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  1. I hear that powdered moon rock makes a great portal surface.
  2. More unintentionally ironic words have hardly ever been spoken.
  3. Not as much as you might think. F=MA is just a model of reality. It's a model that happens to explain things very well, however.
  4. If they need a boost, they can change this to Up x2 Down x2 Left Right Left Right B A Start
  5. ... unless the moon triggers earthquakes. Which is not impossible. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tidal_triggering_of_earthquakes
  6. Lost in the discussion about astronaut wings, Virgin fired Flight Test Director and SS2 pilot Mark Stucky. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/07/22/virgin-galactic-flight-test-director-mark-stucky-leaves-company.html
  7. I'm not sure where the "$2B+" number is coming from, but apparently last November the (previous) White House asked (the previous) Congress to remove a requirement that the mission must be launched on SLS. https://spacenews.com/white-house-asks-congress-to-remove-europa-clipper-sls-requirement/ In that article it says that SLS was the technically preferred launch vehicle because it would enable a direct (and much quicker) launch to Europa rather than relying on gravity assists, but the cost savings was pretty substantial. They also argued that the limited available number of SLS launches would be better used to launch Orion to the Moon.
  8. Depends. Maybe somebody there really wanted an excuse to kick Jeff Bezos in the face?
  9. I'm not sure what the government was doing getting involved in handing out "wings" to people on commercial flights anyway. Bunch of foolishness that we shouldn't be spending government money on.
  10. Never fails that someone presents an idea for change and other people attack it simply because it is change. What interests me here is how often people play KSP but want it to be something else. A prime example are the people who instantly add mods to make weapons, because what's a game without weapons? Or people who worry about "balance" and making the game "too easy" when it is basically (even in career mode) a sandbox game where there are no real measures of "winning". The most obvious inherent goal is to land on Mun and return, but most people accomplish this reasonably quickly. The second most obvious inherent goal is to research the entire tech tree, but in a stock game with the stock tech tree this can be accomplished entirely in the Kerbin orbital space. Going to Duna and coming back is a pretty obvious stretch goal. But there is nothing wrong with this "enthusiasm" idea. To me it actually sounds not perfect, but more promising than the current career mode. I'm guessing KSP2 devs have their own ideas for how to change KSP. Guess we'll see, eventually.
  11. Flight Readiness Review has been successfully completed.
  12. More to the point, has he ever noticed that the tides are related to the moon? That the biggest tides come when the moon is either full or "new"?
  13. After posting this I saw an article that suggested perhaps the heat from the still-molten Earth kept the near side of the moon molten while the far side solidified first. That might explain why the far side crust is much thicker than the near side.
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