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  1. Has there been any news or new information about the solar panels that will be used on the Starship? To my knowledge, aside from an appearance in the DearMoon video, there has been very little about them, not even estimates of power output.
  2. Hello everyone, 

    I realize I've had quite the absence from the forum recently. Long story short, writing the Kerbin Escape is far too much effort with my levels of procrastination, homework, and extracurriculars, and since I don't really post on threads with the exception of my own works and a small selection of others, I just don't have much to comment on. I'll lurk around the forums as I always have, just not in the capacity I have before.

  3. For how long its been overland already, it's shocking that it hasn't weakened more—after 3 hours, winds are still at 125 mph, and the pressure has only increased to 932 millibars. Georgia is going to feel impacts from a major hurricane.
  4. @ProtoJeb21 Major Hurricane Michael has continued to be a shock—while the storm seemed to have an open eyewall earlier, it has closed off with an impressive amount of convection. -80C cloud tops are usually only seen in the West Pacific, but Michael is the exception. Now that the storm's eye is beginning to clear out, the storm might have yet another round of strengthening...
  5. I'm back! Hurricane Sergio might have weakened from its stint as a major hurricane, but at the same time, it has undergone a rather spectacular transition into an annular hurricane, doubling the size of its hurricane force wind field. The upcoming u-turn will also be quite interesting to watch, as it heads towards the Mexican coast. With the ACE of the EPAC/CPAC basin at 286, only one more unit has to be created before it surpasses 2015 in terms of ACE, placing it in a close 2nd behind 1992. Leslie, wherever it ends up going, will be a strange storm—either it will affect the Canary
  6. SECO 1, Icesat-2 is now in orbit! (Still one burn to go until it is released).
  7. Why are Delta II first stages painted teal? I've always noticed how this color is pretty much unique for a rocket.
  8. Mangkhut is an extremely powerful storm that still has the potential to strengthen, but I don't think it would strengthen like the HWRF predicts... Is 833 mb even physically possible under current circumstances? Edit: I should mention, this model run also had 307 mph winds at the 850 mb level...
  9. Thank you! My limited understanding is that magnetic confinement wouldn't get used on a gas core engine—in the designs for such engines (Engine List from Atomic Rockets) , they are depicted with regular nozzles. The part is from KSP-Interstellar Extended. If I recall correctly, it is some sort of ISRU processing plant—presumably something that Duna would want to import in the early era of colonization, which is why this ship is depicted as carrying it.
  10. 10,000 O'Neill cylinder pairs? I can relocate the entire population of Earth to cylinders in every stable orbit in the solar system and beyond! If I ignore the issue of lifting that many people into space...
  11. Space battles without mods like BDArmory are doable, they just wouldn't be particularly realistic without some unique in-game justification. Simulating the weapons are going to be the biggest problem—there isn't really a way for laser combat to happen, and combat with railguns or anything of that sort would probably be impractical—even if a projectile can get launched from a barrel, reloading would be a complicated process, and I'm not sure the accuracy would be good enough. Missile combat can certainly happen, the trouble would be with controlling multiple missiles at once, which would happen
  12. @ProtoJeb21 Great work! I don't think I can write in much detail, but I will try: PACIFIC CYCLONES Note the cold wake left by Super Typhoon Jebi. POST-TROPICAL CYCLONE NORMAN After an 11 day trek that involved three rounds of rapid intensification into a major hurricane followed by weakening, Norman has finally abated—under cooler SSTs and high wind shear, the storm's convection has been ripped away from the center of circulation, and the storm is down to winds of 50 mph. With the storm heading north and thus directly away from Hawaii, there is no threat to l
  13. The launch of one Extremely Overwhelmingly Large Rocket (EOLR) was met with great excitement.
  14. @ProtoJeb21 The apparent eyeball has collapsed for the time being.
  15. Here is the view from the Key West NWS radar (as of 13:33 EDT). Tropical Storm Gordon appears to be forming an eyewall. While it isn't speeding along like Hurricane Nate, it is a good thing the storm is moving fairly quickly at 16 MPH—it would otherwise spend a disturbing amount of time over very warm water at a slower speed.
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