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  1. That explains the lack of diverse wildlife on Kerbin then
  2. But, to avoid confusion and 'snacking urges', actual pandas have absolutely no nutritional value for kerbals whatsoever. In fact I've heard we can be quite poisonous to kerbals if consumed...
  3. But is it 'unintended behavior'? The sentinels are there to detect those pesky asteroids, they are performing their duties admirably from what I see. Deleting those sentinels is like shooting your guard dog for barking at strangers in the middle of the night Agreed though, that is a lot of asteroids, but if they are tracked the game will assume you don't want them deleting. Perhaps there should be a pop up warning every so often to remind you to check and keep the numbers at sensible levels.
  4. Welcome to the addiction
  5. pandaman

    ability to use a second screen

    Agreed, an option to use multiple monitors would be a great addition. That said I think it is critical that the game remains optimised for single monitors. Whilst I have two monitors, and would likely use them most of the time, many players won't have.
  6. Yes, different looking kerbals would definitely be a nice addition, but I would prefer stuff like clouds first.
  7. pandaman

    Realism in Stock KSP

    As a DLC option yes, I would very much like to see our actual solar system, ideally with options for full and reduced scales. But not instead of 'stock'.
  8. pandaman

    Bartby is lost around the sun

    Whatever device you are playing on the basic techniques are the same, all that changes are the specific controls you may be using. So the tutorials, even those for old PC versions, will tell you what you need to do and how to do it, just not which buttons to press. And when it comes to learning to rendezvous, be patient, gently is the way. It's not difficult in principle, but it can be hard to get right.
  9. pandaman

    Bartby is lost around the sun

    Yes, I believe things can escape the Sun, not tried it myself though. But don't worry, Bartby will stay in a stable orbit. Learning rendezvous and docking is well worth the time and practice it takes, it opens so many more mission options. If the tutorials aren't working for you check out YouTube, there are loads on there. Most will be done on older KSP versions, but the lessons will apply just the same. I would highly recommend Scott Manley, he explains stuff pretty well.
  10. pandaman

    Bartby is lost around the sun

    Well, as you know exactly where he is he is not 'lost' as such. Call it an 'Impromptu - Extended Research Mission'. Then once you get the hang of rendezvous, and are in the mood for a challenge, have a go at sending a ship to bring him home. There is no Life Support in stock (yet) so he will be good for years in game time. Oh. And a big welcome to the community.
  11. pandaman

    reverting flights

    For me it depends on what I am doing... I have an R&D save that I use for trying stuff out, and generally mucking about, which allows reverts. Any 'serious' saves I disable revert, but i do leave quicksave enabled, as 'glitch insurance', but forget to use it anyway.
  12. pandaman

    Wind tunnels introduced

    Yes, I would be in favour of these design tools in stock. IMO any design and/or planning type 'apps' would be a worthwhile stock addition, irrespective of whether a mod already does it or not.
  13. pandaman

    When and why did you start modding KSP?

    Don't remember when with any kind of accuracy, but played at least 2 years pure stock. Then got really frustated with lack of Dv info when building so got KER, and soon after KAC. Still play with very few mods, and would rather have the 'essential' design and planning tools (and clouds) in stock.
  14. Yes a 'Save and Quit to Desktop' option in the pause menu should really be a thing IMO. The Alt-F4 method, to me, feels more of an emergency 'self destruct' option.
  15. pandaman

    Center Of Mass widget

    Interesting idea. I guess what the OP wants to simulate is rearranging the internal components of a large complex part (like a lander can) to adjust the CoM so that it is more appropriate for what you are trying to build. The idea makes some sense, and i quite like it, but i'm on the fence as to how practical or useful it would be.