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  1. By 'Stable' I mean that the moment applied from aero forces will return the craft to 0 AOA. That's what a cm graph with negative slope means. The craft in the image flips over both with and without fairings, and the effect is slower without fairings. This is incorrect.
  2. The first graph shows a less stable design than the second one since the slope of the yellow cm curve is more positive. Both are unstable, the second one moreso Yeah sounds about right. I'd have thought the smooth surface of the fairing exterior would be more aerodynamic subsonic. Is this realistic?
  3. It seems like this rocket is less stable when fairings are covering the payload than not. Any idea what could be going on here? As far as I can tell the parts in the fairings are being shielded correctly.
  4. Alright, yeah, I don't know what was going on. The glitch coincided with Scatterer being installed earlier which is what made me think it was causing it. Seems to be fine (for now)
  5. It didn't actually. I re-added all my other mods one by one until it stopped working and found that a plugin called ModularFlightIntegrator had something to do with it, but removing it broke a bunch of other stuff. This is definitely related to scatterer because my log is spammed with NullReferenceExceptions with the name of said. Also, is it possible to load addons without completely restarting the game? I think you can rebuild the database is the F12 menu but does this work for plugins? Can you do this from the menu scene?
  6. When ModularFuelTanks is installed, the game breaks on loading a save. Starts in space center scene at shown position, can't pan the camera or click on anything. This was in my log (The error below is repeated several dozen times sequentially): [LOG 17:22:54.609] AddonLoader: Instantiating addon 'ShaderReplacer' from assembly 'scatterer' [EXC 17:22:54.658] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object scatterer.SkyNode.UpdateNode () scatterer.Manager.Update () scatterer.Core.Update () Full log here: I didn't test this exhaustively with all my mods, but when I removed MFT, everything worked. Edit: Removing TweakableEverything while leaving MFT installed resulted in no errors. ugh i don't know weird ....
  7. So stock launch clamps don't do the trick? That's a bummer. Know how to fix it so that they do?
  8. It seems that cryo fuels boil off during construction time when using KCT. So by the time my rocket is ready to launch, all my LOX is gone. That seems like it's probably a bug. I shouldn't have to use cryo tanks for first stages using kerolox, should I? Anybody else encounter this? Also, now that I have the VSR models, it seems that the AJ10 and some other parts are missing attachment nodes.
  9. Uhhh, hey, what the hell is this? It's like the model is missing. How fix?
  10. I mentioned in the OP that I don't want to involve any specific set of dependencies, as that mod does (rather I'd be mixing and matching individual addons to my own preference). Straight from the BTSM thread: Which is why I'm not using it (otherwise I would).
  11. Not so much a request as a general query. I'm quite dissatisfied with the stock tech tree, mostly because you start out with manned capsules, and robotic probes are much further down the line. I'd also like manned fixed-wing flight to come before manned rockets, and I'd like a simple tech-tree addon that accomplishes this without any complicated system of dependent addons (such as BTSM). I've also noticed that there are several utilities that allow modification of the technology tree, all of which seem to be outdated (We have Treeloader, TechManager and at least one other which I can't find at the moment). Does anyone know of any fairly lightweight addons that accomplishes something like this, or where I can find more up to date info on modding the tech tree? I'm going to start trying to edit some of the unofficial configs that come with TechManager (which, while last updated for .25, still works with 0.90... I think) anyway but if there's already one out there that does something like what I want it'll save me some trouble. It's a real pain to sort through a lot of this information since it's scattered across so many posts in different threads in the addon forums. Just need some pointers in the right direction.
  12. no, you actually have to do everything I say This is what I meant.
  13. You should write configs or provide parts for spaceplane cargo bays to be used as hangars. Also, will resources stored in parts that are stored in a hangar be accessible to the rest of the ship? I ask because this would be a great method to create completely customized service modules while lowering part count. Also, single-use hangars in the form of payload shrouds would certainly be useful.
  14. Something doesn't seem right Notice the '5.4 cm' in the second screenshot. This is only for the prop engines sharing the KAX radial model. Why was the rescale factor for these parts set to 0.015?