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  1. Great! DLing now. Would I need to restart the mission or is there a way to edit nodes in 2.0 to fix it?
  2. Same problem here. I got it down to 313m on my second try. Still a failure.
  3. Just downloaded this mod from GitHub (I'm on KSP 1.0.5 and using v1.12.0) and I'm getting a problem with the satellite contract Ap and Pe. It seems I'm within the max/min parameters, so I don't know if this is a bug. I've seen other people on the thread have had this issue but I haven't found a fix. What am I missing? Also, I'm having the same issues with other satellite contracts, not only with Ap/Pe, but also not recognizing the ionization part or checking the "Enter orbit around goal" objective. Is it a version compatibility issue?
  4. Yes, this is what I'm doing. Placing a node and then playing around with the results. It's just I'm doing a Grand Tour on my first visit to Jool, so I want to save as much fuel as possible, meaning I'd like to be able to correct as far away as I can. Not complaining, since I love the hard work you guys are putting into this. Besides, atmo prediction only inside the SOI is magnitudes better than no prediction at all. Follow-up, though maybe I should post this in the FAR thread, but if somebody here knows it'd be appreciated: It seems FAR is easier on the CPU than Stock, is that so? The only reason I went back to FAR was because of this mod, but now I'd rather play with whichever gives more FPS.
  5. I haven't downloaded the fixed version yet (something about MM version?), but I'm also halfway to Jool (for the first time actually). If I display Trajectories in the new version, it won't freeze the game but it will also not calculate aerobraking until I enter the SOI correct? I'm trying to tie an aerobrake with maybe a gravity assist to get straight to Pol.
  6. I think Trajectories is only available on the toolbar when you are on map mode. Right click on it, and then you'll have 3 sub-menus (descent profile, target and settings). Click on descent profile and check the appropriate box (or play with the AoAs if you're on a space plane).
  7. Make sure to check the descent profile on the Trajectories menu. If you're re-entering, for example, with your ship in retrograde, check that box and the mod will recalculate.
  8. I love this mod so much that I went back to FAR just so I could use it. But when I plot a maneuver to leave Mun's SOI to go back to Kerbin, the game freezes and/or crashes. It's happened everytime with the two ships I tested this on. The only workarounds were to either disable Trajectories from the toolbar or uninstall the mod, perform the maneuver, leave the SOI and then reinstall. Anybody else getting this?
  9. I got the same problem on the Mun, but with an extra twist. My drilling ship has a return capsule to go back to Kerbin. Now that the drills and ISRU are at 100% overheat, it seems to be eating up the capsule's ablator. Any ideas anyone? Is this a bug, should I get a mod with radiators or am I just doing something wrong. Engineer maybe?
  10. So, I keep having this issue with docks getting stuck, but the code doesn't look like the setup in the OP. I still tried changing it to the fix, but nothing. These are two of the docks: PART { name = dockingPort2 cid = 4292421192 uid = 764773335 mid = 3555246955 launchID = 105 parent = 0 ... srfN = None, -1 attN = None, -1 attN = bottom, 1 ... MODULE { name = ModuleDockingNode isEnabled = True state = Docked (docker) dockUId = 764773335 dockNodeIdx = 0 EVENTS PART { name = dockingPort2 cid = 4294539224 uid = 732890210 mid = 680968784 launchID = 103 parent = 359 position = -7.71540021896362,-3.11059498786926,-7.71647357940674 rotation = 0.5110344,0.01572897,-0.4887137,0.7069339 mirror = 1,1,1 symMethod = Radial istg = 0 dstg = 0 sqor = -1 sidx = -1 attm = 0 srfN = None, -1 attN = top, 359 attN = bottom, 361 ... MODULE { name = ModuleDockingNode isEnabled = True state = PreAttached dockUId = 0 dockNodeIdx = 0 EVENTS You can see that instead of "Ready", one says "Preattached" and the other says "Docked". Anyway to fix this? It's already on 5 separate docks and it's put construction on my two stations on hold. Out of the 5, two were built docked in the VAB and three were docked in orbit. I'm playing KSP 32 if that helps. I can upload my save file if anybody wants to take a look and see what I'm doing wrong.
  11. I don't know what could be the problem since I undocked it before and it was fine. I then realized I had put a scientist instead of a pilot in it, so I did a quick load, changed crew and then it wouldn't undock. Note: That screenshot was just referential, the struts do disappear after decoupling. This one is post-decoupling. You can even see the struts are gone and I'm trying to move away with RCS:
  12. The problem is back. What to do when step 4 of the quick fix yields this: name = ModuleDockingNode isEnabled = True state = PreAttached dockUId = 0 dockNodeIdx = 0 EVENTS This is above the "EnableXfeed active = true" bit, but there's no parent number. This is the dock in question, if that helps at all:
  13. I'm new too and share many of the same feelings you have about the game, so.. welcome!