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  1. Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

    As the passenger ship, carrying one thousand passengers brakes into orbit around Jool, the elongated shadow of Vall is cast upon the green gas giant.
  2. Weather Chat Megathread

    And that might not even be true, since many tropical storms were not observed back then. Wow! Hurricane Lee looks really good—it's convection isn't too high, but by appearance it's quite the sight.
  3. Weather Chat Megathread

    It might not at all from now on—while it might get quite close the North Carolina, it probably won't make landfall.
  4. Weather Chat Megathread

    Aside from Maria, which remains a dangerous major hurricane, Jose's long existence has finally ended, with the storm becoming extratropical. The storm could be upgraded to a category 5 in the post-season analysis. Itty-bitty tropical depression Lee has regenerated once again in the Central Atlantic, far from land for once. I'm a little surprised the NHC didn't call it Nate. There's a region in the EPAC with a high chance to form, but the proximity to land might limit it from it becoming a strong storm, but I don't really know.
  5. Sorry about the lack of progress with the next chapter—school work made me a bit busy this week. I'm currently testing a variant of the passenger ship with the VISTA engine, to see if it performs better. After that, I will test the ship by sending out to different planets, other applications for the ship, so on. Once complete, I will give the ship a proper thread of it's own for downloading.
  6. Weather Chat Megathread

    It does say that the mean wind in the lowest 150 meters is 158 its, which is also really high. In any case, the NHC chose not to base their advisory on this reading.
  7. Weather Chat Megathread

    Um... What?!?! 168 kts=~193 MPH... (If true, Maria is the strongest storm in the atlantic ever)... Edit: Keep in mind this is a Dropsonde, which is more reliable than the SFMR instruments that get rain-contaminated a lot.
  8. Weather Chat Megathread

    Now upgraded to 909 millibars and 175 mph winds—10th place for lowest pressure in the Atlantic basin, kicking Ivan and "Cuba" off the list.
  9. What did you do in KSP today?

    Testing my fusion passenger ship, with a Kerbin-Jool run.
  10. Show off your drawings!

  11. Weather Chat Megathread

    The Hurricane Hunters have flown through the pinhole eye of Hurricane Maria, and what they've found is a monster category 5 hurricane with a pressure of 925 mb... Not since 2007 have two category 5 hurricanes occurred in the same season. Raw Dvorak intensity estimates have put the storm at 7.4—an absolute monster. Edit: And we posted the same thing at the same time! D'oh! Edit 2: And it is official—the NHC has nailed Maria down as a 160 MPH storm at 929 mb. The storm is about to strike Dominica, which is likely still recovering from Erika in 2015—not since David of 1979 has such a powerful storm struck them.
  12. Real Size Dalek Replicas

    It looks like a dustbin with a whisk, so this most certainly counts!
  13. Weather Chat Megathread

    Yikes! Maria is now just shy of category 3 status with a pressure of 967 mb. The HWRF has a category 4 passing east of PR. I'm not sure what's with the ECMWF—it seems to have initialized at way too high a pressure, but even it forecasts a lot of strengthening, that's for sure. No visible eye on satellite, but it shows up distinctly on radar. Jose looks like it is transitioning to an extratropical cyclone, but that doesn't mean it won't create a lot of wind.
  14. Weather Chat Megathread

    Norma has weakened, and is turning away from Baja California. Jose maintains 90 MPH winds, and while it looks like it'll stay mostly offshore, it does have a considerable wind field. Lee... Is practically nonexistent. Otis is officially a Major—a real shock considering the storm had finally become a tropical storm yesterday after 5 days of being a tropical depression. Coincidentally, I was hoping for a nice "fish storm" in the EPAC, instead of a dangerous Atlantic storm... Unfortunately, only half of that wish was filled, because... Maria continues to strengthen, with a powerful core of very cold clouds, and it is almost certainly undergoing rapid intensification. A category 4 over Puerto Rico is likely, and considering the fact that Irma missed Puerto Rico, yet power outages from that storm are still being repaired, this is even more concerning than it already would've been.
  15. Nice report! The effort really shows, though you did get the Isp thing mixed up in the engine section. I quite enjoyed the crew member files.