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  1. Krogs Looking a bit like a cross between a dog and a frog. Not really sure what they would add gameplay wise though. Need a guinea pig? Get a new recruit, no shortage of volunteers.
  2. Barring individuals getting ill and being unable to work (which is always a possibilty anyway, current nasty virus or not) I doubt any impact will be noticeable. As has been said, they will most likely be able to organise working from home if needed, if they haven't already got that facility anyway. And, yes, being able just turn your chair and have imprompu discussions and look at colleagues' screens can be a real benefit, but not a huge deal if you can't.
  3. I definitely agree with you there. It's just that I have seen many cases of poor (or non existent) documentation for software options... like an option to toggle or set a level for a given feature or setting with no explanation of what said feature is, or does.
  4. @Brikoleur made an interesting point in that many options could be bad, and the rationale made some sense, especially from the testing and bugginess angle... But, from a users perspective, could the issue be as much to with designing and documenting the options menu system properly? If the options/settings menus are sensibly arranged and well documented, the 'Oh, I never knew about that' type issues could be eliminated.
  5. I am (sort of) with @Curveball Anders here. My enjoyment pf KSP comes mainly from the 'doing stuff' aspect. Pretty graphics are a very welcome bonus, and certainly enhance the overall experience, but not the main appeal for me.
  6. Actual simulated weather and winds I think not. Lots of work to get it acceptably 'right' for relatively small reward or gameplay value IMHO. And I am not a fan of what could be effectively random failures either.
  7. I checked everything except multiplayer, even though I am pleased to see it added and I think it is a great thing to have included I doubt I will use it much myself. I am just looking forward to KSP2 in general for the overall improvements it seems to offer, from what little we have seen so far. There aren't any particular features that stand out for me.
  8. I can see the potential for a couple of 'tiers' for DLC here. None of them should be 'essential' to play the game, but obviously they need to be 'desirable' and offer sufficient value so that people are happy to buy them. 'Trinkets'. Small 'cheap and cheerful' extras, like additional suit variants, colour schemes etc, for a fairly low price. Not as 'in-game' purchases, but as small DLCs. And 'Big Stuff'. Proper 'Expansion Packs' like additional solar systems, and Making History/Breaking Ground type expansions.
  9. Going forward, yes I think DLCs for KSP2 will be a 'thing', just as they are now for KSP1. I see them as 'expansions' that add desirable, yet not essential, extra features. Additional solar systems are obvious candidates for that, just like map packs for many other games.
  10. Neat, this has been on many 'can we have one of these please' lists for years.
  11. Likewise. - Another veteran player. In the extremely unlikely event they do decide to give it to me free, or at a discount, then that's great, but In NO WAY am I, or do I feel, 'entitled' to it.
  12. 'No news is good news' as they say. Better to hear nothing at this stage than stuff that is not finalised yet and therefore subject to possible changes. No point in giving regular updates when there is no real detail they can give. Apart from one indication of a (potential) delay, we have heard nothing to indicate that stuff is NOT happening. The occasional 'Don't panic, we are still breathing' type message would be reassuring though.
  13. I can see some scope for mission planning type apps on mobile/tablet. In fact there were a couple for KSP 1 a while ago which were fine for helping plan Dv tequirements etc. An 'official' mission planner and KSPedia app would be quite neat and could be very acheivable I think.
  14. pandaman


    For me any life forms discovered in KSP (1 or 2) should be limited to microbes etc. (or small 'bugs' at most) That give nothing more than an increased variety of science discovery reports and opportunities to observe them further 'for science'. Interaction with larger and intelligent animals is out of scope IMO.
  15. Obviously the 'answer' is always 42. But no two 'questions' will be the same. We each need to discover our own individual 'question' That's the beauty of the open ended nature of KSP. AFAIK, There is not (and should not be IMO) any set 'story' or 'history' to discover, only hints, relics and artefacts to discover. Connected anomalies etc that give clues to help us find more of them and encourages and gives us an 'excuse' or 'reason' to explore new places are great, but I don't think we need an 'end of game' answer.