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  1. 4 steering fins, launch at 45+ degrees or so. you should drop almost on top of it. Just steer a bit on the drop, like a guided bomb.
  2. This. Lots of this. Id also like to be able to go back to say, Step 2 after completing the mission series. Those little flight targets are fun to aim at.
  3. What? The first mission has a weight limit of 3.3 tons, and the only engine provided weighs 3.6 tons... This don't make no sense... EDIT: Gahhh! I figured it out. I am totally in love with these challenges now.
  4. Kinda surprised that nobody's talking about the fact that those boosters reversed from 1,000 mph, back towards Canaveral. And THEN had power left to land. How can they possibly be so much more efficient than anything flown before? That's basically 2.5 full launches worth of fuel for each of them..
  5. I've applied a few times, never got a response. lol
  6. I set the livestream up in a conference room for my coworkers. We all clapped when the boosters landed - that was just incredible. I could sense the dread from some of them though... We're a NASA contractor.
  7. ^^^ This. Although, I'm 100% certain that it won't be a 'permanent death' for the industry.
  8. All fun and games, until the 'cease and desist' letters start flying.
  9. "KSP isn't mentioned" - Well, they did say 'all future games', but I suppose we could assume they sell KSP at some point, for no reason whatsoever? "..if T2 has any long term plans for KSP" - what do you think they bought it for? Kerbal plushies? "first DLC for the original game" - Why do you suppose we HAVE a DLC, after 6+ years of development? "...if SQUAD are interested in doing a sequel" - They can do it, or T2 will find someone else to. There shall be a sequel. "...what could change in the industry" - Ok, you've got me there. Maybe they change their minds all of a
  10. Nope, just struck me as an item of interest, relative to the future of a game that we all care about, and it's attendant DLC. An uninformed consumer is a slave to the merchant, and all that. Not sure what you see here as 'unsubstantiated', but you're free to bury your head.
  11. Yes, that's much more reassuring “We’ve said that we aim to have recurrent consumer spending opportunities for every title that we put out at this company, (you will spend more on every title)” said Zelnick. “It may not always be an online model (DLC), it probably won’t always be a virtual currency model (In-Game Shops), but there will be some ability to engage (spend) in an ongoing basis with our titles after release across the board. I mean, I appreciate the honesty from them. It's nice that they feel comfortable in stating outright that they'll expect more-than-full-price for eve
  12. https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2017/11/08/grand-theft-auto-v-publishers-want-microtransactions-in-all-their-future-games-says-boss-man/
  13. You're right, I'm a b00b. It's Science [x] that I've been using - for some reason, I thought it was called ScienceNow... It's incorporated the old push-button features from ScienceAlert (which should be part of stock KSP arrrgh!)
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