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  1. This is what its supposed to look like: Unless that functionality has since been removed, which I have seen zero indication of. UPDATE: The asteroid tool in the Buffalo rover pack works.
  2. I'm trying to use this with MKS. According to everything I've read, the stock Surface Scanning Module should detect the composition of asteroids, but it will not. I only have MKS (and its dependencies, like CRP) installed. I saw that this is an ancient and reoccurring bug, but have found no follow up on the issue. Does anyone know whats going on with this issue, and how to fix it?
  3. Tried again with only MKS installed, and still no luck. Any idea whats going on?
  4. Ok, updated to the newest version of everything. The problem still persists. Stuck to a 'roid with the standard Klaw. Had a surface scanner on board. Still no info about the resources it contains. I am using ART too, so it could be an update issue? idk.
  5. Can someone help me? I'm trying to scan an asteroid for resources. Everything i've read says the stock surface scanner should do it. But it doesn't. I saw somewhere that this is an ancient bug in CRP, but i can't seem to find any follow up on the issue. Any ideas on how to deal with this? This is on 1.3, btw.
  6. Hi! Haven't messed with this in a long time. Can someone tell me what the T-Start parameter in the part menu does?
  7. Thanks. I think most of my crafts should be safe. i'll keep that in mind though.
  8. Ok, that makes sense. Do you know how that interacts with the lethal options? Does this catch-up happen before checking to see if they should be dead? As it is now, they are turning into tourists, and then returning to work once everything is updated. Because of this, i'm worried they'll be killed in-the-background/immediately-on-load before the script updates and sees they should be alive.
  9. So, it looks like i'm not quite as as outdated as i thought. still on 1.3 Anyways, I have a bug. maybe? Life Support (EC mainly) and other stuff doesn't update in the background. For example, I sent some kerbals to Duna. they would regularly run out of electricity, despite having more than enough EC generation on board. once i switch to In Flight, everything would update, and the kerbals would return to work. Is there a way to make the Life Support Status thing update crafts that aren't in focus? Or should that be happening, and my stuff is broken?
  10. Good, i'm not crazy! i was playing around with this recently (still in 1.2.2) and got very bizarre results. it seemed like crossing soi's was part of the problem. i would suddenly gain Millions m/s of velocity. my orbit in map mode was literally a straight line out of the solar system, regardless of where in system i was. (the same thing happened at Moho, Eve, Dres, and Jool.) I'll try again in 1.3 and try to provide some slightly more quantitative results.
  11. I've been having the same problem with RoverDude's mods, as well. So, it seems to be any part mod that add categories.
  12. Hey, look! They already made an inflatable Jool:
  13. Nevermind, i think figured out the issue. I thought the configuration also changed the type of storage (Cultivator(D) would store dirt; (S), Substrate; as apposed to Agroponics' mulch storage). (I was looking at the inflatable Ag unit.) It would seem this is not the case.
  14. So, i'm having a weird problem. I just updated to the newest constellation. None of the Agriculture units will switch functionality in the VAB. The notification that it has changed appears, but the contents of the part(s) do not change from the initial agroponics configuration. the Kerbitats and other containers change the way they ought to. I've installed everything properly, to the best of my knowledge, so i don't think its a problem on my end. before I go declaring bugs, has anyone else noticed this?
  15. the first couple pictures remind me of the dreary gas station (Valley of Ashes) from The Great Gatsby. Wonderful!
  16. KIS / KAS are mods that allow EVA'd kerbals to manipulate parts in various ways. also, this lets you destroy parts via context menu. it would be tedious to clean up a station like that, but it won't require persistence file sorcery. it is a nice looking station, by the way.
  17. Do the Planets and moons have biomes, and therefore Ore (and other resources)?
  18. I don't mean to curse the forum with my bad joke; but after watching the 3.2 video, I must ask: Is TCA cheating? In all seriousness though, you're a madman, @allista. You made my favorite mod ever better.
  19. I don't either, i think. The KSP log just stops, and i can't seem to find any other report.
  20. I've been hit too, it seems. Only when scrapping parts in the VAB/SPH. Lot's of mods. Haven't had any problems with Stock Is KSP x32 single threaded? Or is Unity still doing multi-thread stuff in the background? If its the former, that would be an easy way to test if its a threading issue.
  21. I can't wait! In the mean time, i was looking at my ksp log and found this: i looked in that folder and found a file called TCA.glob should i change the extension? i don't know if its actually causing problems, just thought it was odd.
  22. Aw, that's very sad news, indeed. This is one of the greatest kerbal creations i've ever seen. I don't know about cargo bays (that doesn't mean they didn't change), but with the changes to wheels and legs, maybe one of the other vehicles on board is causing the problem. If you're lucky, maybe its just the save file, and reassembling it will go smoothly. If you're willing to share the craft files, i could poke around and try to narrow down the problem. Make Kidonia Great Again!
  23. Not necessarily. Coefficients of Friction already exist in the wheel modules (or somewhere, seeing as parts eventually stop moving on the surface). All a plugin (or bit of stock code) would have to do is change these values dynamically, based on some approximation of terrain, namely Biomes.