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  1. Steve has his own TUFX profiles (I use them sometimes too, they're nice), but some of the effects in that photo look like they've been added in post. Now, if you're looking for something like a grainy TV camera image, I have a set of TUFX profiles that I think work pretty well for that. Maybe I should advertise them a bit more.
  2. Interlude, STS-10, STS-11: STS-10 really does not deserve to be lumped into a post with another mission, but I lost most of my photos of it when my save got corrupted and what you see here will be the remnant I already posted in other threads. Bear with me, and we'll be back to your regularly scheduled Shuttleposting momentarily. Challenger's next flight will see a return to Skylab, but instead of delivering the Power Tower, she will be carrying Spacelab LM-2 to resupply the station with consumables. Following Columbia's maintenance period, and due to delays surrounding the arrival of Discovery, Challenger will fly all the missions in 1982, 1983, and the first half of 1984, earning her an admirable streak of six consecutive missions by the time Discovery arrives to relieve her. With her status as the only orbiter in active service during this time, she will earn a reputation as the workhorse of the Shuttle fleet, capable of any kind of mission, or any challenge, as it were.
  3. Bad news everyone; while trying to mod my game some more the other night, I accidentally corrupted my save, and while erasing it to start with a clean install I accidentally permanently deleted my screenshots folder. At this point I believe I'll just start a new save with a new, modern set of mods. That being said, I also have plans to make a different save approximating the one I've been flying my shuttle missions on, by manually placing the relevant craft into the proper orbits and time-warping to the proper date (1983). It might probably will take awhile, but I hope to resume covering Shuttle missions eventually. In the meantime you can view my STS-10 flight over at the Bluedog Design Bureau thread, since that mission delivered a new docking adapter to Skylab. As of the date of writing this video I also have flown STS-11, however all photos of it were lost in the recent incident.
  4. Well fellas, my modding addiction finally led to me possibly corrupting my game, and in the process of making a clean install I accidentally perma-nuked my screenshots folder. Oh well, I took this opportunity to upgrade to KSRSS Reborn. Allow me to treat you all to the first screenshots under the new status quo:
  5. Spaceflights of 1982: The Greatest Crossover in Cinematic History: Got a lot of minor missions to show off this year, but I like to feature them anyway. Not every spaceflight is a blockbuster, you know. January: Insat 1A / Delta 3910 PAM-D: March: STS-8 (Challenger) with Insat 1B (India), Palapa B1 (Indonesia), and SPAS-01 (West Germany): April: Intelsat 5-2 on a very icy Atlas: June: Satcom 5, on the first launch of Delta 3924. Exchanging the Delta-P with its Apollo LM descent engine (the supply of which is diminishing rapidly) for a new AJ-10 variant on the Delta-K, the Delta 3920 series offers yet another increase in power for an incredibly resilient launcher. Even in the face of reusable space shuttles and increasingly cheap Saturn IC launches, Delta refuses to die. August: STS-9/Spacelab-1: Won't say much here for the same reason I didn't say much about STS-8. Visit Shuttle Adventures. September: Skylab 12, the first five-man expedition to the station, launches from LC-34. While Skylab flights are rapidly becoming seen as uninteresting and routine, today's launch is special. Skylab 12's primary objective will be to oversee the addition of the station's first major expansion in over six years, cooperating with STS-10 (Challenger) to install and checkout the new Androgynous Multiple Docking Adapter... October: Challenger launches with the Skylab AMDA. I haven't even covered this one in Shuttle Adventures yet, so you should feel special seeing it here first.
  6. STS-9: Spacelab-1: August, 1982: After yielding the spotlight to her younger sister for the last three flights, Space Shuttle Columbia returns to flight for one last mission before her scheduled maintenance period. This time, she's flying the European-built Spacelab module, a pressurized compartment installed in the orbiter's payload bay which provides additional living space and research facilities. Spacelab equipment has flown on the Shuttle several times already, in the form of the OSTA experiment packages and the Spacelab pallets used for cargo and instrument storage, but the Spacelab Laboratory Module expands the Shuttle's ability to conduct crewed research in microgravity tenfold. In preparation for this flight, the longest mission to date, Columbia has undergone a number of modifications, including the addition of a Ku-Band antenna to relay data through TDRS-1 in geostationary orbit, the disarmament of her ejection seats, new amenities in the mid-deck such as sleeping bunks, higher-capacity fuel cells, and new SSMEs rated to a higher level of thrust. Her original engines have been removed and are in the process of refurbishment in order to be installed on the fourth orbiter Atlantis, scheduled to arrive to the fleet in 1985.
  7. So, I did this, and after a little work I was able to get the new pad into my save. Only problem is that it’s not showing up as an available launch site, even though it appears to be set as such in the Kerbal Konstructs menu. Strange, but I’ll work on it.
  8. Have you considered asking for permission to adapt textures from BDB, Near Future, and the like? Some of the newer parts added to the former have really great foil textures.
  9. Actually, I already have KSPCF installed. Come to think of it, I didn't have this problem nearly as much before I installed the mod.
  10. Anyway, you guys want some bloopers? Because I've got some freaking bloopers... Maybe this is what I get for using the Breaking Ground robotics system. How do you guys move large objects with the SRMS? Also having weird problems (which may or may not be caused by the same thing as the SRMS spaghettification) with parts of the orbiter moving slightly every time I load a save. It's not funny anymore.
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