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  1. Please do not quit push your technology to the limit, I am just advising to improve design and its capabilities one at a time. First orbit, then go for the mun orbit with return then VTOL at mun with return. My mistake I have 4 engines only attached on Mk2-Mk1 rocket adapter. As for the gear I have moved them mostly for aesthetics and to make my craft stand on ground horizontally or slightly tilted backwards for easier take off. But I would not be surprised if the reduce drag in this way. I do not use struts I use Kerbal Joint Reinforcement mod. I was thinking maybe that you should try to make a plane that can land vertically like and other lander on mun and avoid VTOL construction and complications from it? I believe you can find some mods with nice big lander legs in addition to that you would need good reaction wheels and RCS to keep it nice and steady until you land there. Or least challenging but it is close to your original plan is to just orbit mun with plane that would drop its payload to the surface. The payload would only need small engines and little fuel how much is required to land it, or you can download mod that adds retrorockets that would make smooth landing of your payload you would only need to make it fall vertically and of course tune the retrorockets in the VAB for optimum force so that they do not overshoot. I think in this way since I see that VTOL equipment is huge and taking a lot of load of your plane while creating extra drag there. Now if you find to optimize VTOL equipment and not make it bulky then go with it, ultimately it is up to you. Wish you good luck and send us pics if you make it I am interested to see how that machinery would look like.
  2. Do it milestone by milestone. You have complicated design and mission for first time. Build first a payload, and try to make payload lightest and smallest and around it build your plane. Then first try to lift it with simple K parts plane (no VTOL)0km orbit and land it. See how it flies back to KSC often they fly nice on the way up but bad on the way down. Step by step improve the craft until you get to the Mun with VTOL craft and back to KSC, the key is simplicity. Also try to minimize the amount of stuff hanging from the plane especially big parts like J bays around your craft and drop tank etc. I believe the give a huge amount of drag also I believe you will need more of those jet engines 2-4 to climb with nice performance and speed.Here is my craft that lifts full loaded orange fuel tank to station around Kerbin at 600km orbit to refuel station fuel tanks ten it gets ack to KSC directly to 20-15km Pe without any issues. It has 4 jets from the OPT mod, docking port, 3 service bay for payload (I have a version with 2 bays only that does the same thing too like this one) and linear rocket engine for space. It took me 10 concept crafts to create a working version and every version had its own milestone to complete and I believe you should try also like this and tweek your craft from version to version until it meets your mission parameters. P.S I still did not remove these Mk2 intakes that I do not need.
  3. I like this mod too and I almost build spaceplanes only with this parts. How many tonnes of cargo do you wan to carry and where? I am not proficients with VTOL but maybe I can help you get this in orbit at least but first I must know what do you wish to do with it?
  4. I am thinking to do it with fly by on duna and while the craft is going for duna I will put the lander on orbit around duna and play with manouver node untill I get encounter
  5. Never did asteroid catching I hve upgrade the tracking station. But it it looks like it is possible to make fly by adn get them to the other craft
  6. So my save time is Y2D169-1h:42min and here is the pic of the lander with KER readouts:
  7. 15k of dv to get to Duna and circularize. Then it is possible to use the lander what is on surface to bring Kerbals close to the ship and EVA them to other ship. Return from duna to kerbin and to circularize at kerbin you need another 15k of dv. In total around 30k of dv. Actual number is maybe 26-28k of dv
  8. Yeah that's how I did it...I hope I wasnt too drunk not to notice that I have turned that on by accident
  9. I have used window planer. there I have set starting planet and destination Kerbin-Duna-Kerbin and typed in starting orbit altitude and the one at duna and also inserted these numbers for back trip. So I suppose those 30k of dv are taking in account to get from kerbin-duna and get in orbit of duna then get from duna and get into orbit of kerbin. If I am not mistaken
  10. I did not yet think how to stop it at Kerbin so yes that is without breaking with engines. The lander is capable to return to Kerbin by itself. It has 3 kerbals so we are talking about big capsule for 2,5m rockets. If you insist I can send you maybe picture of the lander and maybe .craft file of the lander after when I get home. I am just trying to do this to get them back faster then I would by wating 1 more year for transfer windows Duna-Kerbin and the trip itself. Yes I could time warp and other shocrtcuts I could use but for the sake of game play and challenge I was thinking is it possible to make express ship that would get them back ASAP. So there you go, I cant wait to see your idea if you ever make it. Good luck!
  11. Hhahahha Magzimum Yeah well I was thinking to do something like that but then thought if something like this is even possible. Only nuclear I have and I have forgot to mention I do not have ISRU and the drills so that makes it impossible to make a 15k dv vessel and refuel it there. Wonder if somebody has any design that has this much of dv to share? Just for inspiration and fun
  12. Would do it but first I have to get rid of running probes and cotracts many of which have correction burns or orbital injections to be done...I have many things running in my save
  13. I would rather just continue to play as planned untill I get them back as per original plan if this insanity is impossible The only allowance that I would make is that I would play around mun/minimus to get some 250pts more to get 550 points to unclok some more parts...I have new science mods that would get me a bit more science and a moho probe that will send its data once it lands in 120 days
  14. Hi people, I have settle my mind to install some life supp. mod and before I do that I must return all my kerbals home so when the mod kicks in they do not die in space. 3 kerbals are on Duna north pole and those are furthest kerblas (other are around Mun in MPL and 1 on station orbiting Kerbin at 600km). So now the original plan for those guys on Duna is that they have to wait 1y and some days before their launch window opens for return trip. I cant get them earlier becouse of the lander dv limits. It wasnt designed for this and the time of design I had no intentions to start using lifes supp. mods until I have found out about deepfreeze mod so I do not have to make large ships bcs of food I would only freeze them and give them food for the time that they are planned to be active. Now I cant wait to get them back to get my science and install the mods. I used windows planner (I have one in game that is mod, forgot its name) and if I would want to start now and get there as fast as I can, which is around 150 days, my ship needs around 13k-15k of dv just to get there and if I want to return them as fast as I can with the same ship I again need 13k-15k of dv for return. Well I did not have much time to play in VAB or SPH but initial drawings showed me that I need a monster. This is career game so I still gave to unlock engines and tanks above 2,5m. Those are I believe 550 and 1000 science point nodes. There I will get plenty of parts including the Space y parts that I have installed. Now let me hear your ideas what would be the fastest way to get them back, as a part of this self imposed challenge I must launch now and also as soon as I land/recover them I must turn back. There is no waiting for better windows or something I want to abuse the engines and rockets . My first idea was ti create a space plane bcs I to make a simple capsule and land it near them would be exercise of my patience so I decided to use atmo on duna and once I get there to fly the ship to them. VTOL would be nice (it doesnt have to be Kerbin VTOL working only Duna would be fine). Second idea is to maybe assemble something in the orbit.. Anyway lets see what are your ideas, these are mine for now
  15. I was thinking those numbers were atmospheric since you are starting in the atmosphere in the first place......