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  1. You're right, I'm a b00b. It's Science [x] that I've been using - for some reason, I thought it was called ScienceNow... It's incorporated the old push-button features from ScienceAlert (which should be part of stock KSP arrrgh!)
  2. *

    Again, I'm kind of stunned that this was recognized by the community - I don't think that I'm all that well-known, but it means a lot that someone noticed and called them out for it. I guess I can't blame Squad or the mods, if the story is true. I don't like it, but spilled milk is spilt. I work with SQL a lot in my career, and I'm pretty amazed that anyone would allow a deletion proc on their server, without any kind of backup/revert capability. It should only require a simple ROLLBACK TRANSACTION command, if the server is run properly, but perhaps that's not the case. I also find it odd that my post count is still stored, but everything else is wiped. If that's a live count (which I'm almost certain it is), then the content is still floating around in there somewhere. Whatever, so be it, like I said - it's annoying for me, but really a shame for the newer users, and I did enjoy posting some helpful tips in the Gameplay Questions area. I'll still be around, but I have to admit this episode has tamped down my enjoyment of the forums. I'll still be launching kerbals and looking forward to the next iteration of the game, and it's still the best 15 bucks I've ever spent for gaming.
  3. Not Understanding Rovers

    Yeah, rovers are kind of pointless
  4. Not Understanding Rovers

    I actually just attach mine to the top of the lander with a stack separator. Add a fairing around it, to protect during ascent.
  5. Take-Two Kills "Essential" Grand Theft Auto V Mod

    The problem, of course, is using the intellectual property of existing mods, deciding to monetize it after the fact, and then threatening to sue the original modders.
  6. Forum Ribbons

    I know, I know. People either love or hate them. They make no sense in an RPG, for example, but they really do in a game without a "level" structure, involving genuine player skill, like KSP does. It's nice to have consistency across the different games, too (Steam Achievements). No reason you can't have both in- and out-of-game cheevos. I enjoy Final Frontier as well, but he's got some wacky stuff in that list, and misses the more generic things that you would expect in a cheevo list.
  7. Forum Ribbons

    I'm expecting some sort of Steam Achievements as well. I heard the "divide the playerbase" excuse, but console players already have them.
  8. Forum Ribbons

    That's a good point. Frankly, I think it's a shame that the Debug toolbar i still available in the base game, but... I guess that's the problem with such an indie sort of game. I don't think any of the mods would really make it that much easier to do things, other than MechJeb, of course.
  9. Has it been considered that we could use the "anonymous game progress data" to automatically populate ribbons or icons in our forum signatures? Im aware of the one already used by players, but it would be nice to have an "official" recognition of in-game achievements (since we can't have achievements).