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  1. On 2/10/2021 at 10:54 AM, CobaltWolf said:

    Probably want to use a Thor or Jupiter first stage then.

    Probably not, the current update is the aether and hasn't told me whether all its bugs are fixed or not :P


    Speaking of not knowing what's going on with the current release, I realized I haven't posted the current state of the Apollo CSM:



    This weekend I think I'd like to start on the LM? Since I want to get everything basically modeled so that I can verify everything fits together, before I actually start texturing. Last night, Apollo the Gecko was helping me do some research on it. As I pondered, my assistant gave me some inspiration: Henceforth, the LM shall be known in BDB as the Munar Landing and Excursion Module, or MLEM.





    Question: With the B9PartSwitch now being a heavily-used tool in this mod, will there be a variant of the Service Module without the SIM bay and its handholds?

    Also, I’ve been retroactively watching the recorded dev streams and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how the link someone shared to their concept for an Orbiter-derived Space Station Enterprise made me both sickened and intrigued. Props to whoever’s the first to make that abomination using SOCK and ReDirect parts...

  2. 0OuxSHp.png

    Experiencing a weird problem with the Atlas booster skirt and I'm really not sure what to make of it. When it's separated it doesn't fall away from the sustainer core, but rather fixes itself right behind the vehicle and follows it into orbit. Once I active timewarp outside of the atmosphere it pops out of sight and I can sometimes see it as a marker hundreds of kilometers behind me, but until then it just eerily hangs behind the Atlas.


    Moving the vehicle itself doesn't affect the skirt; here the Atlas is pointing roughly anti-normal about 30 seconds after skirt jettison. As you can see the skirt is still stuck in space.

    The problem is at its worst when the skirt gets stuck so close to the booster that the center sustainer engine is still trapped inside its shroud.  When that happens the booster gets stuck in whatever orientation it was facing at skirt jettison, because the colliders on the skirt do activate once it's jettisoned. Also on multi-stage vehicles (like the Atlas-Agena shown here) the skirt still follows the upper stage once it separates from the Atlas. Only timewarp seems to make it disappear.

  3. Question, does anyone use BDB alongside Kerbalism? I've started a new JNSQ game for 1.11 with these mods, and one annoying thing I've noticed is that most of BDB's built in science experiments will never fit in Kerbalism's hard-drives in the early game. The most data the mod lets you store in a given probe core is around 1.5 MB, but almost all of BDB's experiments weigh in at over 5 GB.

    Sorry if this has been asked before. If the Kerbalism thread would be a more appropriate place to find out about this I'll move my questions there.

  4. 11 hours ago, infinite_monkey said:

    Now that Elon mentioned that he intends to go back landing the Super Heavy booster back to its launch clamps - would it be possible to have a docking port module on the launch pad?


    Seriously, I bet right now that's about as likely to happen as Crew Dragon making a propulsive landing on a helipad was when Elon promised it years ago.

  5. It looks like my problem wasn't directly related to this mod after all, because it still happens exactly the same way even when I remove all the Modular Launch Pads hardware from the craft file and test it on the pad. Fortunately by doing that, I was able to get a better look at what exactly was happening to the ship, and it seems that whenever an animation was triggered, such as a cargo bay opening or landing gear extending, all the radial decouplers would break off. So the SRBs and Orbiter all fell off the ET, which became unsupported and fell to the ground and exploded. Switching the SRB decouplers for bigger and stronger ones seemed to fix the problem.

    I think I can likely chalk the problem down to one of the dependencies for this mod, probably Animated Attachments. Having said that, I now see the disclaimer in the original post regarding that particular mod. It seems you were not the one to whom I ought to have raised this issue.

  6. 22 hours ago, AlphaMensae said:

    @pTrevTrevsI've did test runs with both the Cormorant and SOCK shuttle stacks on the pad, and they worked fine.  Make sure no parts of the stack are clipping into the shuttle base, tower and arms. Particularly watch out for the SRB nozzle and skirt, if the SRB is a stock one the collider(s) may not match the visual object and could be clipping the launch base. Realistically, only the nozzle itself should be down in the exhaust hole, the aft skirt should be slightly above the deck. Might have to raise the whole shuttle stack so the nozzles are clear of the base.

    Yeah, I thought about that after I closed the game, but I don't think I moved the Mobile Launcher at all since my last flight; only the FSS and RSS. I'll double check and let you know.

  7. I tried to launch my shuttle tonight using the most recent update of this mod. For an unknown reason, when I have the shuttle sitting on the pad and activate one of this mod's part animations, such as rolling back the RSS or retracting the ET intertank access gantry, my left solid rocket booster seems to just fall off the ET, right before the entire vehicle stack explodes and scatters debris in about a 150m radius around the pad. This happens even if I trigger a part like the hammerhead crane, which is clearly far enough from the shuttle itself to be causing this. The entire sequence happens really slowly to me because I run the game on such a bad computer, but here's the best screenshot I could capture:



    Now, in fairness, I don't know for certain that Modular Launch Pads is causing the problem. I'm using a lot of mods right now, and my shuttle itself is made from stock parts while I know your shuttle launch infrastructure was designed to be used with SOCK or Cormorant Aeronology. Even so, this mod is the only one I've updated recently, and I've previouly launched seven shuttle missions in my current save without issue, with no changes unique to this flight except the payload. Since the only substantial change to this craft file was the switchover to the new Shuttle FSS/RSS, I think it's pretty likely the issue lies there.

  8. 37 minutes ago, sturmhauke said:

    @pTrevTrevs, your carrier airplane looks just as good as your orbiter. The only question I have is whether you released the orbiter for the glide test at 5 km or above. Other than that, everything looks to be in order.

    To be honest I don’t remember, this was a few weeks ago. I’m pretty sure it was over 5000 meters though since I had a few minutes of free flight time from separation to touchdown.

  9. Before Pathfinder made its first flight, I conducted an Approach and Landing Test with a prototype orbiter. I think it fits the profile for STS-1T too.





    The only relevant difference between this orbiter and the spaceworthy ones is that this one has no fuel in its tanks. Orbiters preparing reentry will dump their unused OMS fuel before atmospheric contact, but will retain whatever RCS monopropellant is left in the fore tanks, while the ALT orbiter flies its tests entirely dry.

  10. 12 hours ago, sturmhauke said:

    Ah, you came, welcome! That is a nice replica shuttle! I'm curious, what are those blocky parts you used to build the OMS pods, I don't recognize those. For the rest, your satellite is technically not part of the STS-1a requirements, and the launch pads and decals are essentially cosmetic. Your shuttle appears to be stock otherwise.

    Yep, those are the RoveMate probe cores; they’re a really great part for all kinds of aesthetic uses, especially now that they have silver and gold mylar versions.

    I do have TAC Life Support hardware hidden inside the shuttle cockpit, but like I said, they don’t really affect the function of the shuttle.

  11. Well, I've got a shuttle I've started using in my career save. Didn't design it with this challenge in mind but I think the last mission I flew fits the profile for STS-1A. Relevant parts mods include TAC Life Support, Conformal Decals, Kerbal Engineer, Near Future (only used on the payload), and Modular Launch Pads (irrelevant after launch). Technically this is STS-2 in my own save, but the first flight probably doesn't qualify since it landed short of the runway.


    The orbiter used on this flight is OV-101 Pathfinder, carrying a crew of two Kerbals for a two day flight. STS-2 is the second R&D flight for the shuttle and the first mission to carry an operational payload. Its primary objective include the testing of the Shuttle Robotic Manipulator Arm, deployment of the QBESAT-DataTracker 1, and the operation of several scientific instruments mounted on a pallet in the shuttle's payload bay. Like all planned R&D Shuttle missions the targeted landing site is the Kojave Sands Air Base from KerbinSide.


    Launch pad is LC-39A from Tundra Space Center. Literally a few hundred meters north of the stock KSC launch pad.


    I'm using StageRecovery to recover the solid rocket boosters after their jettison.


    The external tank, of course, is not reusable, and burns up in Kerbin's atmosphere after the shuttle reaches orbit.


    The payload includes the Shuttle Robotic Manipulator Arm, a scientific instrument carrier pallet, and a small satellite held inside a protective housing to the rear. The SRMA test involves grappling the QBESAT and extracting it from its storage tube.




    The satellite itself uses several Near Future parts, and the scientific instrument carrier has a Near Future capacitor and a set of solar panels, but none of them proved influential to the mission.


    I'm also using the Trajectories mod to navigate during deorbit and reentry.




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