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  1. Can some one tell me more info on what sort of atmospheric model is implemented in the Real Solar System mod, especially for the Earth? And where can I look for such info ? on the Github page maybe ?
  2. Nice, especially the SS-25 Topol,/Sickle look pretty good, So after you send those link pages, I looked into Bert Hendreixx (probably butchered the name) and came across his paper on "Naryad-V and soviet anti-satellite weapon" . It was great, comprehensive and very well researched, if you have any thing more of that sort please dm me the links.
  3. Nice action figures, I think I will change the topic name to ' antique soviet space toys', speaking of which are there any modelling kits that have soviet military hardware like missiles, ICBMs etc?
  4. Hey DylanSemrau, awesome work, beautiful looking parts. As some one from India and an ISRO freak (obviously), I really appreciate the effort
  5. Awesome mod, beautiful parts, update available on CKAN yet or not ?
  6. Thanks for the info man, I have a lot to learn about Russian ASAT tech, I am aware of Bert Handrickx and see his work. If you any good forum for this sort of stuff, do share it with me
  7. Well its kind of mixed, where some people talked about, what they made or were planning to make in KSP, but ok no problem
  8. Hello Modder, are you still working on the Graphotron mod ? anything new on the way ?
  9. Hey guys, you all have heard of the new Russian " Inspector" satellite ? See these links - https://southfront.org/us-space-force-claims-russia-testing-anti-satellite-weapons-systems/ https://southfront.org/u-s-space-force-accuses-russia-of-testing-its-anti-satellite-weapon-in-space/ There is even a nice video by Scott Manley
  10. Hey guys, what do you think of the Indian ASAT tests in 2019 ??
  11. What you suggested was tried by the Russians during the cold war. The system was called 'Polyot IS'.
  12. Hi I am facing the same problem with KVV. Please tell me how to fix it, if you know
  13. I tried the version that you suggested, there seems to be a problem, when I activate the mod in VAB, the screen of the mod UI shows all buttons and options but not the blueprint image instead it shows a pink window, be it 'colour adjust' , ' Edge detect' all options are showing the same pink window.
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