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  1. No, you open a github issue, you fix it or someone else does, and then you play. I play Kerbalism with over 60 mods. https://github.com/Kerbalism/Kerbalism/issues/461
  2. Yes, Kerbalism does universal background simulation, which inherently ends up stepping on a lot of toes.
  3. That's why I like Sigma Dimensions - the planets and parts are the same, so it doesn't break nearly as much stuff.
  4. I play with Probes Before Crew and Sigma Dimensions on 4x. My first big science spike is when I manage to land a tiny probe lander using the Ant engine on the Mun, sometimes before getting the seismometer. That usually gets me enough to unlock the seismometer and do it again, which gets even more. I usually land these on the Mun and Minmus around the same time that I do my first manned orbit, and then I start doing manned Mun flybys. Mun landing returns are very difficult on 4x scale, and manned is even harder, but it works. I play on around 150% science and funds due to the 4x scale, though.
  5. IIRC, you should be able to configure the Hitchhiker with a radiation treatment option.
  6. The R&D tab that shows experiments should tell you, I think. Experiments can often take longer than their normal time due to data transmission not keeping up, power loss, etc.
  7. Not sure about docs, but you can configure them on any probe core.
  8. For atmosphere, make a basic plane and let it fly level for a while. Or use a chute tuned to open at the max of 5km. Or ignore them and go for space.
  9. SO PRETTY Will the Vesuvius*? have similar stats to the Volcano?
  10. What KSP version, Kopernicus version, and Sigma Dimensions version?
  11. You need to edit GameData/Sigma/Dimensions/Settings.cfg, there is no GUI for it. Resize and Rescale should be 2.5, everything else leave it as is.
  12. But running out of EC is also deadly?
  13. In your toolbar, in flight or KSC, you should see a button with a heartbeat/EKG logo, as shown below. That shows a list of craft, you click the sat to expand, cfg tab, disable notifications for connection and electricity. If you do not have this button, then you do indeed have a problem with your install.