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  1. pandaman

    The 1.5 Hype Train

    This train is taking it's time filling up compared to previous releases. Still, at least I have my seat booked and I won't have queue for the bar.
  2. pandaman

    The 1.5 Hype Train

    I'm on the hype train. Looking forward to 1.5 and what features and tweaks the future relases may bring. It's looking like the much needed art revamp is finally happening properly. Which will hopefully help attract and hold new players too.
  3. pandaman

    Did you try the demo first or buy the game?

    Resisted getting the demo, as i was pretty sure i would like it after hearing my kids and work colleagues talk about it, and was afraid of spending too much time on it, and cash was very tight too so I didn't want the temptation. Eventually curiosity got the better if me, and I got the demo - and spent too much time on it - so pondered carefully over whether I could justify spending the sum that v18.3 was, and bought the full game. Best value purchase ever.
  4. pandaman

    Do you play KSP only or are you into lots of games?

    There seem to be qiute a few 'mature' KSP players like us on here.
  5. pandaman

    Do you play KSP only or are you into lots of games?

    Going through a computer game slack patch currently, too into golf (real outdoor golf). KSP is pretty much all i have played computer game wise for several years, with a very occasional hour or so on CoD Black Ops (original) if i just feel the urge to run around and shoot something. Or maybe a spell on Tiger Woods 2008 on the old laptop so I'm not leaving my wife alone so much as I do when I get into KSP 'mode'. So, yeah, computer game wise, KSP is pretty much it, and had been since i got it in 2013.
  6. pandaman

    Clouds in stock KSP

    Have done, because i just felt it was something the game really needed, and the difference it made to my playing experience was huge. Not just because it looks nicer, but it adds extra gameplay factors too jusy by being there and affecting visibility of the groubd below. So, YES, I do think there should be clouds in stock. I agree that KSP is not a game that neccesarily needs super shiny graphics, but how it looks does have an impact, especially when it comes to attracting new players.
  7. pandaman

    Things to do and find on Kerbin?

    There is a lot to do on Kerbin if you want to... As for specific locations... Find and plant flags at all the anomalies and Comms dishes for starters.
  8. pandaman

    Functional Crawlerway.

    For me a crawlerway animation would be one of those 'quite nice things to watch' - once - then disable it. Unless it was an optional part of actual gameplay, and served an actual purpose, it would just be an annoyance for me. Those thing move REALLY slowly.
  9. Ok. Apologies if English is not your first language, but there is a difference between 'removed' and 'not displayed', so no, it isn't that obvious what you meant... Anyway, in that case, I assume you mean... An additional construction option to leave the doors off completely so that the cargo bay is open to the elements. I can see this being an interesting option, but aerodynamic drag would be a huge issue.
  10. pandaman

    An Expression of Gratitude

    Somewhat imposing isn't it.
  11. Sorry, misunderstood your meaning, thanks for the clarification.
  12. Unsure what you are suggesting here. Do you mean keep the parts as they are, but just 'take the doors off' leaving the opening as it is? Or do you mean effectively 'welding the doors shut' so that the parts are just structural cylinders?
  13. I had that problem, 5 mins plus to start up with no mods at all. Then i bought a new PC, by no means top spec, but now KSP (with a few mods) starts up in less than a minute easily. How does KSP run once opened? Could be your machine is in need of an upgrade. A system check and 'purge' (as @Curveball Anders suggested) won't do any harm, and is a good first option.
  14. pandaman

    An Expression of Gratitude

    HOW big is this tree then?
  15. pandaman

    Superior Galaxy background

    Agreed. IMAX monitor anyone? The current skybox is 'ok', as in, it does it's job of providing a reasonable backdrop and space panorama. It just feels a little 'lacklustre', and in these days of super graphics i think it lets the game down a bit, especially when new players see it. Personally i would love to see a better one in stock, it just doesn't bother me enough to want to mod another one in. I would rate clouds etc as a higher priority, but a new skybox feels like it should be a really easy thing to do.