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  1. Kerbalism has food, water and waste, nitrogen for maintaining atmosphere and all sorts. It's actually a lot more in depth than I ever imagined. I guess it all comes down to personal preference I'm really enjoying Kerbalism though.
  2. I came here to ask the same thing. I'm being stupid. If you go to one of your commsats with a low gain antenna you can set it to act as a relay. I don't know if I just missed that part or if I have screwed something up along the way but now my networks seem to be working @N70 Thank you for picking the development of this mod up. I have thousands of hours of experience with all sorts of difficulty mods and so far this is probably the most fun I've had. I really look forward to taking my current career further. I've only been using this since KSP 1.4.1 but the changes you have imple
  3. I had that problem too, tried everything I could think of and nearly asked during on of RD's live streams... I had one last look and if you right click on a port you will see 'snap' which is on by default. You can turn that off and it will dock. I guess it's a feature so you can build whatever you want, line up all the docking ports and don't need to worry about manually lining up. I was just too stupid to notice
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