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  1. If anybody wants a starting-point for default radiator action groups, this uses group 7 for deployable radiators and groups 8/9 (on/off) for fixed radiators. [group 9 seems like a good one for setting a "low-power-mode"].
  2. Yes it's working now, thanks again.... I just kept looking at the part(s) in an assembled craft, trying different terms, and restarting KSP.... "Toggle Ladder" (unsurprisingly) is what finally worked
  3. So I'd started on the right track... Once I managed to create a .cfg that wasn't creating errors in the log (I think) because once I fixed my brackets I had that part working... it's what follows where I don't quite understand how to complete the config... My latest try was this [EDIT: got it working! Thanks!]
  4. Very handy, thanks for your efforts! I'm trying to determine how to make a .cfg for giving the ladders a default custom group (and/or assign them to the gear group)... It's not exactly obvious to me what I'd need to put in it though. PS - nice water bear!
  5. Hello, this is my first entry, so I apologize if I missed any details. This is a stock SSTO spaceplane, but I have MechJeb running for telemetry... I specifically disabled all of MechJebs "helpers" such as intake-management and flameout-prevention to do the run here with the screenshots. If that crosses a line let me know and I'll retry; thanks! Pre-launch, the vessel is 10.7 T of mass which includes several science tools, solar panels, a docking port and RCS controllers for extended out-of-atmosphere (OOA) experiences. Circular orbit established >100k with >500 Dv left in the rockets, and plenty of liquid fuel for atmospheric maneuvers. Manually landed safely at KSC after one orbit with fuel to spare. MET 46 minutes.
  6. In general, I find CKAN (comprehensive kerbal archive network?) to be a fairly good way to manage most mods that I have interest in. They've broken AVP into parts since many people can't run them all, and all you need to do is click a checkbox.... So, yes, you should be able to run it as you like, without clouds, auroras, city lights, lightning, etc... One caveat, is that recently when using CKAN I'm unable to get lightning to work.... the client locks when ATM* tries to do it's thing with that texture/cfg... It could be just me though.
  7. 2014 in Review: I largely stopped playing World of Tanks... feels too 'cheaty' with the forced outcomes and bad matchmaking, not to mention cheat-mods and other abuse of undocumented features I somewhat replaced that in my playtime with Heroes and Generals, but it's got some pretty quirky bugs that make it un-fun after a short while playing I waited till Dec'14 to buy Black Flag and was largely disappointed, even getting it for nearly 30% the original retail price (I think at 80% off I'd still have been disappointed) I remain hopeful that Star Citizen begins to deliver on some of it's early promises I continue to play KSP almost daily - - - Updated - - - Oh and how could I forget: "Logic Bots" deserves some attention... that game really challenges me!
  8. You know you're a KSP noob when you get frustrated for being unable to control your ship... before you realize it's because you're time-warping.
  9. I think I may have commented previously on how spectacular this work is, thanks for all the effort you've put into it (in case that was only said previously in my imagination). I'm here today to comment that it might be nice to have an option (even one buried in a .cfg somewhere) to disable lightning (or other effects?) in map-mode (or other modes?) The mod adds a ton of realism at certain scales, but when I am in the Tracking Centre and there are dozens of strikes every second it's both distracting, and pulls me away from that immersion the features were providing. Thanks again! - - - Updated - - - SheepDog2142, I've got almost all the features running in 0.90 along with a dozen other mods... the only ones I haven't tried adding yet are the "clouds for Eve and Jool" parts. As an added bonus, I can run all this with the 32-bit version where as with 0.25 I could only get AVP going with 64-bit. I recommend using the Active Texture Management mod on a clean install. Launch the game and let it run. Start adding in AVP and after adding in some, launch the game again and tru the various modes, i.e. building, flying.... If it's all still working, rinse and repeat until A) it stops working, in which case undo the last thing you did, or you finish.
  10. CPU: AMD64 GPU: Radeon HD 4xxx O.S.: Ubuntu 14.10 LTS STATUS: Basically, this worked "out of the box". I easily found "Steam-launcher" in the repository after doing a vanilla desktop-install and KSP just worked*. (*The first launch of Steam required the install of the mesa drivers). I'd tried first with Debian 7.7.0; initial FPS was about 0.2 so I put-in fglrx... that broke steam, as well as KSP. Thanks Ubuntu for making it so easy to get this old PC going again for a friend headed to college
  11. TL;DR - Use Ubuntu 14.10 if you want a Linux install for KSP. The longer version: While rebuilding an old PC for a friend I decided to check if I could get it running KSP. I first tried Debian 7.7.0 but ran into several problems. After trying to get the video fixed, it broke Steam and just became a big headache. There were other things I wasn't thrilled with about the install, so today I tossed Ubuntu 14.10 on instead and I'm very pleased to report that it worked "out of the box". The Ubuntu Software Centre had a "Steam-launcher" ready to install. On first-run it did have to install some additional libraries, but before I knew it KSP was running without a hitch!
  12. I blame the kraken - that stealthy beast taunts me still!
  13. I've been playing since a couple versions before ARM, Asteroid Recovery Mission. Steam says I have 1500 hours logged but I slept through some of that (ion drives)... 1000 may be more accurate. I finally started doing more than getting the latest mods here so, "Hello!". Thanks Squad and the amazing community for what KSP has become!
  14. I have nothing to contribute other than THANK YOU for all the time and effort you put into this... it really takes a great game and puts some fantastic polish on it!
  15. Throwing out a data-point here... I seem to get this working only if I use the 64-bit binary for KSP. I'm guessing that says more about my computer than the mod, but for others having trouble, it might be worth trying! [thanks for the awesome mod work!]