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  1. [1.3] Dang It! Continued

    It'll be fun to have a Realism Overhaul adaptation of this. While losing stuff is quite nasty in the small Kerbin universe, it will be much more dramatic if it happens in an environment in which you have single-thrust engines, insulators, supplies at play. Also, perhaps you should make suits fail? Such as making them inflate with too much gas, or make the O2 tanks fail, or make the oxygen atmosphere inside ignite, or fail the heat system, make the glass helmet crack and kill the kerbal inside, I can keep going on about the possibilities. Even then, I want you to develop a system in which a part's quality goes up the more you use that spacecraft, or in which you can get your parts to raise their quality in the VAB. That way you will be able to make a reliable lifter after a while of using it, while any new lifters you create will be unreliable and prone to faliure.
  2. Post Your Satellite Designs

    How did you get Duna to look so gnarly?
  3. Pun-A-Thon

    I recruit you to my army.
  4. [1.3] Tiktaalik Dreaming Props

    @TiktaalikDreaming well if I ever make station parts I'm just gonna fill them with KSSpresso machines from now on.
  5. [1.3] Tiktaalik Dreaming Props

    For real, they really look like they should fit in the science and hab modules. How many are you willing to make in total? Think about ISS experiments and try to replicate them, various computer form-factors (i.e. laptops, zero-g laptop holders, desktops, large computer blocks without interfaces, etc), tanks, internal cameras, exposed insulation, etc. Just advice.
  6. [1.3] Tiktaalik Dreaming Props

    These props should be used more often, they're that detailed.
  7. That's impossible in all aspects. You literally just took a bunch of concepts that you thought were cool, and shoved them together.
  8. Pun-A-Thon

    Nobody noticed the huge Led Zeppelin pun that I did? Like, I spent so much work on it!
  9. By far the best replica I've seen. You nailed the shape, took the time to simulate the windows, nailed the engine bay and intakes, did the wings perfectly, nailed the nose, I can keep going.
  10. Pun-A-Thon

    This Time, Valhalla Came to Him (Toronto) Yesterday morning, a man who does come from the land of the ice and snow, Matthew, was mauled by a black Boston Terrier: he climbed the stairway to heaven alright, but this time, it didn't come with a price tag. We have attempted to contact his parents to find out more about his previous actions, and found out the story was quite clear. He been' blind, or so we were told by his father, Bob, who also informed us that Matthew, dazed and confused, may have been denyin' it all along. A real heartbreaker. Legal action is bound to take place in the future, but as the appointed lawyer solemnly comments: "hey hey what can I do".
  11. Lol-just found this meme

    Well someone doesn't get it. I see no problems with this evidence. This is rock-solid, no possible rebuttals...
  12. Real Size Dalek Replicas

    I guess the only "tv show" (close enough to one?) that I experienced is The Last of Us. Storyline was great, by the way.