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    Taste The Rainbow!
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    Look! Cloud Iridescence!
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    Moding, chaos, and general fun in Kerbal Space Program. Also, I'm mostly active in the forum games.

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  1. Receives roll of blue tape, inserts the entire country of Canada.
  2. banned for not being a rhododendron.
  3. Your avatar, it pains me! *eyes fall out*

    1. SpaceJuice


      Sorry, if you can find me a better one that relates to my username that would be nice.

  4. Making hydrogen monoxide. This building can...
  5. That goes to the moon. This building is a good...
  6. 4/10 haven't seen you lately...
  7. Not making half life 3 and portal 3 this buildind is a company for...
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