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  1. The reentry effects are the one thing in this update that actually look good in my opinion, but yeah other than that I agree with you.
  2. Yeah I know what you mean with the snippet of audio as you leave. I got that exact same issue, I just didn't know how to describe it. I didn't check the other buildings, I only went to the VAB and then mission control, then I got liquided off and went straight to this thread to complain. So this wasn't just a problem with my computer; this was actually just pure incompetence on the part of Take Two. In fact, how much money do you want to bet that they rushed the 1.4 release so that they could force people to agree to the EULA before the new DLC came out? Just when I thought I couldn't get more liquided off today... I get this exact same thing on linux too.
  3. Well guys, unfortunately I have some bad news. In light of the new EULA, which I have just read, I have decided that I will no longer be continuing my work on Pale Green Dot. It's just not worth it. Take Two Interactive clearly doesn't care about this community, and while the EULA hasn't killed the game, it has apparently struck it a fatal wound. As of today, all of my work, along with every single mod and fanfiction related to KSP is now the property of Take Two Interactive, and they can do with it whatever they want. The mere knowledge of this fact has killed my motivation to continue this story. I started writing this for my enjoyment as much as you guys', and writing simply isn't fun anymore knowing that now Take Two could take away all of my work at their discretion. In five days I will turn 20. I'm too old for this crap. I've already gone through the experience of watching a game I loved get destroyed, and its community along with it. I'm not going to sit by and watch that happen again. And I'm certainly not going to do all that just for a fan fiction that I started two summers ago for fun. I'm sorry. I'm also probably not going to get the DLC, as much as I've been looking forward to it, for the simple reason that I don't want to give Take Two any of my money. I finished up my revisions/additions to chapter 2.4, and modified the last parts a little so that it at least somewhat resembles an ending. I will also update and finalize the PDF, which I suggest you download via the link in the OP as soon as possible because Take Two may very well decide to take it down. I also uploaded all of the images that I never used to an imgur album, link for that is also in the OP. So long guys, it was fun while it lasted. -Third_OfFive P.S. If anyone would still like to remain in contact with me, PM me and I can friend you on discord or something.
  4. Ok so I've been playing around with this update some more and I immediately found some bugs: 1. There is a graphical bug with the parts selection menu in the VAB, something appears to be covering the top row of parts and makes them look glitchy 2. Music is silent in the Mission Control building I noticed these in less than 2 minutes after starting a new career mode game. Are you guys planning to release a follow-up to patch some of the bugs in this release? Also, I am playing on Linux, so that might be a contributing factor...
  5. Yep, this is what happens when a big money-hungry company buys out your game. They fill it with shiny trinkets and break half the features. Isn't corporate consolidation fun?
  6. Thanks. I hope you are right, I was looking forward to getting at least one more good year out of this game. If not though, I will definitely join said "community revolt". I've already had two of my favorite games ruined by money-hungry developers (those being Minecraft and ARK), I'd rather not have KSP become the third.
  7. As I am sure everyone here is aware, Kerbal Space Program was some time ago acquired by Take Two Interactive. Given this company's track record when it comes to how it treats fan content for its own games, I immediately became concerned when I tried to log in to the forums today and had to read through and accept new terms of service, which were ever so reassuringly titled "TAKE-TWO INTERACTIVE SOFTWARE, INC. TERMS OF SERVICE". One particular section of the new terms of service greatly concerns me, and I would greatly appreciate some clarification from staff as to what implications this will have in regards to fan content (such as mods, videos, fan art/ fan fiction, etc) for Kerbal Space Program. Here is the section in question (with the particularly concerning parts underlined): What exactly does "Online Services material" mean in this context, and how does it relate to fan content posted on the forums? For example, I have been writing a fan-fiction novel intermittently for the past year and a half or so, which I have posted to my own thread in the 'KSP Fan Works' section of this forum. I did this for my own enjoyment, of course, and I certainly do not make any money off of it. Regardless, I did technically distribute artwork/writing that uses and is based off of copyrighted material, and I didn't ask for Take Two's permission before I did it. Nor did I have to, because as far as I am aware the Terms of Service at that time required me to do no such thing. Is that going to change now? Any time that I want to distribute fan art or writing related to KSP, am I going to have to ask for Take Two's direct permission, as these new terms seem to dictate? Does this apply to mods as well? I do hope I am just misinterpreting this, but nonetheless I have become greatly concerned about the future of the KSP community. Fan content is the life blood of Kerbal Space Program. If you kill the fan content, you kill the game. Period. Hopefully any staff who are reading this can understand my concerns, and I would really appreciate it if one of you could please clarify what exactly these new terms mean with regards to fan content; and more specifically, if I can still write my fan-fiction novel without having to worry about getting sued. -Third_OfFive
  8. I just finished the full political world map of Kerbin. It only took me a year and a half to complete
  9. Glad to see people are still here Don't worry guys, your wait will be worth it. Anyway, I have updated the OP with a download link to the new PDF. Link also here:!1EpyjY6C!dwiGclFbngJZcWfLAWsVMk5FlyTmSRr2j3eduFUXvWY I will update the other posts in this thread to match the PDF shortly.
  10. So @Beale, did you finish that IVA? Or have you accepted that mine is superior?
  11. This thread is not dead! Hi guys, sorry for the ridiculously long wait. I've been putting this project on hold in order to wait for the release of the Making History Expansion. Now that the release date is near, I'm picking up the project again, and will be writing the next few chapters very soon, as well as revising some of the old ones. If anyone is still here, don't give up. More content is coming soon!
  12. first Also I love those new shrouds . Especially the small one; I could see a lot of gemini-alike designs being made with that.