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  1. pandaman

    What is your save/space agency called?

    PSA - Panda Space Agency I also have an R&D save, but i consider it a test and experimental department of the agency.
  2. pandaman

    Time for KSP 2.0

    I see two basic options here (Assuming KSP 2 would be essentially the same game as KSP 1 in the same way the Civ games are to each other)... 1. Continue to develop and add incremental versions to current KSP 1.x.x. Adding addtional features and fixes as happens now. Effectively, over time, giving us KSP 2 without the name change. 2. Tie up KSP 1 and Develop KSP 2 from the ground up. Which is the 'best' option depends on which is the most practical for the developers and business. If the KSP 1 code needs so much clearing out then a rewrite may be the better option. Otherwise why do it?
  3. Or... You could just 'toggle' it off... Or, more usefully, do it for fun anyway - to check your programming implementation works it out properly. Sounds like you just accepted the challege of getting a working Dv Calc/Readout in stock .
  4. I have mixed feelings about the 'steam features'. It's not something i will use personally, i bought from the KSP store in 2013 and have no intention of changing. I haven't (yet) uploaded or downloaded craft or missions and doubt i will do it much anyway. That said, there are many player who do, and will use it, and i supose it makes sense for Squad to use those Steam facilities that already exist. It may make life easier for current Steam users, and maybe help introduce and encourage new players that see it exposed there. I don't see it as 'Not giving the facility to non Steam users', but more as 'Giving Steam users access to existing Steam features that they may well use for other games anyway'. I can't see it being a sensible move to make KSP only available on Steam, and don't think it is on the cards either. Why risk losing access to new customers that don't/won't use Steam when the infrastructure already exists anyway?
  5. pandaman

    First Person Interior

    Nice idea I'm 'on the fence' and can't vote for each. But I doubt it is something i would use much. The problem i see is that, due to how ships are built, it would be difficult to have an internal structure that worked for a lot of designs. We attach docking ports directly to fuel tanks for example, and whilst we can 'imagine' a tunnel to pass through they are not modelled.
  6. 'Max debris' is one of the gameplay settings, easily accessible from one of the setting menus. Default is 200 iirc, which means that you can have 200 items of debris before the game deletes any of them.
  7. pandaman

    New DLC poll

    I DO care even though I got it for free. But yes I think the price is reasonable if the content is of interest to the individual buying it. In the same way that the 'official' team sports shirts are reasonable value to those who want them and a waste of money to those who don't. DLC wil be the most valuable income stream for KSP so, in order to fund continued development, it is in ALL our interests that DLC is of sufficient value and quality to appeal to enough buyers. Not all DLC will appeal to everyone, but that's the whole point, it's an optional extra that we can choose to buy or not.
  8. pandaman

    What mode do you think is the best?

    I'd agree that there isn't an actual BEST mode, it"s purely personal preference. For me though, i only really play Sandbox. It's all there was when i started, so it's 'normal' for me. I like the idea of career, but whenrver i try it the implementation just puts me off and i lose motovation.
  9. Is it just me? But the first thing I did when i saw that image was look for rude words, I bet the profanity filter struggles with a photo of the word "####"
  10. Yes, lots. Mods can add extra 'stuff', or make things look nicer or make things a bit easier maybe, but they are not essential to play it.
  11. pandaman

    Sending a mobile base to Eeloo = Worth it?

    Yes. If you want to, then do it. It doesn't have to be 'worth it' in any real sense. Even of it fails horribly, if you enjoy trying then it is absolutely worth it.
  12. pandaman

    Future of Console?

    I could easily be wrong, but i don't think there ever was a clear 'We plan to do this....' statement. Squad very rarely (if ever) share future plans, whether for PC or console anyway. I know the console porting and release process is somewhat different to that for PC (technical and licencing/legal stuff etc.) so whether the console version will ever be able to be exactly the same as the PC version is probably unlikely, which is a real shame.
  13. pandaman

    Any veteran tips for the docking inept?

    This ^^ Try, fail, try again, fail, succeed, fail, fail, succeed, succeed, fail, succeed, succeed.... I tried for ages to get a good enough rendezvous, never mind a docking. My first successful docking was when my son guided me through it, and it still took 6 hours!. Now I don't shy away from it because I know I can do it when I want to and frequently build it in to my mission plans. Once you get a feel for it failure becomes much less common and you can nearly always salvage a docking that would have been impossible for you at first. And besides a failure just gives you another chance to practice with the rescue mission. When it comes to docking there really is no substitute for experience.
  14. pandaman

    Where Is Multiplayer?

    In which case, as soon as you enter timewarp you are no longer in the same timeline as other players so you are effectively timewarping out of multiplayer into single player mode. I'm not a huge fan of multiplayer, and would very likely not use it if available, but I can see the fun in several players, presumably a group of friends in most cases, playing together on the same save at the same time. They could cooperate on missions, such as a joint mission to Duna, each with their own ships for example, or collaborate to assemble a space station. And of course they could 'go to war' with each other too should they wish. I can't see it being practical for large groups, or for several players all just doing their own thing and crossing paths occasionally, that's where the timewarp/paradox issues become a problem. But for a relatively small group of players that are happy to cooperate and stay on the same timeline (all timewarp together) then I can see it potentially becoming an option' in stock.
  15. True. The current saucers and the other anomalies are not random, apart from the relatively new 'green' monoliths. I don't think it's a huge leap to randomly place some more saucers etc. and perhaps a very big one somewhere. They could even use the existing mechanics and have them be a very rare type of asteroid. Not sure how easy or practical it would be to have them randomly placed and also give clues to the location of a randomly placed 'mothership' though.