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  1. Not a really a fan of a 'storyline' to follow as such, but as a series of linked contracts or an in depth tutorial it could be interesting.
  2. Yes, I can see this as an interesting (toggleable) option.... Time delay in proportion to distance from the 'pilot in control' makes some sense.
  3. @5thHorseman Good point, but i can't say i really noticed it to be honest. I does sort of make sense the way it is though. The writing is on the back so you can read it when following. A bit like car model names etc on the back. If you are in front you should be looking the other way, in the direction you are going, so you won't see it anyway.
  4. Something along those lines would make sense. Orbital surveys could maybe indicate biomes. And Narrow Band Scanners could be a bit less vague and highlight a more localised general area, but without neccesarily pinpointing exactly where stuff is.
  5. Hmm. Mixed feelings about that... Yes, some form of detection from a distance may be appropriate in some cases. To be detectable from orbit It would need to be very big, or really stand out in some way (highly radio active compared to the other rock around it etc.) Even extremely 'special' rocks on Earth or the Moon were found by someone 'wandering around' and noticing that they looked different, how special they were, or weren't, wasn't discovered until later when they analysed them. By not being able to detect them the only way to find them is to 'go and look around', encouraging the use of rovers etc. If they all showed up on Kerbnet then that would much be less of a thing to do.
  6. Downloaded the v0.18 3 demo and spent the first few hours just building rockets and 'stuff', and firing them at the island airfield. In order to get to grips with building things and learn the flying controls. First orbit took 'quite a while', but with guidance from Scott Manley, i got the hang of it eventually.
  7. What we need is user defined FOLDERS. Working in the same way as the file and folder system already does on the computer. That way we can save, organise, and move/copy craft as desired. And, while they are at it, implement the same system in the tracking station too.
  8. Aahhhh the old saying - 'The grass is always greener on the other side' - springs to mind. I don't know much about the different 'game engines' to be fair, but even if they did move it to another engine what's to say it would be any better overall? The different engines will each have their own strengths and weaknesses and, naturally, the Unity specific issues would not exist with a different engine, but what shortcomings would the new engine have that Unity doesn't? And how long before there is a call to ditch the 'new' engine in favour of another because it is not up to the job?
  9. I can't say i like the idea of 'random failures' in stock too much, but yes I get that it adds an extra element of realism and sense of 'tension', so I can see the appeal. But I am perfectly capable of stuffing things up myself without the assistance of any arbitary in game random chance. It really would depend on how it was implemented as to whether i used it or just turned it off, but i suspect the latter most of the time.
  10. I'm not a programner either, but my thoughts about it being difficult were not so much about the gameplay/user interface aspect, which you addressed very well, but more about the under the hood coding to get it to work as intended. It struck me as one of those 'It's easy, all they need to do is...' ideas that is actually much harder than it may seem. Currently resources etc. transfer within a single vessel, two (or more) docked vessels become one vessel whilst docked, which enables easy transfers between them. The game does not currently allow transfers between different vessels, and I don' know whether it is a design decision or a coding limitation. I suspect the latter, hence my concern that the 'difficulty' would be in the coding itself to reliably enable transfers between multiple different vessels. I could easily be wrong, but the fact that the vessels would need to be in contact (docked) I see more of a 'gameplay' design decision rather than a coding problem. If the transfer between independent vessels issue could be solved then it opens the door to 'umbilical' transfers of fuel and electricity between nearby vessels too, so if it was that easy i suspect it would be done by now. Hopefully I am proved wrong and it is in the next update
  11. I like the idea a lot, but my guess is that it is not quite as easy to do well, from a coding perspective, as it may seem. Hopefully I am wrong though.
  12. Is it worth it? Ohh yeeaaah. I think so, yes i am an early adopter so qualify for a free one, but having used it a little, had i paid i would have no doubt it is worth what i would have paid for it. @Yeet_TheDinosaur congrats on getting the game. I would echo what several have said already. KSP has a lot to learn, stay as you are for now and get to grips with building, flying, landing, orbiting, docking and all the other cool stuff before adding extra things to further complicate the already steep learning curve. Then you will also get better value and enjoyment from the DLC when you do get it as you will be in a much better position to use what it adds.
  13. Off topic I know, but as you asked... Yes, I think so. Because... 1. They look nice. 2. How a game looks visually can have a big impact on how it appeals to many people. Because clouds do look nice the game as a whole looks prettier and more 'polished', which could encourage potential new players to take a second look. We all know how awesome it is without clouds, but many who haven't plated it don't. 3. Many existing players do seem to think they would be an important addition considering how popular the mods that add them seem to be. 4. Clouds can have a significant effect on gameplay. Even if all they do is exist and look pretty, they can still obscure the view of the ground and make finding your landing sight harder. Try hitting an island on laythe from orbit when you can't see clearly where they are.
  14. Do we need Terrain Scatter enabled to see the new surface features?