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  1. WaaaAAAAAAAAAAAaaa... ... ... *soft echoing boom of a 500lb bomb impacting a Soviet apartment block*
  2. To say the truth, I am absolutely uninterested in this project. It's meaningless, probably costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the only thing this will accomplish is another "Did you know the richest civilian in space was _____?" fun fact, written somewhere in a Ripleys or National Geographic published book. If Virgin wants to do something in the space industry, they better come up with something actually innovative.
  3. @DrLicor some genius decided to block Imgur on my computer, so I cannot see any image in the forum. Is it possible for you to upload these images in a different format?
  4. Is it possible to create procedural fairings that have non-circular cross sections? If so, how feasible is it to have fairings which alter their cross section throughout their length? Why am I asking? Picture this: You create the internal skeleton of an aircraft out of structural girders and i-beams, place small fuel tanks, SAS systems, science, etc (even weapon storage) into this skeleton. Then, all you have to do is place a modded "fuselage nosecone" on the nose of your aircraft, and a structural fairing is stretched over your aircraft skeleton, creating a fuselage with a distinct shape and making your aircraft a bit more realistic and less made of digital Lego. This can also be applied to space vehicles such as landers.
  5. Is there some sort of summary to this? KSP2 [would/wouldn't] exist. KSP2 [will/won't] have micro transactions. SQUAD [is/isn't] planning to put micro transactions in the present KSP.
  6. I like Russian/Soviet aviation and aerospace in general. It's very interesting.
  7. Can you make Korean war era aircraft with the same attention to detail? I'm thinking of two very special people right now. First guy's last name is Mikoyan, but he didn't tell me his friend's name.
  8. What are they doing without the oxygen?!?! They have to make it fizzy! It needs more bubbles! Must be amateurs.
  9. I already said: given that you are not affected by the pressure.
  10. Tried it, felt uncomfortable at first, but holy crap it heat you up real quick. Good way to get the blood flowing.
  11. I just got mentally lost right now, thinking what it would be like to do this. Everything is pitch black, but you know that you are surrounded by thousands of kilometers of rock. Just floating there is creepy as hell. What would you hear? Just the rumbling of the Earth's mantle outside, or nothing at all? (Given that you are not affected by the pressure and heat)
  12. I just noticed the GitHub "issues" section that you have there, and saw my request for Aviation Cockpits. I need to ask, how does this system work? Are you trying to illustrate a queue of suggestions, are these individual releases that support the requested mods? What are they?
  13. @Kernowden Kerbin are you planning to make some mk-1 sized cockpits?
  14. Are we getting a new star here? I just saw both of these mods, and they are the sweetest things I've ever seen.
  15. Wow. This looks like a blend between some sort of water storage tower, a cheesy UFO representation, and a Leonardo Da-Vinci inspired flyer.
  16. Well that's a given, has to be added. This looks like a great challenge.
  17. Yeah, I have already discussed that with the person above. Also, I have to ask about your signature: what are Nortel, EAG, VA, and Harris?