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  1. What you suggested was tried by the Russians during the cold war. The system was called 'Polyot IS'.
  2. I am using standard graphics, still the pink screen problem
  3. Hi I am facing the same problem with KVV. Please tell me how to fix it, if you know
  4. I tried the version that you suggested, there seems to be a problem, when I activate the mod in VAB, the screen of the mod UI shows all buttons and options but not the blueprint image instead it shows a pink window, be it 'colour adjust' , ' Edge detect' all options are showing the same pink window.
  5. Version Version_0.0.4_-_1.1_Pre for Kerbal Space Program 1.1 You are saying this would work ? ok thanks will try .
  6. I just wanted to see what people in the KSP community were making and have a discussion
  7. Show off all the anti satellite missiles you have made and also discuss existing A-Sat weaponry.
  8. Hi all, I am quite lagging behind in terms of the version of my KSP. I am using 1.1.2. I really need this mod to generate blueprints of my craft for my real world science project. Can some one please help me get Kronal vessel viewer for KSP 1.1.2 ? Or can someone let me know which version can work with 1.1.2 ?
  9. i got KSP 1.2.2 and downloaded it along with its img file and zip file on my mac . I followed the process of putting the ksp file in the applications folder. When i launched the KSP, it was not loading at all only the loading screens were changing and msg above the progress bar said " loading assets bundle definitions " . help
  10. Hello modder 

    I am a big fan of your mod and am using it extensively but I am missing on all new mod updates cause my KSP is of 1.1.2 version

    I will be grateful to if you could include all those cool new parts for 1.1.2

  11. Yes buddy, of crouse we would have size constraints but that's the point. ICBMs are not as massive as launch vehicles so we need to make and launch missiles that are in those constraints also I checked your youtube channel