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  1. Heinschmitt HS-116d STOL carrier and land based light bomber/torpedo plane. https://kerbalx.com/erasmusguy/Heinschmitt-HS-116d
  2. Heinschmitt HS-116c https://kerbalx.com/erasmusguy/Heinschmitt-HS-116 Heinschmitt HF-108 https://kerbalx.com/erasmusguy/Heinschmitt-HF-108
  3. Heinschmitt HF-108. Doesnt really fall into any contract though I guess. May be it was a pre-war fighter? https://kerbalx.com/erasmusguy/Heinschmitt-HF-108 for the craft file
  4. made it over 20km a while back. Going to upload the craft file to kerbalx eventually.
  5. Looks amazing and is 100% guaranteed to kill up to three lucky Kerbals. Performance is worlds apart from other SSTO's. Fly up to 1000m using the ships conventional engines and then activate the ships patented RasTech self-destruction and Kraken drive unit. Will leave the kerbin system from launch. *Please note. Current version will not leave Eve's surface in one piece. In fact none of the pieces will leave. https://kerbalx.com/erasmusguy/Prototype-Kraken-Drive-SSTO for the craft file. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/243407076 to see the SSTO in action.
  6. Work in progress B-24J. Currently has a max speed of 55m/s using 4 electric motors. The front and rear turrets are working. Working with Xenome to get her finished. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/242627685 to see landing.
  7. Thank you. I did one with the grey fairing bit hidden but it has an annoying jagged edge.
  8. Updated version I made for FAR. https://kerbalx.com/erasmusguy/FAR-j29f for the craft file should anyone want it.
  9. Don't think this has been done before so I've posted it here. Might be useful. A quick turboprop inspired by the krakentech engine the streamer Million_lights was working on. Im on holiday so I'm not going to work on this one for a while. https://kerbalx.com/erasmusguy/a-quick-kraken-powered-turbo-prop for the craft file to show the idea. The landing gear is slightly compressed by the structural wall and this spins the shaft.
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