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  1. Trajectories is now part of MechJeb correct? a handler would have to be made to handle it. If Mechjeb exposes those values, it should be possible. Might require a dll though. that is: Very cool. I've been busy with Elite Dangerous. I'll have a look back at this from time to time. Thanks for creating the patch file!
  2. The point you made about counting deltaV spent from the point of refueling as opposed to from LKO is a good one I didn't consider and you're right on that. That said, I noticed you hadn't touched on the second part of my post with was about complexity. From LKO it would still require you to do 6 different orbital maneuvers over 2, with the LMO ship. One of those maneuvers includes adjusting your craft's periapsis along its orbit, whilst returning from the mun, to be at the right ejection angle for your interplanetary injection burn. Now I know we're all about doing orbital maneuvers, that's what we love. But if we want to get to duna (in this scenario) easily we should go for the two maneuver approach with the LKO OPD over the six maneuver one with the LMO OPD. It's much easier to do and unless you have a ginormous show stopping ship, adding a tank that could hold 550m/s isn't too heavy on your ship's systems. It doesn't even need to be filled for the launch if you're worried about complexity of the craft at launch. Towards this: If Kerbin were reality, If we were to go interplanetary, I do not believe that an interplanetary ship would have bothered going to the Mun or Minmus to do it. they would just refuel at LKO and burn once. Yes there would be OPDs in LKO, LMO and LmO But unless there was a interplanetary spacecraft built near Mun or Minmus, I would see the LMO and LmO refueling points strictly for kerbin orbital operations.
  3. You still have to spend twice the deltaV to get your interplanetary craft to Low Mun(860 m/s) and rendezvous(310 m/s) with the OPD there before returning for the Kerbin periapsis burn (310 m/s). By then you've already have spent 1480 m/s to get to the mun and then back for the ejection burn... and another 90m/s (950m/s escape velocity - 860m/s Mun intercept) to escape Kerbin's SOI. This is assuming your LKO's periapsis that you've made matches up with your ejection angle burn point so corrections have to be made along the way. Instead of spending 1570 m/s to escape from Kerbin's SOI, why not just refuel your ship at Kerbin and save yourself 620 m/s? It could go to other things as well as the complexity of having to conduct 6 different orbital maneuvres with just 2 like so: Let the refueling tankers move between the surface of LMO to the LKO OPD.
  4. I never thought of putting the OPD in orbit around the mun. I thought it would have been best to place it in LKO. Because it's a whole lot easier moving to and fro Mun's orbit and LKO for the refueler than it is for a launch vehicle to bring a craft up that needs 1 km/s more to reach the Mun and circularize. Plus, the Oberth effect around Kerbin is a whole lot stronger.
  5. Alright folks i've cleaned things up, set up a git and updated things to 1.0.1 Just adding things as I find them useful.
  6. Hi there. Follow the instructions: Installation guide: Download and install RPM (instructions there) Download the MFD Revived Zip Unzip it. Paste in Gamedata folder Overwrite all if asked. Nothing needs to be deleted from this mod. You do not need Hyomoto's MFD. I've updated the links to it.
  7. Awesome! No worries ^^ I just noticed it and was trying to figure out if I could fix it. In your own time!
  8. Hey there, I noticed that the definied variables, DELTAV and DELTAVSTAGE don't produce any values. edit: okay issue appears to be in UpdateDeltaVStats() the error i get is System.invalidCastException: Cannot cast from source type to destination type.
  9. Done. We'll see if they replies. btw, which cockpit is that?
  10. Hey there, I revived Hyomoto's MFD. I've linked to your mod here: Would you consider writing a patch to it and including it in the next release?
  11. Hey there, I revived Hyomoto's MFD. I've linked to your mod here: Would you consider writing a patch to it and including it in the next release?
  12. oh that reminds me, delete all patches from the plugins that mesh with rpm. they's the ones that add new pages. not needed. As for the names, it's like that for me too.
  13. The patch would have to be rewritten to fit the locations for the menus but yes it looks like it will as button G is one of the primary buttons on the top. I'm not very skilled at module manager patching but I believe this patch should work. @PROP[RasterPropMonitorBasicMFD]:NEEDS[notes|notesRPM] { @MODULE[RasterPropMonitor] { @PAGE[home] { @text = notes/notes_home40x20.txt } //adds a button to the plugins page next to HSIL @PAGE[menuPlugin] { @CONTEXTREDIRECT { redirect = btn7, notesRPMPage } } PAGE { name = notesRPMPage PAGEHANDLER { //Class name is kOS Monitor name = notesRPM //Processors are named sanely method = ContentProcessor buttonClickMethod = ButtonProcessor //This will set the size of the kOSProcessor TermWindow object consoleWidth = 40 consoleHeight = 20 //Button definitions are settable noteButton = 0 downButton = 1 infoButton = 2 //Text tint is also modifiable textTint = <color=#009900ff> textTintUnpowered = <color=#ffffff3e> } //ensures it follows the button pattern of the menu disableSwitchingTo = btn1, btn2, btn3, btn4,btn5,btn6,btn7,btn8,btn9,btn10,btn11,btn12,up,down,enter,escape,home CONTEXTREDIRECT { redirect = home, menuDefault } } } } I should also let folks know that you should always delete or modify the rpm patch in each mod that tries to add a new page to the display for this.
  14. What do you mean? I have it running right now. Showcased it here:
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