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  1. any chance this could be updated for latest version of ksp i do not know how to update
  2. thank you I really like this
  3. I would love for this to be updated to the latest version as it does not work
  4. I had the luck of a game update from steam that said I needed to update the game at the time I went and lost Internet access clicking on the exe said there was a problem and would not start the game
  5. I went through a time when I had no Internet if that happens again steam sometimes will not allow me to play any game originally I purchased ksp before steam then I later purchased the steam version for convenience of access to the game. so if I lose Internet again I still want to be able to use the add on. that is why I asked is it going to be one add on for both or is it a separate program ?
  6. I have a question I own the none steam version of the game and the steam version of the game do I have to purchase 2 copies of making history one steam and the other none steam version ??
  7. what is the name of the science notifcation that scott used
  8. is this set up for the latest version of ksp, if so what files do i need to download to make this work
  9. any chance that this can get updated to latest version 1.2
  10. I have never had that happen before thanks for the info
  11. ok I dont know if I have something installed wrong but I took a trip to the moon, as soon as I was away from earth a little bit i circle around to look at the earth it looks like a black disk that you cant see through. it will cover the planet earth the more you circle your ship. as I get closer to the moon the same thing happens except when the ship is facing the moon the view is blocked from the front of the ship by the same disk shaped thing.
  12. I have the same issue no clouds at all show up
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