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  1. Planning on turning this into a 3D printable model similar to the "Barnstormer" cropduster. KTP-715 Falcon (whoops, forgot to remove the RAF stripes from the tail when i changed the roundels to US ones) Wanted to create something in style of the Super Constellation and the DC-6. It's part of the same family of protected transport planes as the Raven, and was actually created around a modified version of it's custom cockpit. This particular aircraft has been outfitted as a navy Airborne Early Warning aircraft. Im putting this here, as i don't know if im gonna be properly releasing this one.
  2. Ok, these new brakes are pretty insane!! On an other note, tought it'd be a fun idea to make a special version of the SeaFortress with prewar US navy colors.
  3. Thanks . I'll definitely take some footage during the actual race. Oh, and it's 18 wheeler no more. Decided to make it even more ridiculous with the addition of a 4-axle fuel-trailer. To be honest, i actually have a feeling i will need that extra fuel.
  4. Finally, time for a proper update on this project . During all this time i have gotten hands on a few new models that will make an appearance, and with the acquiring of my own 3D printer last December i opened up a whole load of new possibilities/ideas. The overall plan is still the same, but there a few additions to it now. First tough, let's get the interesting bit out of the way, the staff for the base and the Leopold. The guys on the lower left corner came with the Leopold (only used 50% of the ones that came with it). The ones on the middle and the upper left corner are from the German engineers set (used about 70% of the figures on the set) And the ones on the right are from the Afrikakorps set (used about 35% of the figures that came with that set). I decided not to use any of the Airfix figures as they are a bit crusty compared to the others. It was a solid 10 or so hours of painting. the total amount of figures painted on that one go was i think 52. Tough im pretty sure not all of them are gonna get used. The minelayers/sweepers/goliath operators where made more because i really liked them. I did have the idea of placing a small mine field on the end of the road...but...my plan was also to place some tanks and soldiers on it (as if they where going to the front lines). And here is all the new stuff. There are the battlefield buildings/accessories i was waiting to arrive at the time, the Panther D that i may or may not use, a Tiger II to go with the Panther, a V2 rocket and a couple 3D printed Famo's for our engineers. I did 3D print some other vehicles as well, but i don't feel like using them, as they do tend to stick out. Plus i feel like it would have overcrowded the diorama. Like this Opel blitz for example (rescaled from 1/200) The Famo models will replace the Sdkfz.6 as it's kinda starting to fall apart, and it doesn't really fit the theme of the diorama. The Panther and the Tiger II will be placed on the road with some soldiers (yes, the Sturer Emil is out). The V-2 rocket (if im gonna use it in the end) will likely be placed on a rail-car witch i will likely 3D design/print myself (will likely replace the HO stuff with custom stuff) Here's a small list of all the stuff that i plan on 3D-printing: Famo with crane, and Famo with spade (already printed). I wanted to give my engineers some engineering vehicles, as i wanted the base to have a sort of still needs some finishing touches kinda feel where some stuff is still under construction (still digging a gun-pit for one of the PAK 40's, in the progress of setting up the radio mast...that sort of stuff) Stone fences. The Italeri one's wouldn't have been nearly enough, plus i kinda messed up the paint job on em. Plus, i feel stone one's will fit better overall. AA gun pit. Feel like i need to print one of those concrete dugouts/nests for my 88mm Flak gun. Custom rail-cars. Really feel like i should take the time and create the perfect 1/72 rolling stock for this diorama instead of using stuff from my model-railroad. Ruined buildings. Decided i wanted to add an "extra layer" to the diorama in the for a row of destroyed buildings across the road. One of the ruined buildings is a possible place for one of the AT-guns. One idea that i also had, witch i decided to drop as i taught it was a bit much and didn't really make sense. That was the idea of printing a concrete AT bunker to protect the base. And that's about it for this first update on the project. As far as the models themselves go, im pretty happy with the selection i got, and feel that the acquiring phase is complete and now it's just a matter of printing/completing the models i have acquired after witch comes the making of the base for the diorama. I don't plan on gluing any of the models to the base as i still want the option of using them elsewhere, and it helps storage, as i can just remove the models and then put the base up against the wall, witch in this case is pretty important as the base WILL be the size of a small table. Expect another update soon.
  5. Oh boy oh boy, another Dakar race . Feel like taking things to the next level this time with something a little more ridiculous since their doesn't seem to be a need to airlift things to the starting point this time. For an 18 (actually 36 plus a few landing-gears) wheel mobile HQ it's quite capable. Still needs a few tweaks tough. Racing in this one will be a little more slow and steady. I drove at around 25-30m/s during that test drive (had the thrust at maby 5%), but i think i can propably drive a bit faster without things exploding. The idea was to really only use the jet-engines to help it climb hills, turns out i may have over done it. With a couple more engines i would have reached the very top of that mountain... ...i tried to get up by angling myself a little better...turn's out it wasn't such a good idea when your on a 50 or something degree slope. I don't know what it is about me and wanting to do these Dakar races at night, but here we are again, driving up a mountain in a huge truck in the dead of night...not something you see or hear everyday.
  6. Haven't really had a good chance yet since large ships and submarines require so much thrust (the small sub has a dozen Wheesley's) (was thinking of adding some for decoration, but was afraid they would block the thrust of the rear engines). But, if and when i do some small torpedo boat's or gunboat's, i'll definitely have to give them a go.
  7. Finally got some more time again to continue the navy project. With the addition of new stuff, i taught id bring back something i was supposed to release ages ago. K-class submarine "Barracuda" It's more or less based on a small British submarine, so should fit the bill nice enough. And here's something new as-well KTB-Spearfish
  8. Yep, i have indeed. Example: I personally don't like em as much. The lack of engine-sounds being the number-one reason. Somehow i don't think that even the BG engines would have helped, since i had 4 TU-96 engines and 8 panthers on afterburners at one point, and even that wasn't enough. Even now it actually has 8 of the B-29 engines on it, and they can only get it going like 18 m/s on water. But, it's a good suggestion, and it did give me an idea. EDIT: My idea was that i should try and shed some weight and add a little more lift to the Shetland to try and get it to take-off from water without rocket-engines. I removed most of the structural fuselages from the roof and replaced them with wings instead. I also added a small second layer to the main wings and removed some of the fuel from the underside of the fuselage to try and add a bit of extra boyuancy. And voila, the thing takes-off with the help of only 4 Panther engines.
  9. Yep, it is indeed NEBULA decals. Camouflage eh, i think we can arrange that. Some lovely little home fleet camouflage for our Spitfire.
  10. Thanks . No matter how much i do this, it never gets any easier, but i guess that's what makes these so rewarding when it all works out...well, 90% anyways. The missing 10% being the fact that i unfortunately had to use shuttle engines to enable taking off from water, witch is never great. I tried to get the thing to take-off using conventional means, but when 8 panthers with afterburners wasn't enough, i decided it was time to change strategy. The shuttle engines have enough fuel for 3 take-offs from water, witch is pretty decent i suppose. I knew i had to build one of the two, the Sunderland or the Shetland, i decide to go for the more interesting and obscure option this time. And i have to say, i think i nailed the looks pretty well without using too many parts. It still has a bigger part-count than the Seafortress for instance, but it's really not that much (271 and 301). For this project, i want to have more or less standardized part-count ranges on all the different types of ships and aircraft, for instance: i've tried to keep the part-count on all my fighters under 100 and with my cruisers i've tried to keep the part-count at around 300-400.
  11. Just completed what is propably my favorite ship in a long time. A fictional modernized version of the HMS Neptune, a British light-cruiser concept that never materialized. After i had tested the ship and was flying around in my Spitfire i noticed something quite amazing During the test i fired off a couple salvos at the KSC from about 18km away and somehow managed to hit and destroy the VAB . Things have finally calmed down and i can finally start thinking about releasing some stuff again. My plan is to brake down the giant naval aircraft pack into smaller packs, that will include all the aircraft of a specific nation, and a few ships of that nation as-well. I also plan on creating an entirely new post for this stuff, one where i can focus on WWII replica stuff (got something much much bigger in mind that needs LOTS of WWII navy stuff) and one where i can finally release the tutorial videos and stuff like that at the start of the project, not years after. As you can probably guess, the first pack will be the Royal Navy pack. I still have a couple more ships that need to be built (Battle class destroyer and some aircraft carrier), and 4 more naval aircraft. Next ill propably do a pack with some German stuff on it.
  12. Its been a while, but it's slowly coming together. Latest progress includes: rudder, elevators and modified/improved paintjob.
  13. Thanks for the info, was curious to know the age of the thing. I feel im gonna keep this one just as is. My Bachmann track could use some expanding tough, as running that big Greyhound steam engine on a tiny oval is a little ridiculous. It cost me 80.00 euros.