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  1. Yes, the 1-child policy turned out to be a huge mistake for China. Culturally so many people wanted sons that selective abortions and adoptions have drastically skewed the population to males. You would think maybe people would have realized that having daughters would have drastically upgraded their chances of having grandchildren, but it seems not many people thought that all the way through.
  2. I saw a post that said she was "a badass mathematician to the end, waiting until 101 so she would die in her prime".
  3. Maybe if you launched yourself high enough in a rocket you would hit the ceiling and discover you are the star of a reality TV show, like Jim Carey in The Truman Show.
  4. Maybe you are from Turkey, but everyone always told you it was Australia.
  5. I thought that seemed like a bad move. But Germany has made a huge push for solar power. When I was last there, a few years after they made that decision, I saw solar panels on the roofs of many, many private houses.
  6. The subject of the movie and book Hidden Figures, Johnson has died at the age of 101.
  7. It was so much more fun making jokes about this before I ended up home sick with a fever of 102 and coughing up who knows what from my lungs.
  8. The second chute definitely looked like it was fired out by a rocket or a pyrotechnic. He didn't activate it this time, which means either it didn't work or possibly he was unconscious. Since he fractured his spine the last time with two chutes, it already should have been clear that this was a weak point for his safety.
  9. Could be. But he explicitly referenced B9PartSwitch, so.... Near Future has been using B9PartSwitch for what, 3-4 years now? (I remember back before, when Chris first was using Interstellar's part switch.) Anyway, so many of the parts use the part switching functionality that it's hard to imagine using them without it.
  10. I expect he means what he says. From the other notes, it seems as if all panels now are switchable, trading off power per area v. mass. <moderator snip>
  11. I imagine it's like owning a yacht. If you can afford a small yacht, you can probably afford a big one. If you can afford one seat in a space capsule, you can probably afford the rest of them too, which would mean that at least the people you are sharing your bodily functions with wouldn't be strangers.
  12. Yup. Looks like a thermostat. The replacement part (or equiv.) should be less than $10 even at retail pricing.