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  1. This is just a wild guess - but could it have something to do with FAR's voxel system, causing the aerodynamic mesh to end up not being perfectly spherical? Sort of like if you tried to approximate the shape of a sphere as close as you could with perfect cubes, there would probably be some variation. Again, this is just a shot in the dark.
  2. Hello, I have a brief question. I use CKAN and have an addon version checker, and although CKAN regards editor extensions redux to be compatible with KSP 1.3 in the list of mods, and I've installed it, when the game loads it doesn't show up in the add on list, and also there is absolutely no sign of it in the SPH or VAB. Does anyone know what the problem could be? Thanks in advance
  3. Ok, hadn't seen this before so I'll try it. Thanks guys.
  4. Hello programming folks, my deepest respect and admiration to you for having figured out how to mod KSP. If I could get past all the confusion I have following tutorials, I would make my own but I'm very far from that. I would just about pay someone 100 bucks a month to tutor me. That said, I have a request for a mod that I think would have a tremendous amount of benefit to development time ratio. In other words, I think it'd be easy to implement and help a lot of people, myself included. I would very much love to have a way to drive a rover into the back of a cargo plane's mk3 ca
  5. Being a gun / exterior ballistics aficionado, I am fascinated by this. Could you perhaps use the flea to launch a projectile that used aerodynamically induced spin stabilization via slightly angled fins? edit: Hmm.. well, I suppose that it might be just as (if not more) effective to have the projectile be stabilized by straight fins in a normal arrow fashion..
  6. Well done :). Yeah bombing without reticles and no FAR has me on the sidelines these days. Kudos for the manual run.
  7. To answer your question, yes. I'd guess it may be carrier launched or perhaps a boat plane of sorts? In any case, that should be perfectly fair in competition terms since it's technically further from the target. And thanks, glad you enjoy the challenge.
  8. I don't mind, go ahead Once bomb reticles are eventually fixed I plan to make a submission also. Edit: sorry for quoting you Deathpuff12, I have this strange artifacting glitch with my android phone with this browser and it occasionally forces old quotes in and won't even let me delete them in an edit.
  9. I didn't know adding it in would drastically draw out updates. I thought maybe if the code got properly factored in then the updates to FAR could be a little more streamlined/dynamic. But what do I know, I'm not a dev :P. Plus, it might actually be nice to have a collection of mods be persistent for a while as opposed to constantly falling behind updates.
  10. No prob, I don't claim to know how money works specifically with Squad employment. I just think that ferram4's work is nice enough to warrant something more than donations, but you could go so far as to say "MunGazer you are absolutely ignorant about how money works in this world, and you have no business talking about it". Aight, no prob. I just think it'd be great if we had a button in settings "switch to FAR" lol
  11. I think it'd be cool if Squad came to ferram4, and said hey man, we really like your work, and we want to collaborate with you. Tell you what, we will actually make you a part of our team (if you'd like) and pay you a reasonable amount of money if you work with us to add your aerodynamics to our game, thereby increasing the replay value and opening it to a wider player audience, because we've seen how much people like your mod. There will be no obligations to you, and if you should not be available for work on any given future update, we will simply upgrade the code for compatibility and not
  12. Lol, interesting plane, it kind of has a 5th generation look to it in addition to the forward swept wings. Also I guess this goes to show that drag isn't much of an issue for bd armory external ordnance stores Great creative writing! I had plenty of fun reading that before I even looked at the album. Lots of mil spec lingo going on there. Thanks for your entry
  13. Another thing worth noting is that there seems to be varying draw distances for the target craft in the targeting pod display; by default BD Armory settings it appears to be about 4,000 meters. However, I increased my max physics distance and that seemed to make it go up to 6,500 meters or so. Maxing out the draw distance in whatever way you can should help with enlarging time windows for weapon targeting and employment during ingress to the target.
  14. If you can manage to destroy the target before your plane gets more than 25 kilometers away, yes that's fine. You also can't land the plane prior to target destruction. You could even put the plane in an autopilot induced orbit overhead while you did ground work in your paradropped tank if you'd like.
  15. I loved the usage of multi-vessel gps target data linking, that's so cool. I've wanted to do similar data link operations with a spotter aircraft + surface to surface missiles before or helicopter hunter/killer teams, but this is a cool approach to it with the paradropped targeting probe. Insane bomb payload. Very nice IVA. Had me wondering what mods allowed such a nice IVA? Is that raster prop monitor, or just from a part mod with a cockpit that has a really nice IVA built into it?
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