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  1. Hi, I'm using GPP on a KSP 1.6 playthrough. However, there seems to be the original names of the system (Kerbin, Mun, Minmus) being kept in the contracts - which means some of the "world first" contracts I can't complete as they say to land on the Mun. Is there a way to alter this mid-save, or would I need to reload the mods and try again? Thanks in advance!
  2. Thanks both - I tried integrating the ThursCurve into the RF modules, but it didn't seem to work. Deleted the RF config parts for the solids instead. Many thanks!
  3. I really like the look of this mod - but I'm also wanting to use RealFuels with it as well. The two don't seem to be compatible at the moment, but I'm sure it's not rocket science (ha!) to make them work together. I've tried copying the asmosphereCurve and ThrustCurve text into the Stockalike_Squad.cgf file, but that doesn't work. Any thoughts much appreciated.
  4. Ah, OK. Consider me edumacated. Thanks!
  5. I thought that being pressure-fed would allow it to run without ullage? My misunderstanding if not....
  6. I'm playing KSP v1.3 with RealFuels version v12.3.0. I have a monopropellant engine (not an RCS) from the Coatl Aerospace mod using hydrazine, and a highly pressurised fuel tank (it has the ServiceModule category). However, when launching this on a test rocket, it's showing as 'unstable' propellant, and igniting says there is vapor in the fuel lines. What am I missing/what do I need to do to make the fuel stable? Is there some sort of pressurant I'm missing? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hey, a quick question about this mod (which is making my Mun lander design so much more difficult...): Is there a way to add in CLS support for the Procedural Fairings mod, specifically the Thrust Plate Adaptor part? I've tried adding in the CLS module code both to the part and to the separate config files in CLS (not at the same time though), but this doesn't seem to have any effect when I reboot the game? It's probably something simple that I've missed, but I'm also wondering if it's something to do with the fact the part is procedural? Many thanks! Edit: for clarification, this is in 1.1.3, using mod version 1.2.3. Edit 2: I fixed it - turns out I was editing the wrong files (I copied the KSP folder so that all the mods work when 1.2 comes out). D'oh!
  8. Is this due to be updated on CKAN? Probably just me being impatient for it...
  9. @tomf Is there a minimum energy for the Bangometer report to generate? I just 'recycled' a reasonably useful SCANsat-turned-commsat into science by crashing it into the Mun. Switched back to the Bangometer craft, and nothing there The Bangometer isn't physically in contact with the ground (it fell over during landing, but survived), but the craft is. I'm sure I read somewhere that the sensor itself didn't need to be directly on the surface? Edit: It was going about 900m/s (I think, falling from a 250km orbit), and weighed about 2 tonnes, so should have been in the region of 810MJ energy Edit 2: Looks like it was an issue with the CKAN download, giving the 1.2.0 file rather than the updated 1.3.0 one - seems to work now! Many thanks in advance
  10. Ah, got it now! Slightly more awake means I can realise that these are the KSP physics settings it's changing - in my defence I've not used FAR or poked around in the physics settings much before, so didn't recognise it. Anyway, re-entry seems to work better now, changed the DRE @fullConvectionAreaMin to 0.2 instead of -0.2. Thanks both for your help.
  11. Thanks for this, but since this is from RSS, I think these are values for FAR? If there's anything for stock aero + DRE, that'd be great, if not I'll have a go at trying to match up the values with some trial and error.
  12. I'm using DRE and the Kerbin 465 mod (3.2x planet size, 6.4x distances) - looking to lower the re-entry effects as everything is going bad quickly. Anyone know what to change and by how much? Don't want to make it too easy, but being able to return from LKO would be nice... Thanks in advance!
  13. Hey, @Nolnoc, are there any plans to get this compatible with 1.0.5? Thanks!
  14. @Youen, thanks for the reply - I thought it was the mod developers who had to update the metadata for CKAN to show it is compatible? I figured the FAR incompatibility might be why though. Thanks again!