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  1. Love changes You made to electric engines, keep up the good work . Also, good luck on exams . ED BY ME: I just noticed: that huge battery has experimentalAerodynamics requirement . I really think it should be experimentalElectrics (that tree is where all batteries are).
  2. +1 I would love to be able to fly those in other atmospheres.Also im against making Leech bigger, it became my favorite option for small MK2 based shuttles. I use 1 ramjet + 4 leech + 4 monoprop engines setup for building mun station. Playing darts with spaceships is fun, currently i can aim for specific munar orbit with only minimal adjustments in flight .
  3. He asked for it your honor .I have few issues with electric turbojet: - its power/drain ratio is too low, i had ~7000 of electric charge in batteries and it barely lasted about 5 minutes. - there is a bug with vehicle assembly, sometimes engines do not show on staging list and i am unable to assign em to action groups. (that one gets fixed by exiting/going back to hangar or launching/reverting). - during assembly there is "RPM" slider that defaults to 150 and goes all the way to 1000, but with 1000 set engines only go to 150 during flight. - i WAS going to complain about no battery part go go along with that engine but i see you have it planned . PS. Sorry bout my bad english, im working nights now and i'm in complete zombie mode .
  4. Health reminder: beating yourself with a rock might result in skin rashes or loss of modding capacity.
  5. How are G.O.H.N.A.D.S. supposed to work? I stick em on the parts and those overheat normally, and i see no usage of oxidizer...
  6. This .Also, would love to have matching intakes. Or maybe engine that would work without atmosphere?
  7. So you say leech got nerfed? Almost got myself to eve . Just to be clear, i LOVE those, do NOT make em weaker .
  8. Holly hamburgers dood . I just made SSTO made of MK2 parts, one ramjet engine and four of those on the wings... It took me to over 6000 m/s before it dies out when leaving atmosphere... I LOVE those .