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  1. I'm Gordon Freeman the train engineer, obviously! You get pulled over next to a mansion with a harpoon, gloves, and a bomb in the back.
  2. No, we do not. I'll update the original post. zyq (psyche) aendosmxze
  3. Power 8.2 MW Operating system Cray Linux Environment Space 404 m2 (4352 ft2) Memory 693.5 TiB (584 TiB CPU and 109.5 TiB GPU) Storage 40 PB, 1.4 TB/s IO Lustre filesystem Speed 17.59 petaFLOPS (LINPACK) 27 petaFLOPS theoretical peak Oh dear the things I would do with 693 Terrabytes (693500 Gigabytes) of RAM. And what would I do with 40 Petabytes (693,500,000 Gigabytes) of memory? I'd DOWNLOAD. THE. INTERNET. But I would probably still lose faith in humanity by any internet blog post.
  4. Okay, so I just randomly came up with this a few minutes ago, and I'd rather not lose the idea. If this exists somewhere else, I'm sorry. Description: Basically, what you do is make a word as close as possible to being correct with a set of randomly-smashed keyboard inputted letters that the poster above you makes. It does not have to be spelled right, it just has to sound like the word if pronounced out loud You do not need to use all the given letters Rules: Keep it clean Do not use a letter more than once Try to keep your random letters somewhere between 5-10 characters You can make short phrases rather than short words, but keep in mind to not use the same letter more than once Example: Poster #1: iunerfoa Poster #2: foany (phony) fgwojwg and it goes on and on... I'll start: ______________________________________________________________________ ohwibvhg
  5. Dat bump tho. Oh well, I guess I could make a joke. [joke] So I'm voting for Donald Trump [/joke] its a joke guys c'mon
  6. When you do an EVA report while at the bottom of your craft, and you do another EVA report at the top, they say different things.
  7. Best Idea Ever: MLG PARACHUTE STUNT MONTAGE I would like for this to be added.
  8. Worst way one of my Kerbals has died? Heh. Have you ever heard of my "HyperEdit shenanigans"??? Well, I put two planets (Jool and Kerbin to be exact) a "little" too close to each other, and tried launching a rocket. I'm not kidding you when I say I hit the end of the solar system in under a second.
  9. HyperEdit <3 You can teleport to planets, edit planets, change their orbit/spin, etc. I personally like making the Mun so close to Kerbin that when I go to the launch pad the craft gets... well... you know.
  10. Well obviously Jim was carrying out his plan to take over and rule Minmus but didn't think it through very well. Any person named Jim is always a shady person.
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