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  1. As far as I know RealAntennas do not patch all of the antennas and especially antennas from the mods such as Near Future. Shame, otherwise brilliant mod. I was trying to make use of it but it did not work for me due this reason.
  2. Hi All, So little of context first for my question. I have Breaking Ground DLC and I have unlocked small scanning arm. I got contract to go on Minmus and scan the Olivine formation with the small scanning arm. No problems, I build rover and man it with two kerbals and send it to mission. After few minutes of roving around I find the Olivine formation and scan it. Now while I was scanning it I notice in the science window a message written in orange letters saying that I should come later again with better instrumentation to recover more science as small scanning arm gives you on
  3. aha, thank you. This now makes sense. It would seem that Antenna Helper is somehow not reading correct values, they are bit more pessimistic. Anyway thnx on the nice calculator simple and effective.
  4. Hi @Poodmund I have loaded quick sandbox and tried testing this. So Antenna Helper reads the power of F-RA to be 3250 while your sheet is reading that number to be 5000 so I am not sure which is correct. These numbers are without reflector dishes. Now to test my theory that Antenna Helper can read properly configured reflector I added RFL-2000 to F-RA and suddenly in Antenna Helper the numbers changed and I could reach to Plock with signal at max distance to be around 14%, not bad with direct connection and single antenna. Now I know that this thread is not about Antenna Helper but I am j
  5. Might as well have one sensor of adequate area rather then 10 of them spammed on the vessel . However, I get your point. Any suggestion on how the feeder antennas work and dishes? How much are those dishes effective in boosting the signal and can I point for example 3 feeders at one dish? I am just trying to get idea on how to use them, descirptions say they are quite strong but Antenna Helper disagrees.
  6. Hi there, I was wondering if somebody can help me with the antenna dishes and reflectors? I know that if I point feeder or antenna in a dish the dish will boost its performance. I am just trying to understand by how much? So far I have unlocked only the small dish which says it provide 9M buff. 9M of what and buffs by 9M what? Also as I play with outer planet mod I am hoping some of the antenna from the Exploration pack will help with signal. Personally I don't like to stack them to increase range (hate that mechanism) so are there any antennas that by itself can cover OPM planets?
  7. Got it! Thnx, I think now it makes more sense.
  8. Hi All, I have question regarding the VAB Kerbalism planner numbers and calculations. I just installed Kerbalism and I already did Mun fly-by and kept kerbal in orbit alive for 30 days and I noticed that Kerbalism planner in VAB gives me inaccurate numbers around electricity consumption, oxygen usage and hydrogen whilst using fuel cell as only electricity source and only thing that consumes hydrogen as well oxygen. Take a look here: The cell is set to run in VAB, per the cell numbers Oxygen consumption should be 0.507/s while if you look at the planner it is 0.536/s. I re
  9. Please do not quit push your technology to the limit, I am just advising to improve design and its capabilities one at a time. First orbit, then go for the mun orbit with return then VTOL at mun with return. My mistake I have 4 engines only attached on Mk2-Mk1 rocket adapter. As for the gear I have moved them mostly for aesthetics and to make my craft stand on ground horizontally or slightly tilted backwards for easier take off. But I would not be surprised if the reduce drag in this way. I do not use struts I use Kerbal Joint Reinforcement mod. I was thinking maybe that you should try t
  10. Do it milestone by milestone. You have complicated design and mission for first time. Build first a payload, and try to make payload lightest and smallest and around it build your plane. Then first try to lift it with simple K parts plane (no VTOL)0km orbit and land it. See how it flies back to KSC often they fly nice on the way up but bad on the way down. Step by step improve the craft until you get to the Mun with VTOL craft and back to KSC, the key is simplicity. Also try to minimize the amount of stuff hanging from the plane especially big parts like J bays around your craft and drop tan
  11. I like this mod too and I almost build spaceplanes only with this parts. How many tonnes of cargo do you wan to carry and where? I am not proficients with VTOL but maybe I can help you get this in orbit at least but first I must know what do you wish to do with it?
  12. I am thinking to do it with fly by on duna and while the craft is going for duna I will put the lander on orbit around duna and play with manouver node untill I get encounter
  13. Never did asteroid catching I hve upgrade the tracking station. But it it looks like it is possible to make fly by adn get them to the other craft
  14. So my save time is Y2D169-1h:42min and here is the pic of the lander with KER readouts:
  15. 15k of dv to get to Duna and circularize. Then it is possible to use the lander what is on surface to bring Kerbals close to the ship and EVA them to other ship. Return from duna to kerbin and to circularize at kerbin you need another 15k of dv. In total around 30k of dv. Actual number is maybe 26-28k of dv
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