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  1. Well, that conclusion came out of nowhere My point is that having a lot of people who care about KSP in a single location makes that location an attractive place to post news. I'm also of the opinion that tarring tens of thousands of people with the same brush is pretty... excessive. No need to refute points I didn't make.
  2. Let me just add that the subreddit's subscriber count likely far surpasses the forum population. If you want the most people to know about it the soonest, well, there you are. I also heavily disagree with your characterization of the place (as would the 130,000 people there), but different strokes for different folks.
  3. When I start the game (OSX), the loading bar fails to appear and the game remains stuck at 'Loading Asset Bundle Definitions' indefinitely. Anyone else having a similar issue?
  4. What 3rd-party tools do y'all make use of? IRC, Slack, etc.
  5. I was at Hawthorne all day yesterday, plenty of DSLR shots. Highlights - Imgur Everything - Flickr
  6. In an alternate universe, it might have been the Poodle. But that hideous cartoon of a model puts me off from it. For my favorite(s) I'll go with two often underrated engines: the Skipper and the Dawn. The Skipper is a great sustainer engine, and a good alternative to the Mainsail when you don't need quite that much thrust. It functions reasonably well as a moderately efficient heavy upper stage engine. The Dawn is useful for high-mass ships too, if you know what you're doing. Nukes are useful, but when you need a fully reusable cargo tug for Moho not much else will do. Also, that be
  7. Porkjet's been redoing the rocket parts for the 1.2 update, so the topic's moot.
  8. Fixed - I accidentally included the one on the Mun.
  9. Moho is heavily underrated. Pros: Solar power is awesome out there - ion engines are truly viable, ISRU refineries are easy to provide power for. Being so close to Kerbol makes for a great (and somewhat terrifying) view. You can almost see the sunspots! The terrain is awesome for rovers - smooth and level in the craters, bumpy and jumpy crags everywhere else. Easy to land on - fairly low gravity without an atmosphere to complicate things. The smooth crater basins help. Moho's low rotation means the planet doesn't move under you much when landing- invaluable
  10. @pTrevTrevs He's not been on in 2 months. Feel free to start a new one IMO, I'm happy to contribute some stuff to kick it off.
  11. Well, here's my all-stock inner-planet crew transport. Plenty of margin for a Moho round trip without refueling, a respectable part count of 199, and fairly stylish for the parts we're given to make these xenon behemoths work.
  12. @SingABrightSong @MadRocketScientist I'll agree with both of you - it's a useful thread that really needs a successor to sticky. I might say the same for the Aesthetic Tips thread too.
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