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  1. those texture quality, but in green, would be perfect
  2. I know i'm dumb, but is your work a full release/standalone version of those mods, or you need the original/latest version of them and copy your work over them after?
  3. No. It put unnecessary pressure on Devs + they have to spend time on bugs of the playing build that could be spent elsewhere. Let them work, and develop your patience.
  4. did we learn anything other than FY2021?
  5. Hope that we'll get info/footage today Anybody going there?
  6. the point is: its still a game they try to make it realistic in many ways, but call it anyway you want: its a game to have fun
  7. those are the same people that gets mad when you tell them that Flight Simulators are games. Its a game that simlutate things
  8. fairly certain that we'll see something about KSP2. Why would they make videos 1 week before PAX, if not to start a bit of hype
  9. dont know ho to reproduce, but got 2 times that when I switched to map view with my vessel there was no orbital line for it, or that I went back from map to external view and vessel was invisible stock/ no mods