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  1. Hi! Great mod! I'm sure it's not super important, but the costs when scaling seemed to scale very interestingly. When I scaled up, costs went through the roof. I didn't bother graphing or fitting the data. This may very well be working as intended. I'd love to know more about how cost scales. Also, if you scaled up a part attached to a craft, the cost won't be updated until you remove it from the craft, and reattach it. I haven't bothered uninstalling my mods and testing on a clean install. Perhaps this may be because the cost is updated as a part is attached or removed from the craft. Obviously not high priority, just trying to help out how I can. Thanks again for the great mod.
  2. Great mod! I don't use realfuels, but I do use GPOspeedfuelpump (which is goodspeed continued, as I understand it). I preferred that over TAC fuel balancer, because I prefer context menus to menus. Perhaps if I switched, it would solve my issues. I've found that the procedural tanks in this mod can't use the GPO pumping options, and don't have them available in the tank's context menu. Further, you can't manually transfer fuel between a tank that has the GPO "pump" option enabled (using alt+rmb and in/out buttons). I might be wrong in calling it that, it's the one in the context menu above/beside balance. One workaround is to turn "pump" and "balance" off on the non-procedural tank. This will allow you to manually transfer fuel, presumably using the stock fuel pumping system. Would be cool if this mod integrated with GPO, but you guys probably have more important priorities. Thanks again for the great mod!
  3. Amazing idea, and great execution. 10/10, really. One idea that may or may not be of interest is being able to sort by date added/updated. I would personally find this very useful, as I often try to use the "New in Repository" feature, never get around to looking at it for a day, and come back after a computer restart, and everything's already been sent to the All section. Thanks.
  4. In regard to dated quicksaves, it's a really cool mod! I might be different, but I keep track of time also using real-world time. I think it would be pretty cool to be able to know, or have an option for what system time the save was made at. Can't wait for it to be up on CKAN!
  5. Would be cool if this was added to CKAN, but I know very little about these things. Cool mod.
  6. Would love to hear if it works with mods that interrupt time warp, such as kerbal alarm clock. Thanks.
  7. Looks like a really cool mod, I'll use it to keep my rotating relative to Kerbol, and for realism/immersion. Will report any bugs I find.
  8. I've been having issues using this mod to get ANY sort of accuracy on Kerbin. I haven't been using any aerodynamic parts (wings, fairings, etc). Only potentially relevant mod is Kerbal Joint Reinforcement. I know of others who find the same thing. I have profile set to retrograde and use SAS to hold this heading. I'll run some tests if I find time and/or people want the data. I'd love to get this mod working, I'm sure a lot of hard work went into making it, and it'd be a shame if the best thing I can find to do with the mod is use it to quickly locate the KSC.
  9. I was doing some experimentation with high CoM rockets, and was looking for some advice. I'm led to believe an early gravity turn is efficient: Asparagus staging is also efficient. Asparagus staging generally requires radial attachment, and if you want to retain control, these tanks need to be high up on the rocket, like moonfrog posted pictures of. Even more generally than asparagus staging, I have problems with every type of radial decoupling but bi-radial decoupling, as the stage collides with the rocket when it detaches. It's just above the rocket, and falls into it. One of the stages is inevitably on top of the rocket, and gets pulled into the rocket by gravity. Fancy piloting and staging (spinning and decoupling the radial attachments on top of and below the rocket when they're sidways, then spinning back), or building a rocket as wide as the Atlantic Ocean solves the problem (causes lots of drag), but I was wondering if anyone could come up with an elegant solution. Cheers