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  1. pandaman

    DLC Idea: Universe Editor

    IMO, the most likely way they would introduce 'stock/DLC' alternative 'universes' would be in the form of pre-constructed 'ready to go' new solar systems or extensions to the current one . Along the lines of a stock version of RSS or HalfRSS maybe, that way the 'common experience' element is not completely lost either.
  2. pandaman

    Patch 1.4.3 to be released next week!

    I am disappointed by the delay, but much rather that than a rushed and buggy patch. Just a thought, but... I know they gave the reason for the delay as a fault affecting the new airstrip etc, but I suppose it's possible that it is, or they fear it could be, a symptom of an issue that could have much deeper implications and affect other things. Not sure why they didn't say so if that is the case, but...
  3. pandaman

    When is a parachute safe to open?

    'Before impact' is generally considered to be the safest option.
  4. pandaman

    Working for SQUAD? :-)

    You won't know unless you actually ask. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. You have nothing to lose by applying, so if you are genuinely interested then go for it. If you apply with a level headed attitude that you may not fit the requirements then there's no need to feel disappointed in yourself if you don't make it, and you put yourself 'on the radar' too.
  5. pandaman

    Patch 1.4.3 to be released next week!

    As @basic.syntax said above. Better it be later than we would like and done well than rushed out to keep the 'next week' promise. That said, I dont think they would have made the announcement if they were not confident. They could have just said 'working on it, bear with us while we get it right' and left it at that for now.
  6. pandaman

    Patch 1.4.3 to be released next week!

    Amazing isn't it, KSP players will happily spend months and years in transit to other planets, but ask them to wait a week for an update and patience get kicked out of the solar system . Yes I'm eagerly waiting, and checking 'Announcements' too.
  7. pandaman


    Duna, for me... So far. Shouldn't you add Laythe to this list. I know it's technically a moon, but...
  8. Nice idea, though as said above 'days on mission' would probably be easier and more appropriate (Kerbin is 'in space' after all), but I guess that's what the OP meant really.
  9. If I understand correctly the OP is asking for a cheat that effectively makes anything controllable as if it has a probe core or pilot, whether one is present or not. As an 'Alt-f12' cheat then why not?
  10. I too expected the inlflatable airlock to match the standard sized port. It would make sense for that kind of stuff to be made clear in the part descriptions.
  11. @Gargamel makes a good point above. But the game 'knows' both AGL and ASL measurements anyway, so i don't see it being a problem to have the vertical speed indicator tied to the ASL whilst displaying the AGL in the display. If it is then just have the option to show both.
  12. Nice idea, but as @Gargamel said above, and I have previously, folders would be much more useful.
  13. pandaman

    Make the DLC partially free.

    That was how I envisioned it working too. Either use a non functional version of the part, which could be quite confusing. Or maybe, replace the part with a plain structural substitute of the same size (with coloured bands to identify it more easily), which could be 'hidden' from the parts list in the same way the earlier version parts are. I like the concept, but have mixed feelings as to whether it's the right approach.
  14. I think that describes the shape of the optomum flight path much better though.
  15. Yes, it has been renamed... ...But that doesn't mean you are not imagining other things.