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  1. Have the same problem: Lighting in the KSC Overview stays at nighttime the entire day. It's fine on launchpad (normal 6 hours day/night cycle) but as soon as you launch something, the planet and the vessel get gradually darker until both look like it's pitch black night. Once the vessel leaves the atmosphere (so around 70km above ground) the planet returns back to normal, but not the vessel. It also doesn't matter if launched at 0:00 or 3:00, the behaviour of the lighting is exactly the same. This is on an install with only Kopernicus, ModularFlightIntegrator and GalacticNeighborhood, as i was afraid one of my many other mods would be the reason. Problem doesn't appear anymore once i delete GN. Or, probably nevermind: I just read Sigma88's signature to see what files he needs, and then saw on his discord that he published a new version just an hour ago. I'll check that out first once im off work. Edit: Just in case if this helps, it appears to be a problem between Kopernicus 1.3.1-3 and GalacticNeighborhood, as everything works fine when Kopernicus 1.3.1-2 is used.
  2. Well i think i can third it in size (at least) but that is still a lot of time. Guess i have to test it's re-entry capabilities when i find the time to play some more KSP again
  3. And it even looks good, what's it made of? I'm asking on behalf of my kerbonists on Tellumo, as they won't shut up about it, and refuse to manufacture anything else but snacks unless they get the blueprints to it.
  4. I'm not a religious person, but still, i thought today the Kraken will have mercy with my "RP-start" to a new solar system if i remove clouds and such so he might watch it from above. Nope! Ah well, screw this.. That made it worse, but if a rocket is heavy enough, a few missing boosters won't matter. Indeed, quite stable after all. Shed a lot of weight with that half fairing also (over 320m/s in under 10'000m). This might be the most Kerbal screenshot i have. Just for scale, the upper-stage tank is 20m wide and 12m tall, the dropped mass once in orbit is three times as expensive as the actual payload And here we are. It needs some work with the lighting and i can probably add quite a few more weight to it (after this, i don't think i need 200t or more in fairings), actually having a hangar bay for the A-class Asteroids it's supposed to catch to sustain the populace on their journey to a new solar system. Because it's my biggest rocket yet, here are the stats: Mass: 58'637.210t Payload: 5'000t (ish) Height: 215.7m Width: 82.4m Price: 53'997'610
  5. My Kerbals achieved much, much more than what we humans are even capable of in the next 50 years. What i generally do when i introduce someone new to the game is to apologize to them for the ignorance they'll get frontloaded with. They're used to it tough, they had to deal with me when i started out afterall.
  6. I love the look/shape of what i guess is your fuel depot and hope you don't mind that i will steal and enlarge it for my next station
  7. 1) Yes, very. I yelled at the screen after the 5th or so botched attempt at a Mun landing: "There's no way you can do it all, break horizontally and vertically while pointing at that retrograde thing and watching distance to the ground without at least flipping that damned rocket over1!". And i'm not even mentioning docking.. But once you've done it you feel like the king of the universe. It's not about the controls, they are actually pretty good, but unless you have done something similar, you need to wrap your brain around all these things. I usually compare it to cooking, once you have some experience with it, everything becomes a lot easier/relaxed. You go from hating the Mun to hating Eve to install RSS and hating Venus. 2) No, not at all. You learn as you go along and unless you choose some "hardcore" settings, you can quickload or even revert an entire flight, even make dead Kerbals respawn. 3) There is none. Just from the video-thumbnail, there are at least 3 mods used, B9 for the hull parts and USI Kolonization/Transport Technologies. Trust me, if you'll buy the game, you probably want many more than them 4) Depends. The building part is only limited by your fantasy and part count (there are ways to extend it, but too big and it will lag). But getting something big and clumsy into orbit without cheating can be a real challenge.
  8. I'm sorry i'm a bit late. It didn't crash to desktop, just not responding: There where some NullPointer exceptions in the log (scansat iirc). However, i just tried loading the save with your newest version and it works fine now. Just incase you had this on a list of bugs or something. Thanks for your great work, felt so weird sending Kerbals up without underestimating at least one vital survival system
  9. The experimental version crashes KSP upon loading a particular save (my 1.2.1 career). I'm playing with a few mods and the galileo planet pack, so the initial thought was "oh well you have to wait a bit longer". But the weird thing is, it works in any new save, created with Kerbalism or not. So i prepared a "test-save" without Kerbalism, endless-fuel-cheating Jeb into an Orbit and tracking a few potatoroids. Restarted with Kerbalism and could load it without a problem. Fiddled around with the career save and it turned out it weren't even the Relay-Networks (altough Kerbalism breaks it, but that was expected), but my single SpySat that was causing this problem. Didn't have more time to investigate further yesterday evening, but i highly suspect DMagicOrbitalScience to be the cause of this issue, as it is more or less the only difference between the satellite and my relays (apart from craft type). I can send the output_log tonight if you want to look into it. Edit: To spread the blame, the satellite also has ScanSat on it i just remembered
  10. There is a description in the OP with all the different configurations that have been made. APlayer is the one that made exactly what you are looking for: http://spacedock.info/mod/880/Kerbalism - Realism without Life Support Turns off the life support of Kerbalism and lets you use any mod you want for it. On a different question: I'm patiently waiting for the release, but i got the KSP bug again recently and now can't hold myself off doing kerballed missions. So, if i use USI-LS now and then switch to the UKS Kerbalism Patch after the new version is released, will that cause any problems (provided i put all the necessary parts into place)? Like empty supply storages for instance? I don't think so but better safe than my frontier outposts dead
  11. Minimum crew is 2, but just at the very beginning (except the very first launch). First Mun (or equivalent) landing is with 3 (altough apollo style mission). Then it's at least 5 (pilot and backup pilot, 2 scientist, 1 engineer) but basically as much as possible (i usually play with life support mods). The only reason is a mod called "final frontier". I like to spread the "first" plaques around my heroes (orange suits plus any badass's that comes along).
  12. First time KSP since quite a while, never had to bother with with relays before. So I played with some pearls on a string, which made me realize that decouplers also have a recoil. Spent a while adjusting the relays AP with very low thrusts while not crashing with those in front. Docking without RCS seems easy now. I then broke a promise to myself and landed on that Mun called Iota without Kerbalism (damn i was wrong above, i had to deal with relays, i just never did it properly) because i didn't get any mission for Ceti yet and exhausted every other source of science. Well outside of these stupid part testing contracts. Here is this version of ElPollo on approach And the lander on the ground. Stupidity played a big role in only getting about half the science i could've, if only a little bit of was planning involved: I forgot all the Goo in orbit and the lander would've had enough fuel to do all 4 biomes if the whole mission was a little bit more sophisticated than "get back from the surface before you go to bed" Anyway, really enjoying this planetpack (thanks Galileo and team!), and i haven't even started with the interesting things. If memory/part-count is a problem, i'd recommend something like SMURFF. Reduces weight of fuel tanks -> less parts -> less lag. Well unless you get a new computer at least.
  13. Realising that i will probably never use it, because of 1.2 around the corner and KSP's limitations with real scales for planets (Aeolis Mons at least seems too big to render), i decided it's time to wrap up my RSS career by building the "end of invention". A rocket with end-game engines, massive enough to justify it's price with a (to me) unmatched cost/convenience ratio. The "Big Stick"-Class: Mass: 23'004.957t (with SMURFF) Payload: 502t Height: 177.2m (payload around 18m) Width: 33.9m (payload 3.5m) Price: 9'991'516 It comes with an integrated waste disposal system and barely makes it to a 450km LEO. Still, only 4 (5 if you want an autopilot) mods. This might make it into version 1.2, i wonder how far it will take me in a Kerbin sized solar system
  14. After seeing this, i now want a feature to build them on other planets by sending something like 4 engineers and a massive amount of ore to a specified spot. This could actually give Dres a purpose