ia5w
  4. Testing my kOS mission planner by automating tourist missions. ..with the added bonus of making loads of Kredits in the early game. The planner runs in a loop and works out what task it needs to do next to complete the mission. In this simple case the first pass tells it to launch and circularise, and the second time tells it to land immediately.
  5. What graphics mods are you using? that looks stunning.
  6. Started a new career after nearly 2 years away from KSP. Building a new mission planner for my kOs scripts, but had forgotten that my circularisation script needs the tracking station to be updated to access the patched conics. So I figured it's time to do a few tourist missions to earn the cash for the upgrade. Then I found this rocket design doesn't quite have enough dV to make orbit...I got the Pe up to -35km! Probably could have had jeb make orbit from there just his backpack! Sadly the capsule didn't have RCS. In true KSP tradition though, I feel the answer is MOAR BOOSTERS!
  7. Dunno if I ever wrote it up but I had a kOS script to do controlled (ish) powered descents from orbit to increase the impact speed, but got disheartened by the lack of benefit before I ever perfected it. I was managing very close impacts by burning straight down and cutting the throttle when I reached the desired impact point, but had planned to try to do it by adjusting acceleration vector to allow for using all the fuel. Good graph, looks like I should have concentrated on hitting 5km or so away at the maximum possible speed.
  8. Its a SAR scanner from SCANSat. Busy mapping the surface so I can figure out where to try to land.
  9. Taking a break from my space programme to try something new. Despite buying Breaking Ground ages ago, I've never played with propellers or rotors. It took a bit of trial and error and some hunting though some old posts to figure out how to set up the KAL controller, but I got there eventually. Now working on a kOS script to fly the thing, my basic controller at the moment lets me set a forward speed and bearing, and will cancel out lateral speed (badly), next step will be altitude hold. Will it fit? Loads of room, although Jeb doesn't look too sure.... My ultimate goal is a heli-rover for Duna and Eve, and maybe some kind of E-VTOL system for a first stage of an Eve launcher.
  10. I've been tweaking my kOS transfer scripts while running a tourist service between the Mun and Minmus, the idea being inter-munar travel is mathematically the same as inter-planetary travel. First attempt at inter-planetary, and it only took a few tweaks, mainly to ensure it didn't get caught up on the Mun on the way out. I now have a ScanSat and a set of Kommsats orbiting Eve. A few tweaks to the design needed and a similar package will be heading to Duna soon.
  11. Built a craft to go to Eve and Duna, but 4 kommsats and a Scansat, plus the transfer stage, is too heavy for my SSTO, so I've built a new one. The middle one is my main workhorse, powered by 5 Vectors it can lift a 36 tonne Rockomax tank to LKO. The one on the right I built the other day to launch a small 5 tonne satellite, it's powered by a single vector The new one on the left is powered by 9 vectors and just put 50 tonnes in to LKO All three can land back on the runway for 100% fund recovery
  12. It turns out my kOS landing script doesn't correctly align to the landing coordinates at high latitudes, and in correcting the drift while trying to landing in the Minmus Poles biome, my tourist bus burned through it's entire stock of Monopropellant. The bus isn't able to land back on Kerbin on it's own and needs to dock with it's launch vehicle to get home. Luckily I had a remote controlled tug from a previous mission still parked in orbit with enough fuel and monopropellant to dock with the bus and top it up .
  13. Landing in Mun Canyons makes my slope finding kOS script go a bit mad Made it though
  14. Most of my launches recently have been with my kOS driven, 5 vector powered SSTO which can lift a 36 tonne Rockomax Jumbo tank in to LKO, and then be recovered back to the KSC. Today I took a contract to put a Sentinal in to Solar orbit, and given the 5.5 tonne weight of the craft my SSTO seemed a bit of an overkill, so I built a smaller one powered a single Vector, but using the same kOS code. I thought this was probably still a bit of an overkill as launching something this small is pretty cheap with disposable rockets, but the total launch cost turned out to be only just over 5000 credits after putting the payload in to a 120km orbit and then landing back on the runway Very happy that my kOS script handled the much smaller, lighter, less draggy ship perfectly. Now I need to install KAC so I remember to to the circularisation burn on the Sentinal in nearly a years time. ETA: For size comparison, here's it's big brother about to launch with the 27 tonne Mun/Minmus tourist bus.
  15. I had contracts for stations in Kerbin, Mun and Minmus orbit. Putting all the requirements together it needed space for 20 kerbals, a lab, an ISRU, and 6000 units of liquid fuel. In my current game I don't really have the technology to launch that yet, so I put it up in 3 launches SSTO carrying the fuel module about to dock with the main station The third launch was for a "Tug" to push it to the Mun And then on to Minmus where the tug detached (possibly hitting 2 solar panels as I can't see what else could have happened to them) before the Tug headed back to Kerbin where it aerobraked in to orbit and is now ready to be refuelled for another mission
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