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  1. KSP Weekly: The Cosmic Snake!

    Unless you don’t fail the „reaction wheel“ in the same event you know how it will play out ..
  2. It’s about support and issue resolving mostly. Would it help all people involved - especially the creators and maintainers of RSS and RO or RSSVE - to reference the current dev environments which people start to grab and then want support for that - which is even more work besides spending time upgrading. Of course there are already recompiles public, RSSVE has an own branch for 1.3.1 and works just as fine (even better than 1.2.2) on the RSS 1.3.1 version. But no matter how long time it takes - if the whole RSS/RO shebang stays with 1.2.2 and it works - what is the reason to argue that 6 months is too long?
  3. Just because we can make shiny stuff we shouldn’t make everything shiny it looks like a slimey rusty tube
  4. Shadow Space Technologies Unlimited lol, do people even read the first post of a thread?
  5. Awesome work, if you have questions / accept help for RO related stuff, you know where you can get assistance Cheers
  6. Realism Overhaul Discussion Thread Why would I lie to you
  7. Now visual mods have to step up their game to not suck I suppose Fabulous work as usual, eagerly awaiting the magic to happen.
  8. Realism Overhaul Discussion Thread

    Community Resource Pack and the correct ratios inside of the engine configuration
  9. Hey Sarbian o/ Hoope things are going well I'd like to ask if there is a possibility to increase the FlightRecorder's storage size / time limit it records? I get that it works well for stock scales and durations but I'd love to stretch it a little for RSS/RO and low thrust uppers taking ~15 minutes to get into orbit. Unfortunately the rest is cut and I can never get a complete picture inside of the MJ window. Cheers!
  10. How to view CoM and CoT in flight?

    Mechjeb can show those balls IIRC. EDIT: YES - And they also move fluently while having them activated. It is under Attitude Adjustement -> show COM, COT, COL and it also has Vectors for surface speed, orbital speed direction etc
  11. So first of all, the official version for RSS is actually 1.2.2 too. Nowhere in the RSSVE op, wiki on github or this thread here support is given for any issues related to using game versions / mod versions which are not following the installation instructions. As of now, RSSVE works like a charm with 1.2.2, everybody has the ability to downgrade and use a very stable (to my and other people's extent) and the mods involved environment for visual enhancements. so it's time for RSSVE to upgrade. To give you a little heads up, demands in a community, free time based modding world will take you one step forwards and three steps back.
  12. I'm using KSP 1.3.1 RSS v12.0 Kopernicus v1.3.1b2 EVE Scatterer 0.0320b Texture Replacer v2.6.0 and RSSVE Simple fix. Don’t use 1.3.1 as RSS and thus RSSVE don’t support anything different than 1.2.2 as of now. With the correct KSP version and their according mod versions which support 1.2.2 everything works as intended.
  13. RE: boiloff on the stock oxidizer. I don’t think it is a good addition bending the little Realism stock resembles with the fuel resources even further. Understanding it as something in the realms of Aerozine / NTO which are used because - well - they don’t boil off in the real world. Then I’d suggest argumenting loss over time with bad valves
  14. Yes, thank you for making me read a complete part.cfg for no apparent reason PLEASE put it into a spoiler so scroll times keep sane and the thread isn't clogged up. First of all, make sure the base RP-0 install works. Speaking of bare minimum RO dependancies and RP-0 dependancies. Then make sure to install this SSTU release from github into 1.2.2: I don't run into the same issue with any SSTU part. Make sure that RP-0 career mode has diameter limits widening up as you progress through the tree. @DrLicor No, I am pretty sure tweakscale is not used by SSTU and shouldn't be used in RO at all since it has history to bork things horribly.
  15. No, there is no possibility at the moment. Please use the latest 1.2.2 release of SSTU, it works as intended with RO and RP-0 in 1.2.2.