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  1. That texture quality is ... staggering. Amazing work!
  2. Slots allow you to store more different output samples - eg, space low, space high, etc. But sample mass, the input, remains constant.
  3. Part repair requirements are different per-part; some are any Kerbal, some are engineer, some are engineer of Level >= X. This should be displayed in the VAB info of the part, under the Reliability module.
  4. Did you install via CKAN? In order for Kerbalism to work, you need Module Manager and Community Resource Pack.
  5. Basically I need to be able to specify the build inputs as a set of URLs and matching hashes. I can then copy them into _build. The package definition itself can't include the downloads, just the metadata to fetch them. So unless there is a better way, I will have to run the build script, look at everything in _build/lib etc, and figure out the matching urls. Or I could give up and fetch the binary. Not sure about the rules on that. For reference, this is the current definition: https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/blob/69d58ee24506e2b3b5aff347ae3b0791110340ec/pkgs/games/ckan/default.nix
  6. Is there any way to build CKAN that doesn't involve running Cake to get all the dependencies automatically? I am attempting to update the NixOS package from 1.16.1 to 1.26.4, and the build sandbox does not have internet access. Normally Nix packages download their dependencies, hash them, and insert them into the build environment. But there are many dependencies pulled in by Cake, each of which presumably will have it's own updates to track. Is there at least a way to get Cake to dump the list of URLs needed, or something? Thanks.
  7. It does kill the Kerbal, the problem is that the kill doesn't seem to fail the mission.
  8. CKAN metadata is telling me that MM 4.0.3 works with up to KSP 1.7.90; 4.1.1 is the latest. Try updating MM?
  9. "Not working" how? Kerbalism does add part failure chance.
  10. Kerbalism supports the SSPX parts, using Kerbalism's life support system. https://github.com/Kerbalism/Kerbalism/wiki/Home-~-Mod-Support
  11. Really? Last I checked, if you don't have DBS or Kerbalism installed, Cryotanks don't have boiloff.
  12. DBS is a hard dependency of cryoengines, if you don't have Kerbalism installed. It handles the background processing of fuel boiloff. But if Kerbalism is installed, it does that itself.
  13. Looking at the CKAN metadata, it looks like v3.0.2-config2 is the top version, but only compatible with up to 1.7.99. So on 1.8.1 I got 3.1, but if you aren't, you'll get 3.0.2. Looks like the CKAN metadata needs fixing. However, you should be able to choose 3.1 from the versions list.