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  1. One problem with switching to procedural parts would be that that would definitely break every existing craft and thus every existing save. Which for me personally is not a problem but for many players would be.
  2. It's posts like this when i wish i wouldn't suck at math.
  3. There is no cheating in KSP (except for when you are doing challenges). Everyone can decide for him-/herself what help is needed to enjoy the game and what makes it too easy and thus boring. I for one, could never build a proper rocket without KER. I would have no idea whatsoever what my actual TWR and DeltaV stats are. I'm useless at calculating interplanetary trajectories as well, so I always use MechJeb for that. I also mostly use mechjeb for the actual burns. After the 200th burn they are just tedious... I do my own landings though.
  4. Somebody posted a pic of the orion test launch on 9gag and one of the commenters thought it was a screenshot from ksp. That's how I first heard about it. 10 minutes later I was playing the demo. 20 minutes later I was downloading the full game. That was about a year ago (.25 IIRC) and I've been hooked ever since.
  5. Thanks a lot for the summary! I have never managed to catch a squadcast live (6:30 am on Saturday where I live; I usually go to sleep shortly before that... Thanks also for the link! I was finally able to watch a squadcast!
  6. This poll suffers from the lack of multiple selection. In other circumstances I agree, watching other people playing a game is just stupid. However, with KSP this is somewhat different. For example, if it wasn't for tutorial videos, I would still not have figured out how to rendezvous two vessels. Another good reason to watch streams/vids is that KSP offers a near infinite range of possibilities. Thus it gives place to a lot of creativity and different play styles. Some videos are interesting, because they feature incredible feats in piloting and efficiency, others are great because of the creative solutions applied, yet others are simply because they are so whacked out. I also have to add, that I almost exclusively watch videos and seldom streams (I don't enjoy listening to some guy randomly babbling on because he needs to fill the audio gap during a 5 minute burn; In videos this is normally edited out or accelerated). Also, I don't watch videos just because they are by some specific youtuber. I would also not waste time during the day watching a video, but they can be a nice substitution for actually playing (e.g. when I decide that I have wasted enough time in front of the PC and it's time to get to bed and waste another few hours - also known as just 5 more minutes - with my phone).
  7. Congrats. And welcome to the addiction.
  8. I usually save via Alt-F5 when reaching milestones (like safely landing on another body or attaching another part to a space station). I also use several saves for that very reason that I might be able to recover a save that's 30 minutes old an not a week or two. Ofc this isn't foolproof either. Recently I just finished docking the ISRU module to my Duna base when instead of Alt-F5 I pressed Alt-F4... Was not happy...
  9. This solved it (instantly). Could have thought of that myself, but I was sure it can't be the LAN, since it was always active and never caused problems. Weird... Also, I can't think of anything I have updated recently except some mods (which are now deleted anyway). Anyway, it works again. Thanks a lot for your help!
  10. Hi sal_vager, No, at least not to my knowledge and not according to the Windows Search function. It looks exactly like the unused NW Adapter bug, but I have no networks apart from my LAN connection.
  11. Hi guys, Since yesterday evening KSP suddenly takes ages to load. It takes several seconds to load a simple flag! It's not the Virtual NW Adapter issue either, the only NW adapter I have in my NW and sharing center is my LAN Connection. I also checked whether I have any hidden adapters, but couldn't find any. First I thought it was caused by one of my 60+ mods, but even after completely removing and re-installing KSP the issue persists. Before yesterday, KSP loaded with over 60 mods in about a minute. I run KSP from an SSD, so the HD should not be the problem. Any ideas what could cause this? And more importantly how I get rid of that? Any help is highly appreciated.
  12. The emphasis is on the posiTtion of the key part of each stage being analogue to the actual rocket. Meaning, if you dump your lower stage, it is also in the bottom in the staging diagram. That makes pperfect sense. What would he cool though would be the staging diagram being drawn inside the silhouette of your current rocket, with the stage numbering being positioned exactly where it is on the actual rocket. Completely useless, but would look cool
  13. Thanks for your response. Check on all 3. It is labeled as a base, hast the medium stock antennae and stock solar panels (XL). The debug menu shows the NullReference Exception error as for ghost22 when updating bases.: NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  14. I can't believe I missed DNT... What's happening to me??? To be honest, I liked the old layout better with every member of the team posting their own point of view. But hey, it's your game, your site, your baby, so whatever lifts your payload. - - - Updated - - - I can tell you from experience that regular 10-minute tasks can be the biggest pain in the butt in your workweek....
  15. Ok, so now I have removed AntennaRange entirely, satellites are still not showing up. In addition, I had a Mun Base (mostly UKS parts) which was not showing up either, but I also had a space station which was registered. Then I added a mining rig to my Mun Base and suddenly all the information was gone from StateFunding again (incl. descriptions, same issue as before). I tried to reinstall the mod, no effect. Any ideas, where I could start troubleshooting? I also looked into that vesselhelper thingy, but coudln't really figure out how that could help (or what it actually does, come to that). I really want to try this mod, so any help is highly appreciated.
  16. That's what I did. I tried both adding a new line and replacing existing ones. The only effect it has is that no data is shown in StateFunding at all when I start the game back up. Even the descriptions in the individual tabs (sat coverage, bases, stations, etc...) are gone. Strangely the satellites are not recognized even when I delete the AntennaRange folder. Seems like I have another mod that meddles with data transmitters... I'll post it here when I figure it out. Thanks anyway! @iamchairs: Awesome mod, thank you! E: Space Station is recognized... Is it possible that the mod only takes craft into account, which are launched after installation?
  17. Can you pls post how you fixed it? I have the same problem and editing the modulealiases only made it worse.
  18. Orbital rendezvous. Scott manley's tutorial vid helped with that one.
  19. If you have to ask for confirmation, it's probably cheating.
  20. Zoidos


    Cool idea. One problem though: the suffering when you finish a craft and can't fly it right away
  21. LOL this is the best description of the Kerbal mind I've read so far. - - - Updated - - - Yes, you're totally right. I was only referring to the local winds at KSC, which is located on the equator. The local non-existent winds I mean
  22. Colorstar - origination Sofa surfers - sofa rockers The machine - moons of neptune Anything by alan parsons project Great thread btw.
  23. For some reason this never bothered me. I started playing at .25 and just had time to get familiar with the game until .90 came out. I just started a new save where i was able to avoid some noob mistakes i made inthe first one. I actually enjoyed checking the forums for my favourite mods getting updated to the new game version while progressing. It was the same with 1.x. The biggest of my few problems witht his game is the lack of end game content. Once i havemaxed out the tech tree i have little motivation to continue a save apart of tying up some loose ends thus i don't really mind having a reason to start from scratch once in a while. Even more so when this reason is combined with new features, squasged bugs and overall a more polished, complete experience On the contrary, when 1.0 came out,with the new aero model and all the new stuff, it almost felt like a completely new game and i really enjoyed rediscovering this masterpiece once again. As for the future of ksp, i couldn't imagine a point where it could be deemed "complete". The mere nature of a sandbox game holds near infinite potential for updates and new features. In any case i am really glad (and credit for SQUAD for this!) that development of this awesome game is progressing. TL;DR: just play the game. Like in real life, you only risk missing out while you are waiting for something that might never happen
  24. I have never made an interplanetary intercept without MechJeb. I always use KER for designing my rockets. I couldn't assess my deltaV stats without it and would probably build rockets that run out of fuel half way or come back with the tanks half full. I have never so much as attempted an Eve return mission.