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  1. Interesting... I was mostly just looking for a more realistic way to gain experience, to replace the need for long, involved training missions, and so a kerbal who's done dozens of fuel station delivery runs, or outpost supply runs can still be an experienced operator. I hadn't thought of changing what the experience levels actually *do*. It's a neat thought... although I'm not sure that I, as a player, would actually want random control inputs. That edges too far into the territory of my skill as a player, to me. Still, the craft size limitations are interesting. I can think of simi
  2. Yeah, I was worried that the stock XP system would be baked in pretty deep. What if you discarded the flight log, but then kept the relevant stuff stored inside the mod somehow? Maybe a renamed variable that other mods could adapt to with a simple MM redefine, but that the game itself won't recognize to use for the XP system?
  3. Training costs by class... Scientists requiring science makes a lot of sense, but pilots? Engineers? What about: Scientists = Science (giving them research materials that would otherwise go toward advancing science to get them familiar with what they'll find on other worlds, etc) Pilots = Reputation (spending political capital to promote pilots and make them famous, have them do interviews, etc) Engineers = Roots (straight-up additional training in engineering, money to buy parts for them to tinker with and learn to repair, etc) Also, maybe discounted rates for Ko
  4. Oh, hey, nice! Thanks for pointing it out! And making it, it looks like. That may be close enough for what I want. Not quite as immersive as what I proposed, but functionally it'll let me get higher level kerbals without having to send them on really complicated interplanetary missions every time (especially complex because of life support mods). Is it working in 1.8 currently?
  5. So I've been in the modding scene for a while... assisted on a few mods, done some playtesting and bug-hunting, and made a few small mods of my own. There's one aspect of KSP though that bothers me to no end, yet nobody I'm aware of has made a mod for it yet: experience. I don't just mean leveling up as you play, as that's now just a menu option... in my opinion the entire experience system (being location-based) is just garbage. To illustrate, let me ask a question. Let's say you're a space tourist. You're looking to spend hundreds of thousands of roots (hundreds of millions of doll
  6. I'm having some problems with some of the models, specifically with the plumes... Most engines are fine, but the Poodle is only showing 2 plumes instead of 4. Then the Mainsail's plume is a good 20 meters from the nozzle! D: Is this a known issue? (I do have RealPlume installed). Or is my installation borked? I did try reinstalling ReStock and ReStock+, though... using CKAN, so that may not mean much. Edit: This is a RealPlume issue... uninstalling it fixed the problem. I guess RealPlume hasn't updated for ReStock yet, which is sad. Oh well.
  7. This also depends greatly on your de-orbit trajectory. In FAR (I don't play with it anymore, but I used to exclusively for several years), you can easily hit the ground at 800m/s if you come in too steep. Even in stock, the Mk1 capsule has issues slowing down enough compared to larger craft. The reason for this is that it is very dense. This makes total sense. A one-man capsule is just barely big enough for that one man and a little bit of air around him. If you splash one down with just a parachute on top, it floats right around the window in the door. This is true in Stock and in ReStoc
  8. So I went to the Mun, I found a Mun Stone, I picked it up (right-clicked the kerbal, got the science dialog), returned it to Kerbin... and the contract did not complete. Removed KIS, thinking maybe the two inventory systems were conflicting with each other. No joy, still doesn't complete. Any other ideas? I was thinking maybe Contract Configurator could be messing with it... does it touch stock contract code? I mean obviously I can use the cheat menu to complete it manually, but that's kinda immersion-breaking. If there's a mod that's making the new features not work right, I'd like
  9. I'm having a problem where in the stock contracts from Breaking Ground, I can pick up a mun stone (I get the science confirmation dialog), but when I get back to Kerbin, it doesn't complete the contract. Could that be something to do with CC's contract completion detection code?
  10. Is there an easy way to do that? If I just delete a certain part of it, will Steam detect it and re-download it? I tend to do some QoL tweaks to some of the Squad parts (fixing some bugs, increasing speed/power of wheels because I'm impatient, etc). Edit: Yes, Steam did detect and re-download individual folders, so I just deleted and re-downloaded all but Wheels. (Hopefully they fixed the lack of surface attachment on the big ISRU unit. <.< That's the main bug I always go in and fix.) About to try again and see if the node glitch is still happening. Edit Edit: That seems t
  11. Hmm... couple of small bugs/incompatibilities. The 0.625m inline Reaction Wheel has an issue with the lights from IndicatorLights being positioned floating in space and extra-large. This appears to be because the stock 0.625 Reaction Wheel has a Rescale Factor of 0.5 built in, while the ReStock part does not... so the Indicator Lights people doubled the scale and position coordinates for the lights. It's easily corrected by undoing this doubling in their config file. A patch could do the same... just not sure if that would be more appropriate to put here or there. Second, the FL-T
  12. Yeah, looks like it's up to date. Still worth trying deleting ModuleManager.ConfigCache, ModuleManager.ConfigSHA, ModuleManager.Physics, and ModuleManager.TechTree just to see what happens. Those aren't downloaded with MM, they're built when it runs, and I've had issues where they collect garbage from time to time. The reason I mentioned it though is that Kerbalism recently had a very similar issue, where some of its modules weren't working with Module Manager 4.0.1. That's why 4.0.2 exists, because something new that MM was doing was conflicting with Kerbalism. So you might check the Mod
  13. I have a career that I recently switched over from Kerbalism to USI (which necessitated uninstalling one mod and installing I dunno... 15-20 others that USI required). Since this change, aside from the expected (craft files complaining about missing modules), and a few crafts that got deleted because of missing parts (which I'm fine with and can replace), I'm having one very specific odd issue. In a command module in any craft loaded from a file, I cannot click the Reaction Wheels button reliably to change its mode from Normal to Pilot Only and then to SAS Only. Sometimes it does wor
  14. This sounds a little like a Module Manager problem. Are you running the most recent ModuleManager.dll? Make sure you only have the most recent version in your GameData directory, and try deleting all Module Manager files except the dll. That'd be my first suggestion. Kind of like the KSP version of "Have you tried turning it off and on again?" XD
  15. I second this. I recently discovered this mod, and while it's a really neat idea, it isn't working anything like I would expect. I'm having the exact same issues. Sometimes a satellite with a dedicated antenna will relay through the comm network satellites (with relay antennae). Sometimes not so much. Built-in antennae never seem to relay through comsats at all. This is definitely *not* the same behavior as stock, as in stock, even a built-in antenna in a pod or probe core will relay through any relay antenna in range just fine. Also, the first post and the tutorial seem to imply that you
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