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  1. I've used Kerbalism with Sigma Dimensions on 4x and it seems fine to me.
  2. What about using a fuel switcher mod with normal tanks? Also, why use MP? I've always seen them be worse and more expensive than LF.
  3. Do you have a fuel cell? A fuel cell kicking in when power is low would explain a sudden loss of oxygen. No idea about the nitrogen, though.
  4. You could disable the life support features of Kerbalism to just get the science changes - but I don't know why you would.
  5. CTT only adds new tech tree nodes, it does not delete stock nodes or change their ID. So anything that works in stock will work in CTT, though they may be oddly bunched up.
  6. Ah, sorry. Kerbalism is packaged a bit differently, apparently. When you download Kerbalism and extract it, copy Kerbalism-2.1.1/Kerbalism/ to KSP/Gamedata/
  7. KSP mod installation is the same on all PC OS's. Copy the stuff inside Mod/Gamedata to KSP/Gamedata.
  8. There is a bug with MM 4.0. roll back to the latest 3.*
  9. Yes, that will work too. Btw I set CKAN to allow 1.5 mods and installed it fine.
  10. All kOS CPUs run at the same speed. You can actually adjust the speed in the settings, as it's more a matter of CPU usage than balance. The 0.625m part has half the storage of the 1.25m part, (5kb vs 10kb), but storage has never actually been a limitation for me, and you can just pay extra money to increase the storage anyway. So, since we are starting with 0.625m probe payloads, it probably makes sense for the 0.625m part to come first. Note that the Kodiak is only in Making History, which not everyone has.
  11. For low-tech ullage, I think sepratrons make more sense than RCS.
  12. Just started a new career. I notice that the LV-T15 Valiant from Missing History is after the LV-45 which is generally superior. I think it should probably be moved into Basic Rocketry.
  13. Kerbalism 2.1.1? Installed manually? Latest MM and CRP?