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  1. Is it like the poet said: "I'm just kiddin like Jason, unless you gon' do it"?
  2. ability: Valentina Dilsby Tedus Sarge Bob Jebediah Bill Clauselle Lisa Melbe Kenlie Nimzo cuteness: Sarge Lisa Clauselle Melbe Kenlie Nimzo Valentina Tedus Jebediah Dilsby Bill Bob
  3. Hey, iai shodan too. Having spend a little bit of time with Rosetta stone to learn Japanese (probably enough to politely inquire what time the restroom is), I'd say the "zu" at the end feels very much like how it would be spelled; seeing how a great many English words were officially adopted into the language and have a correct (and incorrect) spelling and pronunciation in Japanese, which may be quite different from the original, I wouldn't be surprised if it's official spelling.
  4. Hehe, lolled as I didn't see that coming at all. Oh well, better to take that bad mood out on this Nimzo than the other one.
  5. Is this the first named character casualty in kerbfleetverse? I can't remember if the kermulans had already offed any other named characters (not counting mechanical ones).
  6. Seems like the universe is about to instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable. Or at least, by one that is more "Loud and Clear".
  7. Well, as a mitigating factor, most of these were committed in order to comply, and in compliance, with the requirements of various narrative ordinances. Well, with the exception of failure to signal a gravity turn, there's just no excuse for that.
  8. Wow, that kinda blew my mind. There's actually several claims to the biggest ball of twine over time, and here I though it was just an outrageously silly joke.
  9. Then there's the one about not using paperclips for fuses. Pretty solid advice that.
  10. Did you just sneak a Sam&Max reference in there?
  11. I think THIS is the thread you're looking for? I actually took a stab at it with my gear vr but in the end the UI is just too tiny for the most part too actually be able to use components like the map and maneuver planning, VAB/SPH, KSC, etc. There's a pretty detailed description in that thread.
  12. LOL, yeah that was a good one too.
  13. No real tips per se, other than if it SSTOs on Kerbin, it'll STTO fine on Laythe. I personally like em big, like home away from home. Took this horror there in 0.9 And this one mere recently in 1.12/1.13, using USI Life Support and Planetary Base Systems parts (no pics from the Laythe part of the trip, they're on my desktop :(). It did a Jool IV.
  14. If you haven't yet, go to Laythe and do some EVA reports on the surface. There's actually two different descriptions and you may have to try a couple of times to get the second, but it's also very funny.. I also remember there's a pretty cool one that pops up once every few tries when activating the Science Jr around Jool referencing Space Odyssey 2001.
  15. That brings up an interesting point. I suspect you'll want to follow surface prograde while in atmosphere because you'd be incurring a bit more drag by burning off that prograde not to mention it's your missiles natural tendency to point that way (if you disregard gravity anyways). However, I wonder if it's not actually the orbital speed prograde that's the more efficient path to follow? If so, you may not want to force it to follow surface prograde
  16. ^ this. Gimbals are all or nothing, and with SAS on they'll have your rocket shimmying right out from under you. If your missile is aerodynamically stable, once you nudge it into the right angle for a gravity turn you I find you need very little authority (until you get out of the atmosphere you probably can even dispense with sas stabilization too). If you do need some gimballing you can always dial them down and see if that helps.
  17. Honestly, I didn't really try that out much. I rely an awful lot on KER AP/PE readouts, air intake, TWR indication, surface distance, dV, fuel status etc, and I'm not really seeing that happening in IVA, unless you can make those figures pop up on rasterpropmonitor (haven't used that in a while). Still,you could probably have a good time flying around a jet and just seat of your pants it, provided you worked out all the design kinks beforehand.
  18. So, one more update: WRT Trinus, the problem may be with KSP, according to this post, but I wasn't really able to get the work around mentioned there to work either. However, I think I'm going to leave it at that for now, because what I've also discovered is that even if I'd have managed to get trackIR working, I probably wouldn't be able to play it like I'm doing now anyways, and the reason is UI. All UI elements are much too tiny for a VR headset display, and tucked away in corners where it's hard to see them, even with the barrel distortion. Streaming also makes them a bit grainy (milage may vary, my gear VR doesn't let me tether, only WiFi allowed). That's a problem. However, even had the image been crystal clear and in full view, it's still not ideal. What I probably really want to do is look around in some virtual console, where if you look down, you see a big ole nav ball, if you look left, you see your staging icons, etc, be able to focus my attention on part of the display like I do with a PC screen. I don't need a 4k headset, I need to have a headset that lets me look around on a 4k console, if you will. So, with the current setup of KSP where head tracking moves the camera position but the UI just stays where it is, that's not really going to happen. So, for me personally, my conclusion is that the UI of KSP, which works just fine for a big PC screen, doesn't really work for me for this format, in it's current form. It could be fun if you just want to do a bit of flight simming (eyeballing most of it), but it makes the other components of the game I like (like designing craft, setting up manouvering, finnicking dV budgets, doing suicide burns etc.) really hard. If I really want to get my 3d (which is admittedly not the same as VR) on in KSP at this moment , I'd probably go looking for a cheap (passive) 3d monitor and just use Vireio, TriDef or VorpX.
  19. For extremes like Tylo, you may even need to keep a margin of a few tens of kms (I think last time I went I got a KER suicide burn distance of 0 about 50 km up, and ended up needing to start around 70 or 75 to actually not splatter; lots of reloads on that one).
  20. Well, you asked for it... Ok, bit of running commentary here. I'm not there yet, but I am making some headway. First of all, my HW is a Gear VR, Samsung Galaxy S7, and on the PC side an aging AMD Phenom X4 with ATI Radeon R9 200. WRT to getting KSP to run in side-by-side 3d I've failed to get Vireio to work so far, but I'm guessing I'm missing something fundamental not mentioned in the guides (or at least, in the first few pages), probably to do with creating a profile of some sort(?), so I may have to go forum delving there. It sees the KSP launcher executable, and runs that in SBS 3d, but when that launches the game propper, it's back to 2d. There's apparently a new version beta out which focusses on FO4 to iron out the kinks. As luck would have it, I have that, so I may try and get it up and running with that first and work my way to KSP from there. TriDef has apparently stopped supporting their product, but they are offering a 14 day trial version of what they got (which is $40 normally), and when using the Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. 2 profile like @andredavanz suggested (thanks for that buddy, if you went through all of them in the list before figuring out this one works you did one heck of a job ), I can get the x64 version of KPS 1.1.3 to boot up with SBS 3d. load a save game, and I can have a look in the tracking station. Note, since I'm just trying to get seperate components working at this point, I haven't tried anything else in KSP; no comments on stability yet, but I can say it's not doing too much for my framerate at this point though. Still, it works so it has that going for it. I also came across VorpX, which seems to be doing something similar to TriDef, and is actively supported, but at $30 without a trial version I'm going to have to give the alternatives a try first. WRT getting it streamed to my phone Trinus seems to be doing most of what I'd want from it (apart from the TrackIR which I need to look into further, as the problem could also be with KPS or something else). It's even going so far as to detecting KSP was running in SBS 3d and automatically switching from outputting the active application to both eyes to splitting up the image and serving one side to each eye. In this mode, I'm not seeing the barrel lens distortion, which may mess up the image once in the gear VR (I'm running with the phone in my lap at this point as I'm switching in and out of applications all the time), so I'll be looking into that as well. I did run into intugame, which may be a cheap (free) alternative to Trinus, but I looked at it to briefly to tell if it supports TrackIR, which I really think I want in KSP. That's it for now, I'll update once I've got the chance to try some more stuff.
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