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  1. KSP Weekly: A Corned Beef Sandwich

    first Also I love those new shrouds . Especially the small one; I could see a lot of gemini-alike designs being made with that.
  2. Dammit Beale.. Now I have to make a new IVA
  3. I would suggest maybe adding in/ changing the orientation of the solar panels so that they can fit onto the side of the soyuz engine properly. You can't really see it in the screenshot but the way that the solar panels are mounted on is rather ghetto and ugly. Would you like an IVA with that?
  4. [Notices update] OwO whats this..
  5. If you want that's fine, still though I think you should change up the color. Like I said, the whole thing looks too monochromatic.
  6. I think you should change the colors of the dish. The way it is makes the whole thing too monochromatic. Make it stand out. Maybe make it white and make the antenna in the middle of the dish yellow, to match the style of stock KSP?
  7. Wait, so is this part going to be added alongside these other ones? Or is it replacing them?
  8. KSP Weekly: Longest Stay on the Moon

    I see. Thanks for the clarification.
  9. KSP Weekly: Longest Stay on the Moon

    This. I sincerely hope the devs at SQUAD paid attention to what happened to the recent Star Wars Battlefront game, because if they did they would know that gamers do not like paying for basic features in a game they already bought. And I also sincerely hope that this "enhanced edition" is not going in the direction that I think it is. Updates are not cashgrabs. If SQUAD starts charging money for new "enhanced" parts that do essentially nothing other than make our current parts (that we already paid for) look like crap, then what that tells me is that the game devs don't care about their customers anymore, and they just want to squeeze as much cash out of us as possible at the expense of any amount of decency or integrity. This guy states it pretty well: Or maybe I've got this all wrong, and I have nothing to worry about. In either case, if anyone at SQUAD is reading this, please take what I am saying seriously. Because in the current state that the gaming industry is in, I am not giving my money to a company that doesn't care about my gaming experience or about giving me a complete, quality product.
  10. No. No no no Bad Beale! Bad! You put those vernier engines back, or you're in big trouble!