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  1. One more suggestion, perhaps you should change the number on the side of the two-seat soyuz capsule? They both say 'TAN-05', perhaps the two-seater one should say 'TAN-04' or 'TAN-03'?
  2. If you're not willing to make a separate IVA for it then personally I would suggest no
  3. Could I have the .obj file for the orbital module IVA before you do? I'd like to reuse some of it for my next salyut IVA. (yes I know I can get the iva on github, but for this I specifically need an .obj file)
  4. YES! I love the new upright seating in the orbital modules. The old sideways version was lame. Also could you perhaps send me the IVA textures? I'd like to make another IVA for one of your salyut parts and they could be useful.
  5. Very nice, but I did like the old cloth-ish texture you had around the windows.
  6. Honestly is this version of the orbital module even useful anymore? I'm starting to think it should just be removed and you should just make an adapter for the other one instead. Just saying. @Beale
  7. Quick question, what specific font do you use for the writing on the textures?
  8. @Beale Would you like me to make new IVAs for the new soyuz capsule and orbital modules?
  9. You planning to add new docking ports to match?
  10. KSP Acquired by Take-Two Interactive

    Oh wonderful, so Kerbal Space Program having craploads of overpriced DLC is now the best case scenario. Yeah that definitely raises my hopes for the future of this game. I can't wait to start buying loot boxes just to get new rocket parts.
  11. KSP Weekly: Expedition 1

    Tantares is still better
  12. One teeny little suggestion, perhaps could you change the color of those little arrows on the decoupler to be red instead of black? I think that would look better.
  13. Not that it really matters that much, but I preferred it when the hatches on top and bottom had circular windows (as opposed to square ones).