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  1. Nice concept, WRONG parts... These options should be added to HEAT SHIELDS instead, that way the mod could be released faster (You won't have to add it to EVERY mod capsule out there) and you would be able to add it to anything you build, not just capsules. Do the AIR BAGS prevent/stop capsules from Sliding/Rolling once landed?
  2. I'm running KSP 1.3 on Ubuntu/Linux and I'm getting the graphic for the mod appearing multiple times in the stock toolbar when I revert flights. Every time I revert another one is added to the toolbar.
  3. Ok I found it, the KSP.LOG, I was looking for the error report DIRECTORIES that KSP makes. The KSP log was 13k, If I find future problems do I just post the whole 13k log here? I'm probably blind but I didn't see an error reporting link on the main page.
  4. KSP didn't drop an error log, game just stalled. I took a look at the first page here, is there an official error reporting site/page?
  5. Error report : KSP Ver. 1.1 (Release), KSPX Ver. 0.2.10 (CKAN install) Module manager chokes on the part MINI_SAS (cl_mini_sas), game refuses to load. Removed the part directory for the MINI_SAS and game loads. Someone needs to take a look at the parts .CFG file or something.
  6. Ok it's obvious that I need to make it clearer, if you watch the video from above, he makes a plane, adds wings at an odd angle and then attaches a sub assembly of intake, fuel tank and engine to the wings. He then uses the GIZMO's to align the sub assembly to the HANGER grid that the mod displays, at this point he is EYEBALLING the alignment to the hanger grid. I use Editor Extension Redux, Here's a video on the horizontal/vertical SNAP along with some SNAP functions for struts & fuel lines... With this mod I can place a part, point at it and hit "V" or "H" to center it horizontally or vertically compared to the parent part. What I'm suggesting is something similar to that for hanger grid, place a part, point at it and hit the proper key and it will snap to the X, or Y, or ,Z or all 3 of the HANGER or other keys to snap to the X, or Y, or Z of the ROOT part. Lets say that in that video he had not just offset the sweep of the wings but had also tilted the leading edge UP a bit. With the SNAP function all you would need to do is point at the part and press a key and the sub-assembly would SNAP to HANGER and be aligned straight forward, then press another key and the sub-assembly would SNAP to the angle of the tilt of the wing. As some have said you can use "F" to change the GIZMO's alignment from hanger to part and back, BUT using them you are EYEBALLING the alignment. You can use <SPACE> to zero out a parts alignment (To the hanger) WHEN HELD, but that can get screwed when PLACED, so that's why I suggested a SNAP to ALL (Basically zeroing out all axis's) after it's PLACED.
  7. It needs a SNAP to grid based on HANGER (X,Y,Z OR all 3) and also ROOT PART alignment.
  8. Just UNINSTALLED it, with it installed I can't right click and use my other science parts. Once uninstalled I can do science with the other parts. NOTE: I only got as far as installing the sound thing and the air scoop? (The 2 earliest parts in the tree) NOTE #2: Those 2 parts should be reduced to 1/2 the current size. NOTE #3: Just in case you need to troubleshoot I'm using the 64bit hack & I have "ForScience" & "[X]Science" mods installed. (I don't think any of the other mods would affect it, although the 64bit hack might)
  9. Just found out that this has a conflict with the mod "Critical temperature gauge " (http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/107774-105-critical-temperature-gauge/). When I activate the "Force Show gauge" from that mod the Gravity turn ICON and the display disappear. I have a bunch of other mods loaded so you might want to confirm this yourself.
  10. I'm running KSP from a RAM drive and CKAN adds a downloads directory in the KSP folder, this is added to the space used by the mods in the \gamedata directory that the RAM drive must hold. Is there a way to config CKAN to use a different location for it's downloads? (Either I'm blind or there isn't any way to do this from inside the program)