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  1. Wow this is seriously cool. I wonder if the same techniques shown here can be applied to EVA tethers for kerbals?
  2. The other day someone posted a Redstone Super Heavy (or whatever it should be called) with four booster Redstone cores around a center sustainer. This morning I had a moment of unholy inspiration and thought something like this: "The Redstone and Thor IRBMs were on *roughly* equal footing when they were first developed, so what would have happened if the powers that be had opted to further develop Redstone instead of Thor?" Only took me a few minutes in the editor to rough out these frankenboosters. Redstone/Able Redstone/Delta, 4x Castor 1 boosters Redstone/Delta
  3. You mean how Gemini's main parachute used a two point suspension system so the capsule hit the water at an angle instead of head on? I'd like to see that too, actually.
  4. It’s almost like people should stop treating Starship as though it were already a real rocket, and recognize it for the extremely-work-in-progress concept that it is...
  5. Gemini 6/7 Rendezvvous (JNSQ) AS-203, Saturn IB flight test with no payload to check out the S-IVB's engine restart capability.
  6. Technically you can already do something like this, as long as you upgrade to a Level 2 Astronaut Complex before you begin manned missions.
  7. Let’s not even get started on how For All Mankind has yet to explain how the Shuttle was made to work as a lunar-capable craft. I thought maybe they would have lunar missions use Saturn-Shuttle, but in the last episode it just looks like a typical STS stack. Love the show but I hate how they’ve stopped showing the technical side of things.
  8. May as well ask this now. Are we going to see Texture variations for the Saturn family, like the all-white tanks on later Saturn IBs, or the Saturn V Dynamic Test Article?
  9. Would a conformal decal still work on a moving part like the payload bay doors? Seems like it might cause issues.
  10. Suggestion (if it hasn't been mentioned/implemented already): Add an option to display the Orbiter's name on the corner of the payload bay doors, like Enterprise and Columbia had in their earlier days.
  11. Maybe it's just me, since I trust you've got good resources for the LEM, but is the descent stage really that small compared to the ascent stage?
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