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  1. My new submersible base, Verne, undergoing trials. Here, a duo-kerb Limpet has docked underneath the bridge... Figuring out ballast limits and performing some pseudo-physics stress testing is underway at present.
  2. To stay stock, I'd suggest 1) using a claw instead of trying to match docks. This will give you more latitude. Also, if you're ambitious, 2) "top docking". If your miner has a Papa dock ("Senior" size) on its upper side, you can aim to land the transfer ship (also with an under side Papa dock) directly on top of your miner. Especially if your transfer ship has responsive enough RCS, with some practice, you should be able to accomplish this. If you find it very hard, you can start by landing as near as possible to the target and then return into a hover and maneuver carefully to the target.
  3. I have a "soft spot" for tail-draggers and you've made a very attractive airplane -- although Goliaths are always a massive challenge to deal with! Thank you for your inspiration.
  4. I took the liberty of building a (stretched) copy ("SplashBoom"): It does 571m/s @ 10.7km although I am still combating heat/dissipation. It lifts off by itself in the 40s and it is able to land/depart water, which is a really nice feature. Current radiator configuration drops performance to 556m/s @ 11km, so I think I'm going to have to shoot for a higher cruise altitude. OK, so 558.6 m/s @ 11.6km appears to be sustainable. (If it makes it to Baikerbanur... currently, all heat gauges constant. )
  5. Wonderful. Me too, which is probably why I don't know anything about KSP joystick support. Only a palliative, but if you have to use a keyboard, I heartily recommend Atmospheric Autopilot as it makes routine keyboard flying much more enjoyable. (I always take-off and land with it disengaged, though.) It offers some remarkable opportunities in the area of cruise climb control.
  6. Great information! This will be a joystick controller binding issue and there is a setup page on it -- but I am very unfamiliar with this area. Someone more expert than I will now chime in very shortly and assist you... Bon chance!
  7. any evidence (i.e. on different craft) that the joystick ever functions in a stick-forward direction? also, if you switch to keyboard, will this craft operate normally?
  8. Not a lot to go on. You've made a mistake in the SPH, though; that much is almost certainly true. All right, all right! Let's be constructive. (To get a more detailed answer, you'll need to supply some more detail about the problem. ) what kind of tail fin is it? where is it placed? is it vertically-orientated, horizontally or other? (screenshots are worth 1,000 posts.) does it move at all (e.g. take-off)? what are the tweak settings? (screenshot = nice) Authority Limit, Deployment Limit and all the checkbox settings for Pitch, Yaw, Roll...? is it Deployed or not at the time? are you actually using a physical joystick for control input? (rather than e.g. keyboard)
  9. Yeah, but in 1.11.2, when you bind a key to the single (ordinary) Harvest option shown, it fails at run-time because it's bound to the ordinary harvest and not the asteroid harvest. (In the ModuleResourceHarvester, this action is "ToggleResourceConverterAction".) I'm presently looking for a spelling for a CFE modification to fix this post hoc. If I find it, I'll report it here.
  10. OK, thinking about this... I think I may have seen the drills were running, the ore tanks were full and the asteroid mass was still dropping. But I probably still had the refiner running with available capacity for LF/OX. Which means some ore was still being consumed but instantly replaced. And this whole pipeline would have halted once the LF/OX tanks were full. And the whisky...
  11. The keywords being, 'more scientifically'. I am happy (and sorely embarrassed) to report that this is NOT a problem as of 1.11.2. We'll have to put this down to "too much whisky" being enjoyed in the cockpit. I tried this a) watching it fill up the tanks and stop consuming asteroid mass and b) letting it run, note the asteroid mass and then return to the Space Center, warp 6 hours forward and then return and notice that consumption had halted (while not being watched) with only a slight extra depletion (as expected). As a happy KSP user, I wish now to extend my gratitude and appreciation to Squad for fixing this bug so fast! It seems like only the other day that I reported it! Nice going, Squad. (Which just goes to prove that Squad thought this was a bug, too.)
  12. 1.11.2 This is easy for me to go recheck. (As someone suggested maybe it's just the real-time display and if you come back later, the asteroid isn't really getting depleted; not in 1.11.2). I do remember coming back to asteroids days/months/years later, a long while ago in much earlier versions and finding my whole asteroid was just about gone -- that's why I have this deep impression about it. Stay tuned. I'll try this more scientifically and report back here.
  13. If you leave drills running on an asteroid to supply ore to a long-running refinery operation to fill fuel tanks... ...and the drills are outpacing the refiner... ...you may find your asteroid has shrunk a lot in a disgracefully wasteful fashion. I think it's operating as intended but is a "bug" in gameplay. Fixing it wouldn't break anything either. As is, one must keep coming back to tend the operation by switching on the drills long enough to fill the tanks and then shut them down again. Conceptually, expensive/sophisticated mining equipment should automatically suspend/resume operation when there is no available tank capacity to store the product, like e.g. fuel cells do. Please vote! (Squad: please fix it!)
  14. this ^ (That raises an interesting inquiry regarding the two: in both, you are planning and building things in order to accomplish grand objectives. Fighting can be largely avoided, if one has a pacific nature.)
  15. (Hey, also, welcome to the forum. "Live long and post!")
  16. Found a possible use for asteroids finally... Real estate development:
  17. I grounded my Minmus Dandelion fleet when a new pod arrived with an SSM (Surface Scanner Module) upgrade. So I needed to land a Nerfjet to pick up the 9 crew...
  18. Someone once scoffed at my equipping an improved version of Zephyr with wings. I thought, "yeah, you know, those wings only weigh 1t all-up." That's one less ton of payload possible. So what? I have a range of boosters; just pick the next biggest size!
  19. Bologna was a "working title", probably originating because my VAB team are perennially taking snack breaks... I hadn't come up with a more "official" sounding name by publication time, so.... If you want to take a look at what is inside, here's the link: Bologna. Heck, fly it to space!
  20. 12 hours without a post...? "My turn!" Project Bologna (zona non fumatori)
  21. The answer is "yes". But the question and answer would be more helpful if you also described your intention/purpose. Otherwise we're shooting in the dark. ("As an aircraft designer, I want to achieve... so how do I construct... so as to...?") This craft controls deployment angle of control surfaces: Hot Dog 2. In this case, those surfaces are the whole "wing", with the wing "angle of incidence" controlled via "Deployment Angle", similar to the usage of control surfaces as flaps. (Can provide more information if this is an unfamiliar area.) In the SPH, you can "Remove from Symmetry" if you wish to have asymmetric/independent control of e.g. control surfaces. Then bind whatever keys you want to each. You still have the option to bind a single key to a pair of independent surfaces such that that key then operates both simultaneously/equally. (I don't recommend doing this, but I don't know what you're trying to achieve.) For bigger wings (usual parts, non-control surfaces and this is how I interpreted your question), you'd have to use Breaking Ground (DLC) servos. It gets complicated fast from there...
  22. Easily. Orbital speed is around 550 m/s. You will need more than that, but not double. Or, see this: cheat sheet (scroll down to "Kerbal Space Program dV Map"), it says 580 m/s with an excellent ascent.
  23. Right. The Prospector had crew but the crew lines were deleted. The M700 Surveyor, for another example, was only a probe. Neither worked. I thought I had restart because the engines responded, but still no SAS. So, no cigar. What I've done instead is thrown in the towel and simply moved a replacement vehicle into position a few meters away. Now transferring crew and refueling from the ORB miner (pictured above). I'll destroy the dud and then Carry On Dauntless, as we say in the Space Force. (I do have to check it wasn't something to do with GUIDs somehow...)
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