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  1. came back to play ksp after like 1 year away, and im so glad i found this mod! really works, way better than the updated mechjeb thank you a lot!
  2. thanks @Tex_NL and @Streetwind for all the attention that ^ was the case. not sure if i will delete it, maybe try to learn to use it. thanks again.
  3. that seems to be the case but i am unable to find this "KerbalAtomicsNFE.cfg" file. i found those: can you point me up to what file should i delete? or what should be inside the file so i can look up Also, i did found how it works but is too much trouble for me thanks
  4. Hello, i really love this ship but found a problem. After landing i could not go EVA. It says hatch missing. Can you check this, please? thank you
  5. Actually i didnt knew that this window is because a addon. i will try with more radiators but the ship im using already have a couple. i will update this thread
  6. Hello everyone, has been a while since i played ksp. So, i came back playing and was flying a ship with 2 LV-N Nerv Atomic Engines and i really dont know how to use it anymore. this window is new to me: You see, both engine are marked as Active, and they started overheating even before i accelerate . I got that Core Destroyed and i need help xD Thanks a lot!
  7. hey man, i will test your craft i have one question: what is the mod wich changes resources bar (second image)? thx twice
  8. nice one (: since this topic is yet in the spacecraft exchange, would you mind of sharing the craft file? thx
  9. solved my problem doind a fresh install since i was having other problems, decided to do that and everything is working now thank you guys!
  10. no errors... but i realized that it did not loaded other new ships too i will do a clean install
  11. same problem with the Scythe downloaded 2 ships from kerbalx just to test and i can load both of em man, thats odd
  12. before ksp went to 1.0.4, downloaded a lot of your ships and everything was normal guess only this pickaxe gonna test the Scythe to see what happens, brb
  13. hi im glad i found your mod, is exaclty what i was looking to solve my problem but the thing is, my game seems to ignore it i cant find your multiports in game downloaded and extracted the Multiport folder in gamedata as normal im using ksp 1.0.4, recently updated it (like a week a go) appreciate any help