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  1. For me, the only thing Origin has done was give me Battlefield 3 and Dead Space when I was in grade school. They had something called "on the house" or such. Other than that, Origin simply serves as a Battlefield 3/4 installer when necessary, which is a shame since these games have now been put on Steam.
  2. Well there's this game called Kerbal Space Program. It's in a pretty early state, they only have this white pod that seats 3 people, two fuel tanks, two engines, and a decoupler, but I think you can get creative enough with it. The graphics are very unity-like and simplistic, but I like the sort of bright red, futuristic colour scheme they have with their buildings. They modelled a whole planet as well, and a moon. Can you imagine? That's insane.
  3. @lucho No need in worrying about reviving this, it's a repository and it probably wouldn't die based on how long it has been active. When you install a mod, I suggest you look at the version listed or the latest available version, but you probably already know this. KSP is not the type of game for which one would risk botching together mods that may or may not work. In the end of the day, chasing mods themselves isn't important. What is important is knowing that the latest version of KSP should not be considered the "default" version by any means. I too have had a period where I sim
  4. That's great. And how much will this update cost?
  5. I have recently decided to make a jump from RemoteTech to RealAntennas, being attracted by the seeming realism of the latter. I have read through the majority of the documentation listed on its Github wiki page. However, though said documentation has indeed increased my understanding of how antennae work within the realms of this mod, I nevertheless find myself in need of a number of gameplay related clarifications and general advice. As such, what follows is a list of inquiries alongside their respective explanations: 1. How can I determine a threshold for when an antenna ceases to commu
  6. Hello. I am currently using KSP 1.7.3. The mods that concern this issue are as follows: - Realism Overhaul (not likely) - ROTanks - Procedural Fairings - Procedural Fairings, For Everything Though I will be referring specifically to the process of MECO and first stage detachment, this issue occurs in every instance at which an interstage is used in such a fashion. Consider the usual launch vehicle, with an ROTanks first and second stage. Upon the first stage rests a procedural ribbed interstage. To the detachment node of this interstage is attached a procedur
  7. I guess I'm just going to post what I have here. First off: the names that I have given to my vehicles are Russian, even though I use an English keyboard. For this reason, the following is a list of the abbreviations I have created, along with my attempt to spell them phonetically: RN: Raketa Nosityel - Carrier Rocket RB: Razgonniy Blok - I'm going to create a nonexistent word here because an adjective to "acceleration" doesn't exist in English: "Acceleratory Block". A third stage/tug T[number]: Typ - Type T[no number]: Tezhëliy - Heavy FS: Ftoraya Stadia - Second
  8. Credit where it is due for for looking at the two final images and deciding to write "both her arms are broken".
  9. Wow, I... somehow didn't think of that... Not sure how it will work with Earth, but I will certainly try this first and foremost.
  10. Hello, Recently, I have decided to expand on my realism overhaul experience, having installed two mods: Principia and RemoteTech. My main question - and the reason why this thread was placed here - pertains to the methods used in order to set up satellite networks. Currently, I have a single communications satellite orbiting at a distance of roughly ten million meters, with an Ap-Pe difference of approximately fifty thousand meters. I plan to get four (or more) satellites into the same orbit, but said satellites must be positioned at certain angular intervals throughout said orbit. I
  11. I would like to confirm that the 1.6.1 version of this mod functions with Realism Overhaul in its current state. My apologies for asking. I understand that modding can be extremely daunting and that this question is asked on almost every parts mod related thread, multiple times every month. I acknowledge that, as one who is being provided with a free service, I must not expect even an answer to the above question. Thank you for your consideration.
  12. I believe that, by far, the most important addition to KSP 2 would be a dedicated preparatory mod creation team. As it stands, a large portion of the appeal of the original KSP stems from the way in which it manages to integrate a stock game experience with one of the largest mod communities in the world (that I have seen). Though KSP 2 is a heavily altered game with multiple new features, it will still exhibit the same mod syndrome that the original KSP always had, a syndrome that is admittedly crucial for the continued relevance of the game series. My proposition is as follows: assemble a te
  13. Thank you for the heads up, with the coming KSP-2 I decided to take a look back. Perhaps I will return to this forum and join this fight.
  14. Understood. I initially thought that it would work when I read the [1.4.5] tag in the thread title.
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