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  1. Tunnels and Caves?

    I actually watched somewhere around four or five of the very earliest films, and the two last ones that came out, as well as most of the Star Wars series. I just never payed any attention to them, or cared for the matter.
  2. Skunk Works presents..

    No. It's purely stock. Took a lot of time and effort to build as well.
  3. Show us your MiG !

    ^ This is what propeller tech in KSP has led to. We started out with a mere concept, continued applying it in up-scaled models or inefficient craft, and ended with kerbal-scaled aircraft that have actually good fighter/plane characteristics. Unbelievable.
  4. WW2 BAD-T III - BDAc AI Dogfight Tournament

    Not a fair fight by any standards. You pretty much decimated that propeller fighter with your Korean-War era jet.
  5. BDA Sandbox

    No, they are way too underpowered. Also, this reply is right on time and is perfectly on schedule, I totally didn't find out about the "activity" tab three seconds ago.
  6. Future Projects and Ideas

    Never before have I been liked, quoted, and followed in one go. I congratulate you, fellow race mechanic. You should totally think about adding more detail. Get tweakscale, and use it to add things like headlight patterns, extra details, etc. You can make your cars look great like that.
  7. Future Projects and Ideas

    @LABenterprises Okay, I'll be straight with you: that looks better than any aesthetic sports car Vagani has made. Or Azimech. Sorry to them. Just give it spoilers that move (using control surfaces and action groups), and you might as well be batman. PS: Looking at your Kerbal X account, you should consider making a thread dedicated to cars.
  8. KSP Military Mega Thread

    @SVS I can't see it clearly. Can we have a photo from a different angle?
  9. Skunk Works presents..

    The amount of stock propellers in this thread is the amount of genuine parts that the above craft have.
  10. It's literally the only image hosting service we can use here, and it has no problems with it. Why the heck were all these problems caused, and why was it blocked in the first place?
  11. Would you like to go to Space?

    Same, same...
  12. It seems to happen quite often, at airshows and test flights: one second, it's an F-18 hornet. The next second, it's a ball of flame, along with four others that were flying along with it. My chemistry teacher literally saw a deHavilland Dragonfly plow into a lake as it tried to pitch up from a dive. And yet, when that happens, no one gives a crap about the pilots. Videos of the event are usually formatted as fail compilations, or just "so this happened" events. The news doesn't really mention names. When a Tu-144 folded in half in an airshow in Paris, the pilots were probably in complete agony, and yet I couldn't find any info on them. Or take a look at any video that displays a small error-gone-wild in an airshow; the pilots there are (were) what, 30 years old? They probably were extremely frantic as they were trying to stabilise their plane, and were utterly conscious in the moments before the crash, and yet, they ended up being pulverised, or turned into meat jerky, or worse- getting thrown out of the canopy, arms flailing and screaming for their lives. So what's up with this nonchalant attitude towards them? Why does no one make an effort to at least remember these pilots?
  13. Pun-A-Thon

    Have you ever tried to eat a clock? It's very time consuming.
  14. The Story That Never Ends...

    ... , allegiant to four different warring states.