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  1. I'm overdue for my screenshot tax, but better late than never. Have a couple a e s t h e t i c Skylab photos: The new IVA is super great too; it's nice that the first seat to be filled is directly facing the nadir window so I can watch clouds go by... Additionally, in early January of 1975 the crew of Skylab 4 performed a short EVA to inspect the station's hardware in preparation for the arrival of the experimental AARDV 1 supply freighter. Now slightly over one month into their three-month mission aboard the station, the cargo of propellant, consumables, and hardware to be delivered by the AARDV will allow for a possible extension to four months, virtually double that of the previous tenants' stay.
  2. "Please let me develop lunar Starship for Artemis missions, I promise I am stable and can be trusted not to make the same mistakes that would have befallen an Apollo direct ascent"
  3. Okay so, I tried this, and it worked! For all of five minutes, that is. I pruned out the most recently added ship from the build list, and upon loading the game the KCT window worked normally, but then I went to fly a certain ship (one that was already in flight prior to all this) and the window broke again within minutes. The console kept registering this single error message:
  4. Having another problem (fortunately it's one that I've seen others experience before) where the KCT window breaks down and appears as this immovable bar on the right side of my screen: I've seen this happen both after leaving the VAB and adding something to the build list. It seems like it's a problem with this particular save since I can reverse this by rolling back to an earlier persistent file. Unfortunately, the problem pops up again shortly after loading an earlier save, usually from the causes mentioned above. And here is my .log file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16eHTgPaf9F-G4YzZ-a6Oml1KyjNcl3f1/view?usp=sharing
  5. You know, I should be way angrier than I am over how long it took for you to make a part like this TRS camera. It goes perfectly with the LRV (which I'm no longer using because I'm done with moon landings for now). Also:
  6. Well, no matter, I 'fixed' the issue by copying in another copy of the KCT_Settings file from another save. After looking more closely myself I found out that the original one for the offending save had a huge chunk of code missing, although I'll swear before God that I've never even opened the file before.
  7. Having a weird problem with a particular save of mine; KCT just stopped working one day and the icon disappeared from my toolbar. It's still there on every other savegame I have and I can use it like normal in them, but for my main file it's nowhere to be seen. Has anyone ever had a similar problem? I can supply a .log and other data if necessary but I question how useful that would be since there's not a specific 'event' I can point to in the log as the issue here. I have the latest version of KCT and its dependencies as available on github.
  8. A couple people have expressed interest in my TUFX profiles, so here they are, refined for public use. These are my first publicly-released configs/mods for KSP (or anything, really), so I hope I'm doing this right. My goal with these has been to recreate the appearance of in-flight television footage from the pre-digital era of spaceflight, particularly the footage of the Apollo moonwalks. Basically, if you're looking for something to make your game look "better", best keep moving. This film is usually characterized by a heavy amount of grain, lower resolution, and a sort of washed-out look to the colors in the frame. There are some amazing TUFX setups out there which can sometimes make it hard to distinguish between a KSP screenshot and a real photograph, but I've yet to see anything that properly emulates the feel of the primitive methods by which the early decades of spaceflight were recorded. Hopefully these three profiles will improve the authenticity of your KSP screenshots and make for a more immersive mission experience. All screenshots are my own, captured on various missions performed in 2.5x KSRSS with other visual mods such as Scatterer, PlanetShine, and Distant Object Enhancement. Apollo CTV Camera: This profile is inspired by the television footage of the last three Apollo landings, where the TV camera was mounted to the lunar rover and commanded remotely from the ground and the footage underwent an artificial cleanup and enhancement process between being transmitted to Earth and being broadcast on television. This filter applies a moderate amount of film grain, with a slight alteration to focal length to blur out background objects and reduce the overall quality to appropriate levels for 1970s technology. Additionally, it features a subtle color grading effect to emulate the conditions on the lunar surface and a large amount of lens dirt, light scattering, and an HDR effect to imitate the harsh lighting conditions experienced in zero-atmosphere environments. Apollo CTV Camera (Lower Post Exposures): While the first profile was well-suited to the relatively dim lunar surface, when I began flying more Low-Earth Orbit missions in my current save I realized that it was much too bright to be used so close to a planet or within atmospheres. In order to remedy this I developed a second variant of the CTV Camera profile with reduced post exposures, allowing it to be used more effectively in LEO or in an environment with other bright light sources. The differences won't be very apparent in these screenshots, but trust me when I say that it makes a huge difference in-game. Incidentally, this profile also works quite well for "filming" rocket launches: Westinghouse: While the TV footage of the J-series Apollo landings was the most technically impressive and produced the best image, the ghostly grayscale film of the Apollo 11 landing still remains the most famous. It wouldn't feel right to release the color TV profile without something to represent the footage captured by the rudimentary black-and-white Westinghouse cameras carried on missions such as Apollo 8 and Apollo 11. This profile, in addition to the grayscale saturation, also features heavier film grain and noise, a shorter focal length for even more blurriness in the background, greater chromatic aberration, and a few slight alterations to the color grading, saturation, contrast, and temperature of the image to better suit the colorless film. Installation is simple; all three profiles come bundled in the same config, which should be placed in the "Profiles" subdirectory of your TUFX GameData folder. DOWNLOAD *These profiles require TUFX and its dependencies* *You may copy, modify, or share these profiles, so long as you credit the original author (that'd be me). You may not use these profiles for commercial purposes*
  9. Great! Now all I need is to get my hands on one of those homebrewed early-STS TPS patterns with the tiles along the sides of the payload bay and such. Would make one myself if I were any good at photoshop.
  10. Do you think it's a bit ironic to name a space shuttle after Stan Rogers, considering he died in an airline accident?
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