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  1. Hey JPL, thanks for getting back to me. I've found the issue in V1.5.8.0 and fixed it: File: AYProcessPartModules.cs Line 2504: WAS: ScanSatWrapper.SCANsat tmpSs = new ScanSatWrapper.SCANsat(currentPart); IS: ScanSatWrapper.SCANsat tmpSs = new ScanSatWrapper.SCANsat(module); Line 2737: As above. I've done a bit of basic testing and this seems to correct the method fail issue but it introduces a new issue: As soon as tmpSs.stopScan() gets called, tmpSs.startScan() is immediately called. I suppose one of the checks in the switch case isn't being changed correctly. EDIT: After further testing, it seems that this only becomes an issue if your craft produces less EC than it generates while in full sun. Probably not worth fixing, but just a heads up. Cheers
  2. EDIT: I can confirm that I am having the same issue with KSP version 1.10.1 running AmpYear version 1.5.8 and SCANsat version 20.4. I have wiped my folder and manually reinstalled both mods and even tried down-versioning SCANSat to V19 and I still get the exact same error. This makes me think there's an issue with my environment. I have updated the below Dropbox link with logs running the latest version of KSP and this mod. Hi @JPLRepo, long time fan and I know you don't provide support for old versions, but was wondering if you could point me in the right direction for fixing a similar issue as @SoRobby. No SCANsat satellites shut down when emergency procedures activate. My in-game image is virtually identical to @SoRobby's first image. I have also trimmed my mod list down to just AmpYear, SCANsat and my personal MM config that only effects Connected Living Space if installed. I understand if you're not willing to help out with this, but thank you in advance if you choose to KSP Version: 1.8.1 AmpYear Version: 1.5.6 (Manually installed) SCANsat Version: 1.20.4 (Manually installed) Module Manager Version: 4.1.4 (CKAN installed) Dropbox to KSP.log and Player.log -> KSP AmpYear Debug Logs Relevant Info From Logs KSP.log, lines 5770 - 5771 [LOG 21:23:08.112] 11/17/2020 9:23:08 PM,AmpYear-ScanSatWrapper,Invoke stopScan Method failed: Object of type 'Part' doesn't match target type 'SCANsat.SCAN_PartModules.SCANsat' [LOG 21:23:08.113] 11/17/2020 9:23:08 PM,AmpYear,Turning off SCANsat Player.log, lines 19491 - 19497 11/17/2020 9:23:08 PM,AmpYear-ScanSatWrapper,Invoke stopScan Method failed: Object of type 'Part' doesn't match target type 'SCANsat.SCAN_PartModules.SCANsat' (Filename: C:\buildslave\unity\build\Runtime/Export/Debug/Debug.bindings.h Line: 35) 11/17/2020 9:23:08 PM,AmpYear,Turning off SCANsat (Filename: C:\buildslave\unity\build\Runtime/Export/Debug/Debug.bindings.h Line: 35)
  3. This is an issue with CC itself, other users have reported similar issues on different contract pages. Sorry about that :\ Minor Update Fixed issue with contracts failing (thanks WakabaGyaru) Fixed issue with station/base population contract (thanks Volt) Hey guys, I'm finally back. I've uploaded a quick hotfix, thanks to @WakabaGyaru and @Volt. Let me know if you're having any other issues!
  4. Sorry it's causing you grief. I'll take a look at it when I get back from my holiday in a couple of days. The immediate contract is a quick fix and I might change the other requirement to "crew with between 1 and 4". As for the highest sensible crew capacity being three, I disagree. I usually try to RP and have multiple of each class of Kerbal on board to take shifts doing work. Even the green space frogs need downtime That and if you're using Station Science, crewing a Station Science Laboratory with 4 scientists will make your experiments complete significantly faster than just having a single scientist. This pack was originally created with that mod in mind and I don't plan on deviating from that design choice.
  5. Sorry all, I've been on overseas on vacation for the past two weeks, I probably should have updated the OP to let people know. I'll be back in a couple of days and I'll get working on fixing things ASAP. As an aside, if you're upgrading from any version prior to 6.7, you must delete the folder in \ContractPacks and install it fresh. I changed the folder structure to make things easier for me as I continue working on things. Thanks for your patience everyone Sorry, not sure about that, I don't use RSS. I'll have a look into it when I get home, the contract pack doesn't have any planet names hardcoded in from memory (although there are one or two exceptions due to orbit heights, can't remember exactly which ones though) Edit: @Gordon Dry I see that Nightingale believes that this an issue with CC. Let me know if you're still having this issue after an update is released and I'll see if there's a problem with the contract.
  6. Hullo, just plugging the mod I recently took over: I've just finished adding support for all Station Science modules, enjoy
  7. FRESH OFF THE GRILL Update Full Station Science support: Contracts added for all Station Science modules Station progression has been reworked, it's now possible to build the space station earlier in your career and the science lab has been made optional. You will be rewarded a bonus for launching with a lab of some type, but if you don't, a contract will be generated which will give you slightly lower overall funds for taking the easy way out Reworked and re-balanced contracts: the 'Perform Science Docked With' contract has been completely reworked to be far more useful. Every 15 days there is the chance for a contract to generate asking you to perform an experiment you have already completed while docked with any of your space stations. You will be rewarded with 1.5x the science you originally got from that experiment in that situation (i.e. temp in LKO gives 8, you will now be rewarded with an additional 12). The cost of this contract is $1,000/per ORIGINAL point - $5,000:$10,000. Therefore, running temperature while docked to your station will cost you ~$13,000 to $18,000 + cost of getting your ship to orbit and back. Nobody said that doing science was cheap! It should be compatible with all mods that add science parts. Several contracts have had their monetary rewards balanced General consistency fixes in descriptions and titles Get it while it's hot, kids: https://github.com/LemonSkin/KerbinSpaceStation/releases/tag/
  8. Yeah, you're right. I'll push through a fix asap EDIT: File has been fixed and uploaded
  9. - PRERELEASE PRELEASE BUILD KSS can now be launched earlier in career -> Total reward slightly reduced, science lab made optional, reward given for launching with it KSS required to orbit for 2 days as a life support precaution. USI Lifesupport users will be required to bring Supplies to counter the Starving state If the user did not launch with a science lab, an additional contract will be generated to add this to the station. Supports stock, Station Science and Kerbalism (untested, I don't use this mod but I have tried to preserve compatibility) Station Science users can now be paid to take modules to their space stations. Currently only the zoology bay is implemented, but I have plan to release the other modules for the full release The Perform Science contract has been completely reworked. Now only contracts for experiments that have been completed will generate (few and far between). For a significant investment, performing the experiment on board your station will yield ~1.5x the science that you have collected for that experiment in that situation, i.e. temperature reading in low orbit will give you 8 science, this contract will reward you with a further 12. This system is likely to be buggy with certain experiment modules and mods. https://github.com/LemonSkin/KerbinSpaceStation/releases EDIT: For those of you that are willing to try this, please note that I changed the organization of files. It's best to delete the contract pack and install it fresh. Also make sure you're not in the middle of completing a contract as this is likely to cause errors. Everything else should continue working as before.
  10. Neither good nor bad, you're just zoomed in a lot. Use mod + - to zoom out. You're looking to increase the value 'int' on the top right corner. Using this mod, I go from around 30 seconds to over 60 seconds. For reference, your graph says garbage collection is occurring every 29 seconds.
  11. I'm also taking feature requests! Drop in to the thread if there's anything specific you want to see added to the pack!
  12. I haven't tested it, but it should be okay. Some orbit placements might be a bit weird or impossible to fulfill if the space altitude thresholds are drastically different from the stock planets. Let me know if you run into any bugs and what mod you're using and I'll try to add compatibility for it. Cheers, but I feel like you should get that honour! I haven't had the time to make any significant changes just yet!
  13. Hey @Ven, I really love your work. I was wondering if it was possible to make the battery models available again (the link seems to be broken). I'm trying to make my own AmpYear patch to make the reserve batteries use your models with blue bands and a blue point light. I've finished editing the texture, but the KSP .mu importer/exporter plugin isn't too friendly with certain aspects of the meshes. Cheers! Edit: Disregard, I was clicking on the wrong link the whole time
  14. You can get away with having waaaaay more mods installed than that, and you're using most of the same ones I am. Double check with KSP Interstellar Extended, that seems to be incompatible with a number of mods. As a general rule of thumb, most mods will work together unless they alter the same things, for example, installing two life support mods will almost definitely cause errors. You can check for errors in the debug log (mod+F12). Any errors that appear are highlighted in red text. Happy modding!
  15. I'm working on a patch to make AmpYear's reserve batteries use Ven's Stock Part revamp models with a customized texture if it's detected. I'm making the capacity light on the 100 and 400 batteries blue (Ven's is green) and the bands on the 1K blue (Ven's is gold, stock-alike). Would you be interested in including it in AmpYear when I finish it or should I release it myself?
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