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  1. Reached a point in my current career game where I plan to start flying Shuttle hardware and capsules/ELVs concurrently, so I'm working on getting that STS/Saturn hodgepodge vibe for rockets launching from LC-39.
  2. Can't wait to find a set of Space Shuttle nametapes or historic mission patches for these new decals. I'd make some myself if I knew where to start.
  3. Testing shuttles in career mode is more monotonous than one would think. After all, I am air-launching it from the back of an airliner at cruising altitude and gliding it to a landing. If that don't put hair on your chest I reckon nothing will.
  4. What's the serial number? If it's above 254000 it's probably one of the models built with outsourced chinesium parts. Nothing beats the classic Dinklestein manufacturing, but it's so hard to find these days.
  5. The other day I realized that LC-17 actually has an animated service structure. Was wondering if any other pads have this as well.
  6. Reading this made me twice as libertarian as I already was.
  7. Hey, it'd be real cool if you'd put up a tutorial on how you make those fold-out solar panels.
  8. In my current career game I've been using the Bishop I as my standard manned launch vehicle for flights to LKO. Its first stage is a large solid rocket booster with a set of four small vernier engines to provide control. The second stage is liquid-fueled, and the spacecraft adapter fairing has a small amount of room for mission-specific equipment which can be retrieved after launch. It's a pretty cheap vehicle for its size, and I'm planning on upgrading it in the future to have a reusable first stage and more modularity. Its primary payload is Polaris, the multipurpose spacecraft I've developed for space station servicing, commercial tourism flights, and eventually Lunar missions. The pictured vehicle is a Block I spacecraft, used for missions in low orbits. There's also the Abbot; a family of unmanned launch vehicles. It's pretty similar to the Titan III, but there are other versions with different numbers of SRBs and upper stages for differing payloads. It's slowly becoming obsolete, however, as my payloads keep getting heavier and their destinations grow farther and farther away.
  9. I don't remember the last time I actually posted here; it must have been at least a year ago. But I set up a new install of the game tonight and started working on a helicopter using the Breaking Ground parts. So I guess I'm back, at least for a little while. One of the most annoying things I've ever tried to do, not least because I couldn't find many other examples of conventional main/tail rotor helicopters. But oh how satisfying it was when I got this thing *halfway* working! Honestly though it flies really badly; it keeps wanting to roll to the left or right, and changing tail rotor pitch to control yaw is a really sluggish way of doing things. I know there are people on here who were building helicopters long before these parts were even in the game; maybe they can help me here? Also, I'm not sure if this is a bug or what, but sometimes when I engage the torque on the main rotor, the engine block itself spins rather than the rotor mast:
  10. Fellas, I'm not usually one for superstition, but I think your Titan II is cursed. I think the Sun god is displeased with how old the model for Titan II looks now.
  11. My man, that brings back loads of memories. Hell of a good show.
  12. By God I’m actually back already I’d timestamp this or directly embed my image, but I’m on mobile and I just drove past it.
  13. Maybe this has been discussed before and I'm too lazy to read through years of thread history, but is this name in reference to the Titan I in Cordele, Georgia? I've driven through that town dozens of times since I was a kid, and I still have no idea why or how they got their hands on it.