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  1. Hmmmm. Get KSP1 now, and syart having fun. Then look at KSP2 when it comes out and decide whether or not to upgrade later. Their respective UI may be different, but the basic physics of both will be the same, so anything you learn will transfer anyway.
  2. If material ablates away then the shape changes, so aerodynamics should naturally be affected.
  3. Not me either. Seriously though. IMO We are better off not knowing which of our fellow forum members are at this stage. That way they can interact properly and get a better view on ideas, suggestions and opinions etc without getting bombarded and sidetracked by questions they just cannot answer because... 1. They don't know the answer. 2. They can't answer due to NDAs 3. There is no final answer to that question as yet. I doubt that knowing who they are will actually get us answers any quicker. I am as curious as everyone else, but details will be released when they are able and feel the time is right.
  4. For me the main issue is not the variety of parts, but that the parts list just needs much better organisation. Simplify the way it looks by using something like one 'folder' or 'tab' for each cross section of fuel tank is the most obvious example that springs to mind.
  5. As long as the discovery of life in KSP is limited to microbes, plants or, at a push, small crawly insect type bugs that limits the interaction to observation experiments, and relevent science then yes why not. Intelligent life, or other civilisations is way out of scope IMHO.
  6. Absolutely, couldn't agree more. Hopefully (and I understand that it's part of the plan) the documentation and tutorials etc will help new players to get to grips with how to use the tools in game much better than KSP1 does. Not just the flight related stuff, but the design and build tools too.
  7. So that's the age group they mean when they say they don't want KSP dumbing down for 'kids' . As a young at heart 58 (...and a half), it is nice to know I am among my age mates.
  8. You mean like a symmetrical version of the Mk3 liading ramp? Yes, good idea.
  9. Well, it has been said before, but 'spring 2020' is late March to late June, so most of that is in fact 2021 fiscal year. Which means, in theory, it could still be out in spring as per the original statement. Although I do think it will be later than that, summer or autumn maybe, I would be a little surprised if it was into the 2021 calendar year.
  10. Let it live. That way it can always be used for a future mission at some point.
  11. Yes, as others have mentioned. The change of direction is an illusion caused by changing the body you are in the SOI of. If you look at your initial orbit path (blue trail) it will show your orbit as it is now and you may see another coloured path that shows what it will be, relative to the new body, when you leave your current SOI and enter the new one. Once you cross the SOI boundary the 'new' path turns blue as it is now the current one. Yout direction hasn't changed, just your point of reference. A bit like multiple cameras showing the same car from opposite sides of the road. One will appear to move from left to right the other right to left, so if you switch cameras the car will seem to swap dirrctions.
  12. Typically either not enough or way too much.
  13. That is available in stock now so a mod isn't 'needed' for showing it, but KER may well be a more convenient way to display it as you can have it all visible at once.
  14. On my 'Survey and Scanning' probes I usually include a Rovemate, as it has 100% anomaly detection, as well as a 'normal' probe core for control and Narrow Band and/or Orbital Scanners. On many occasions it would be useful for me to have independent Kerbnet windows open for two or more cores and/or scanners (on the same vessel) at a time. As it is it will only switch the window contents to show whichever I select. Not a game breaker, but a very useful QoL tweak.