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  1. Hi, I know RSS isn't quite 100% working with 1.3.1 yet, but does anybody know a fix for this? It only happens when I leave the atmosphere and the Earth texture changes, when I come back down this is what I see
  2. It might seem somewhat redundant, but is it possible to have both Interstellar version and Stock version installed at the same time?
  3. I've been running this mod for a while and have slowly come to the conclusion that it's not really for me, but I want to keep the general RSS layout of the system. If I'm running this with the 1/10th size config and the bonus planets, will the bonus planets scale properly or are they going to be huge in comparison with the rest of the system?
  4. Since I installed this mod I don't seem to receive a lot of the stock contracts or contracts from the Fine Print mod anymore. Is that supposed to happen? I still get 'science data from x', but all the various testing contracts seem to just be gone. EDIT: Scratch that. Had a poke around in the config files and think I found the setting for it