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  1. Exploring the first moon Iota goes really well right until Valentina decides to rely on 'Hope' to balance a rocket.
  2. The first submission has been received. Mail yours to [email protected] today to make the first 'real' episode!
  3. Hi Everyone, Those that have been around for a couple of years might remember me and a youtube show I did: 'KSP Contracting!', where I did missions with craft built by my viewers. After being prodded a couple of times by a enthusiastic long time viewer (you know who you are) I've decided to give this another spin, with a twist: we're exploring the Galileo system! Do join in and send me your .craft files at [email protected] Check out the video below for more instructions and links Hope to see those submissions coming in soon!
  4. Hi amazing readers of these forums, It's been a crazy long time, but tonight I'm going to stream the design of a new rocket booster for my YouTube series. You might think 'what the hell, every game starts with designing a booster this isnt special' and you'd be right. Sort of. In Realism overhaul we have to take into account different fuel mixes, tank types, engine burn time and failure ratings and more. This makes rocket design take a long time and be actually tricky. I aim to design a multi-applicable first and maybe second stage which will ideally last for a whole lot of missions/episodes. Intrigued? Check out my stream: https://www.twitch.tv/donlorenzo42
  5. Another several episodes in and we are now busily producing craft from an orbital shipyard. This sets the stage for the current, double length lunar episode!
  6. Woah time can go by quickly! Since the last post 10 episodes have happened and we now have an orbital shipyard that's cranking out spaceships! Here's the link to episode 40, it should be easy to work your way back through the playlist in case you want to catch up from 29.
  7. Over my holidays I sneakily released a whole lot of episodes! Up to nr 17 now. Check them out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0rVIB-Vy3A'
  8. What I do is basically talk all through the videos, but when there's nothing left to say about the things on screen (which are then usually pretty boring as well, like long NTR burns or timewarping to a certain point) I either cut the video and resume later when more interesting things are happening or I talk about some bit of (rl) space news or a random thought I had. Now my channel has 430 subscribers and the most popular video has 2.5k views so maybe it's not a recipe for success, but I did get really comfortable doing hour long monologues in front of my computer
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