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  1. Really wish more steam would have built behind returning to the gauntlet.

  2. Okay I have a grand Idea for an animation. I can do the final editing Just need someone to animate for me. I was listening to the song "How do you like me now" by Toby Keith and got this image in my head of Either Qrow singing it to Winter or Jaune singing it to Weiss. (For those non-RWBY nerds google Jaune Arc, Weiss Schnee, Winter Schnee, and Qrow Branwen) With Ruby and Yang playing guitar. No reason just because I thought it would be hilarious. either reply to the thread or message if you would be interested.
  3. True. btw a lot of the people on the reaction thread on reddit are floored because they killed arkos just as it had set sail. my point is that it technically was confirmed in Destiny. so confirmed, damaged, rebuilt, then shattered into a million pieces and the shards were used to stab us in the heart. (Oops poor choice of words lol)
  4. No. but she does have the power of the silver eyes which is apparently really awesome. I mean she froze a Dragon and the only repercussion is a headache.
  5. Their words, not mine. Guess you shouldn't follow this post then because spoilers are bound to appear
  6. Really? You came on a post about the anime Rwby and it's climactic ending of it's recent season just to go on about radishes?
  7. So yeah. the finale. this is a place for both hate and love for the finale whatever you think. this is not an open invitation to bash the show just events in the show by true followers.
  8. It's driving me crazy, Just had it fixed now it wants to crash on me and reset the fix. could someone finish the job for me? the UV might need a bit of clean up but other than that it's almost purely down to the lighting and rendering. Download Here:https://www.dropbox.com/s/6ed1d1amz2btcwl/PainInMyAss.zip?dl=0
  9. I've looked everywhere and I can't find where you add the camera or light, AAAAAAAARG! no one else seems to be having this problem
  10. k I have it how I want it, now how to I recreate the camera and light? I deleted them because they cluttered up my workspace.
  11. Yeah I tried but the uv map it provides is weird and I don't understand it. that and I'm a noob when it comes to 3d texturing so the whole thing is messing me up. I tried for ike 3 hours to figure this dang thing out.
  12. Some of you may know a few months ago I tried to start an animation for KSP. Everything went bad but I'm still faithful. I want this to happen so much I'm reaching out for help. I'll take all the help I can get from texture to modeling to music. Who's with me! original thread here:http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/103045-kerbal-space-program-the-jebidiah-kerman-story/#comment-1812238
  13. I'm creating a cover for a wattpad story which involves Honeydew's helmet from the yogscast with a single light on it. I've found the model I want to use but texturing it has been a pain in the butt. Can someone help me? if interested message me or post below and I'll email the document to you or send you a link to download it. thank you and stay awesome!
  14. I'm trying to use the charger cable that came with my ps4 controller to sync up with my pc controller, is there anything additional I need?
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