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  1. Why not install RSS and the realism overhaul. You will have to wait for RO to update or play an older version of KSP. It really opened up the game for me and kept me interested. Unlike the stock game you will not be able to go from it being a challenge to get somewhere to it becoming almost trivial rather quickly. Since the tech tree follows a more realistic progression.
  2. I personally think we need to petition Squad to make Kerbin flat and add a dome above it so it is more realistic. Playing the fantasy version was fun but I think I want something more realistic now. Maybe start off with sounding rockets and when we finally get the parts to get to space and launch we hit the dome and the rocket blows up. After that we can launch rockets crash them into the ocean and instead of the Space plane hangar we would have a movie set. You can use it to create videos of landing on the Mun, EVA's, orbiting craft and stations.
  3. I asked something very similar in the comment section of one of the other videos with "proof" that rockets are not going into space but crashing in the ocean. In part of my comment I asked how it could be dark on one part of the Earth and light on another if the earth is flat. One guy responded with something about the moon being in the ocean and what we see is a reflection and it has not proven yet on where the sun actually is. Then my comment and the person's who replied got deleted. I have been so intrigued by the Flat Earthers since I learned of their existence yesterday I spent some time trying to figure out how in the hell they came to the theory the Earth is flat and space does not exist. Really was not surprised it was the result of how they interpret a handful of verses in the Bible.
  4. I got curious because I was simply astonished people living in today's world believe the earth is flat so spent some time trying to figure out why. Basically what I surmise many who believe the Earth is flat also believe in a solid barrier surrounding it. So my assumption is they do not believe anything except for God, Heaven and angels exist beyond our atmosphere.
  5. I had no clue that Flat Earthers existed until I decided to go read the comments for the vid the OP posted. I really want to believe they are just a group of people who enjoy trolling. I can at least comprehend how people who do not trust governments and other organizations believing the Moon landing was a hoax. I really can not comprehend believing the world is flat unless you have no access to any form of education and need to totally rely on your own observations without the benefit of knowing what man has already learned.
  6. It does look interesting. It seems this is focused on doing stuff on the surface and not getting there like KSP. So in the Astroneer it looks like you will not be designing your own vehicles to get there or even if you will travel there. Seems more like you will just select a planet from a list and begin building. Just judging by the concept art and vid. I would love to see a merger of the two concepts, KSP could really use some interesting things to do once you get to a planet or moon.
  7. I tried it and MS is just being too heavy handed with all the apps and sharing of your data for my taste.
  8. Stood inline today in Radio Shack and the person ahead of me was returning a laptop. The reason was they were unable to get online. The problem they were having is for some reason the laptop they purchased was requiring a password to connect. After some investigation by the Radio Shack employee it was discovered the customer did not have an internet provider and was using their neighbor's. The customer did not understand and accussed Radio Shack fraud because they were sold a computer that required them to pay more to connect to the internet. The reason they got a new laptop was because their old one was unable to connect for the same reason. Which they also blamed Radio Shack for.
  9. WOODY01

    Heat Wave...

    I have two fans pointed at my laptop along with a cooling pad with three fans during the summer. I live in California on my boat so do not have AC. There are some games I can not play for very long before my laptop becomes uncomfortable hot. Which is OK because it encourages me to go out in the world instead of designing a new probe, space station, or lander.
  10. You make a valid argument. Wish I would have read your post before voting. Jeb would win.
  11. From what I read across multiple forums is most are seeing an performance improvement. The ones that were not was a result of graphic drivers.
  12. I have not played in a couple of months. I probally will not play again until the Unity 5 port has been out for a couple months. That should be enough time for the some of the major bugs to be fixed and the modders to release updates.
  13. WOODY01


    A lot of threads already main concensus since it is a single player game no it is not. I'll parapharase and sum up the comments for you: Not cheating but MJ takes the challenge away from the game. In RL autopilots are used and MJ takes care of some of the more tedious task.
  14. I could not find any negative user reviews on ASUS which I find rather odd. Having worked in customer service even a great product will have someone complaining about it even when it is working and performing as advertised. I did find some negative reviews on amazon that went beyond just saying the product sucks for some of ASUS older models. Seems if I do not get a lemon from them the product will work great for years. However if there is a problem ASUS's customer service may be unresponsive and rather a pain to deal with. I am just going to pull the trigger and get it from Amazon so at least if there is an issue whithin the first month I can deal with Amazon and return it.
  15. Thanks. Not sure why I did not include the specs.