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  1. Hi! is there a new thread for this yet or have you not gotten around to it. love your work! peace
  2. cheers but speaking of CKAN... totaly off topic kind of... cant update the mod. just there is a new column auto-installed. no update option. any clue?
  3. CKAN shows no tick box to install, has not for a while. anyone know why?
  4. @Li0n amazing mod first of all. now... im amazed that nobody has ever made a SOI mod. would it be hard to make one you figure? kind of like antenna helper looking but just SOI spheres in map mode. should be quite simple no? no calculations or anything fancy. cheers!
  5. sure thing do i have to "set it up" as it was when i found the wierd behaviour? cause im past that point now. career and all. ill try to replicate it
  6. cheers! @Nereid Bugged in 1.6.1 wierd detection or something. 3 crew doing the same exact things but ribbons not being awarded to all. first Eva in space was given to the 2nd kerbal doing eva, not the first. upon landing only one kerbal got landing on kerbal ribbon even tho all of them were "virgins" so to speak. something is off EDIT: apparently kerbin surface EVA ribbon overwrote landing on kerbin ribbon.... but only for one of the kerbals. they did the same exact steps
  7. Yes the particle trail is massive now compared to before. needs to be looked at for sure :(
  8. Has anyone seen Mr. pizzaoverhead lately? Would be awsome with an update for this awsome mod
  9. Do you know what torque is? imagine an axis that goes from where you are looking at the Picture, through the part/ship and out the hangar. when you launch it it gets hit by "wind" or air crating drag. the air will hit your battery and push on it and create torque along the axis which will result in a spin towards the right in this case. Torque will occur, IRL anyways. Doesnt it occur in game? have you tested it out?
  10. Ok so im circulating mun at low orbit and wanna go home. Im in a ....ty Lander can on top of a 2.25 fueltank and a poodle Engine. Addon says 1200 dV and around 50 sec burn time left. when i full burn fuel runs out in far less than 50 sec, more like 25 sec. and the plotted trajectory using manouver node says i need about 500 dV to escape mun, but fuel runs out when there is still 100 dV to go. as i said, im just in a Little rocket with 3 pods strapped on to it. and poodle Engine.
  11. Still broken. Going from circular orbit to Mun escape. The game tells me burn will take 500 Delta V. Redux tells me i have 1200 Delta V. Fuel runs out when 100 game-Delta V remains to burn. aka. broken. Please fix
  12. Well you saved my save thanks a lot. all this time i thought my addons were bugging the save.
  13. thanks for the links. finally somebody who knows whats up i will try these links and see where they take me.
  14. i posted this in the MODDED forum aswell, because i had mods installed. NO MODS, reinstalled game = SAME ISSUE. So i started a new game without mods installed this time and a fres install of the game. after 10-15 missions upon entering and exiting Astronaut Complex the game bugs out. entering any building after that makes pressing any button impossible. cant launch, cant exit building, cant press esc for main menu. alt + f12 debug log says: "[Exception]: NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object" when pressing exit building. anyone know what is up? cause of mods?