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  1. I think comets in general would be nice.
  2. Cool. I don't know why, but the bolded text bothers me for some reason. I think I have an idea why, not sure though. Anyways, 1.3 or bust!
  3. HoloYolo

    What is the user above you known for?

    Pretty cool and stuff.
  4. HoloYolo

    Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    He's not here right now babe. @SpaceX now tho.
  5. HoloYolo

    Your avatar and your username

    Spice and Wolf+Dead Holo meme=me
  6. HoloYolo

    KSP Weekly: A short briefing

    Definetly more info with each passing one. Also, good luck comet hunting!
  7. HoloYolo

    Super Bowl discussion thread

    What is this anymore.
  8. HoloYolo

    Super Bowl discussion thread

    NO WAY
  9. HoloYolo

    Super Bowl discussion thread

    Lol git rekt nub
  10. HoloYolo

    KSP Weekly: Per aspera ad astra

    So just because we get free content every so often we should let Squad be silent and not tell us anything? What if they release a virus with the newest update? Since it's free we should just say "thank you" because it was free. I mean you can't just say "thank you" to everything. It may be polite but it's not telling anyone what's wrong with something or how us consumers feel.
  11. HoloYolo

    KSP Weekly: Per aspera ad astra

    Whatever appeals to the majority I guess.
  12. HoloYolo

    How famous are you?

    3/10 who?
  13. HoloYolo

    The Ctrl+V thread!

    first video in a series of a couple and a man sailing the world.
  14. HoloYolo

    KSP Weekly: Per aspera ad astra

    If it's the same thing over and over again then what is there to discuss?