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  1. dont know ho to reproduce, but got 2 times that when I switched to map view with my vessel there was no orbital line for it, or that I went back from map to external view and vessel was invisible stock/ no mods
  2. I'm sorry but where? they are not inside the folder it seems and the 1st 2 download links brings me to that page
  3. I'm sorry but where are the config file(s) 1st link is directing to texture only
  4. I havent tested yet the breaking ground experiment, and I dont know if I'm doing it wrong, but they dont seem to work... Unless I'm missing something ?
  5. I would not mind microtransactions for MP, if its only for skins/ paint patern. I would not buy them, but some would, and it would fund the game for future updates
  6. now that we have deltaV ingame, might be nice to have KAC too stock just saying
  7. Streams of 1.6 are there, we should have it this week
  8. why is it still not possible to stage while in map mode? its cool now you see when your stage is gonna be empty, but then you have to quit the map, stage, and reopen it.