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  1. Update available! Update custom asteroids compatibility for 1.3+ Fix earth terrain noise for changes in ksp 1.4.x, still works in 1.3.1 Fixed the problem with the normal maps for Ceres and Vesta, requires update of rss textures pack RealSolarSystem plugin: Textures: Enjoy!
  2. you most likely have FAR craft files in the KSP/ships thumbs, vab and sph folders. Try to manually delete them and CKAN won't cry about them.
  3. As already said - the op will be reworked completely. What are you running ? For RSS there is RSSVE , EVE 1.2.1-1 and scatterer 0320b are required.
  4. ScienceAlert causes those issues, it had those strange fps drops since it was rereleased. Get rid of it and it should be fine - my wild guess out of the blue. And no, I actually don't think anyone will install all those mods just to find an issue like this, you could try yourself to partially delete mods and see if it persists for starters
  5. And yet it works fine, iirc the version compatibility was aimed to be mostly preserved. I got no issues with the latest ModuleManager in 1.3.1 and RO.
  6. Thank you two, fixed. I will update the whole OP soon to make it look a little more appealing and getting rid of cluttering and old, or outdated links / mods etc.
  7. [snip] No not yet and the compatibility update is undetermined. Also please consider reading the last few posts as well next time, we already covered the question. For a general statement, as long this thread title does not cover [1.4.X] in it, it won't work with those versions.
  8. [1.3.1] Realism Overhaul v12.0.0 [03 Apr 2018] Update available to make Realism Overhaul compatible to Kerbal Space Program version 1.3.1. Do note that also Real Solar System is now compatible to 1.3.1. Changelog Tweak WAC/Aerobee, RL10 config costs Add the LR87/91 configs as sepculative Update X-405 config to match specs in Vanguard Engineering Summary Tweak Russian Engine reliability and config costs Various craft fixes for Raidernick model changes Update Raidernick configs for proton changes Move entryCost from S-3 to S-3D Global engine config changes Fix testflight configs of various engines Added RealEngines support Fix mass of several avionics packages Fixed some part tags Fixed various BDB and FASA configs Added missing brackets to resource configs Added new part module AdjustableCoMShifter Fixed trailing whitespace/newlines in many files Turn off relaying for all SPUs Fix X-405 verniers using the wrong HTP mixture Updated CMES for KSP 1.3.1 Added new Bluedog parts Add generic engine config for BDB X-405H Fix generic RCS thruster mass and scale Various SSTU config fixes SXT updates including mass fix for sputnik Update netkan to remove dead mods and add a few new ones Thanks to NathanKell, Raidernick, eggrobin, pap1723, PhineasFreak, ctiberious, blowfishpro, AnticlockwisePropeller, Bornholio, smartdummies, aw1621107, AlphaMike741, Ash19256, ahmedcharles, MikeOnTea, m4gus88, DocRockwell, Schnobs and glilienthal for their contributions to this release! Special thanks to Eggrobin, Ferram and blowfishpro for getting all the dependencies updated.
  9. New RSS thread for continued versioning and support by the RO team. Currently includes the old original post text, a rework will be done in the next few weeks. This mod will turn the Kerbol system into the (Real) Solar System. It is highly recommended to play using the Realism Overhaul suite. Also, check out the RSS Wiki, especially the FAQ!. RSS DOES NOT INCLUDE LAUNCH SITE SWITCHING ITSELF. Launch site switching (KSCSwitcher) is a mod by regex which prior to v10 was included in RSS's dll. Flyby finder for RSS by PLAD -- check it out, it's great! Alternate size solar systems (since people expect to find the list here) Note that they are all independent mods and do not depend on RSS. Small Scale Solarsystem (1/10th, i.e. Kerbin-scale, real solar system) KScale2 (2x Kerbin) Kerbin 365 (3.2x planets, 6.4x orbital distances) 64K (6.4x Kerbin) 10x Kerbol system README: This mod will convert the Kerbol System into the (Real) Solar System. Thanks to asmi for kicking me into to doing this and offering so much help along the way; to ferram for aeronautics and orbital help (and FAR, which is essential), and for countless time spent helping others get the most from this mod (and me the most from my modding); to ZRM for many ideas and info; to yargnit and MedievalNerd for playtesting extraordinaire; to everyone else who offered suggestions, code, help, cool screenshots... Supreme thanks to all who helped make RSS possible! regex for code, and dimonnomid and SpacedInvader for incredible art for RSS, and pingopete for his work on RSS - EVE interoperability and atmosphere work for RSS, and KillAshley for making RSS so much better (and prettier!). RSS would not look or perform the way it does (or have gotten released!) without their amazing contributions. Thanks to stratochief and grayduster and Thomas P. for wonderful help in converting to Kopernicus and adding the new bodies--with their help RSS has entered a new era! License: CC-BY-NC-SA Includes code by Majiir (CompatibilityChecker, licensed as per source). Includes artwork by dimonnomid and SpacedInvader and Dr. Walther and KillAshley in addition to NathanKell. Includes biomes by Felger and grayduster and KellanHiggins and KillAshley. Some planetary imagery is derived from work by Steve Albers and NASA / Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and some from the Celestia Motherlode (itself in the main sourced from JPL). Used by permission of the licenses for non-commercial release. Also included: Module Manager (by sarbian, swamp_ig, and ialdabaoth). See thread for details, license, and source. Kopernicus (by teknoman, bryce, Thomas P., and NathanKell). See thread for details, license, and source. A configuration for Custom Asteriods by Starstrider42. INSTALLATION: 1. Delete any prior RSS install 2. Extract zip to KSP/GameData. You should have one dll (Module Manager) in the root of GameData, and two folders: Kopernicus and RealSolarSystem. However, you are NOT DONE YET. You need to install textures! TEXTURE INSTALLATION: Now, you must select a texture resolution. Download a premade pack (8192, 4096, or 2048) and then, if desired, selectively replace with different-resolution texutres. Note that 8192 is dangerous: it will not work at all on some Macs and you may easily run out of memory in a 32bit KSP environment. Now that all clients support 64bit, if you have a 64bit system it's worth trying. You can get the textures from: the texture repository. Grab one of the resolution packs, then (optionally) get replacements from the repo itself). NOTE: the path is NOT the same as the old (RSS v8 and below) path, and the textures are different. Clean out your old textures and install fresh. FINAL NOTE: You really should play with the recommended mods. See the Realism Overhaul thread for details. ====================== Changelog License CC-BY-NC-SA Download Plugin (by clicking here I certify I have read, and will follow, the installation instructions above) See TEXTURES above for the other downloads Github If you like my work, and want to send something my way, I'm now accepting donations. SUPPORT If you have an issue with the mod (crash, planets aren't rescaled, etc.) please follow the steps in this post. If you do not, I will ask you to do so before providing support. Gaemplay questions, however, are obviously not affected; this is for "your mod broked!!!". Screenshots: The Earth The Real KSC Suborbital trajectory Earth and the other orbits (X-Y plane is the equator; notice how tilted we are from the ecliptic) The New Planets
  10. Simply put - the mariner probe is not configured for RP-0 mechanics which involve avionics. Think of avionics as mass limit a probe core can deal with. As soon as it gets above the mass limit you can’t control your rocket / craft at all until you add a sufficient probe core to it (most preferably to the next stage). Think of it like the real life equivalent in a Atlas V for example, the probe itself won’t steer the whole booster but rely on the rockets internal guidance computers until separation. That’s what avionics try to incorporate. If a probe core isn’t configured for the avionics this mechanic is neglected and you mariner could steer the whole launcher on its own.
  11. Theysen

    Skybox Mods

    Sigma Replacements Skybox as mod which enables other textures then for the skybox itself everything by Poodmund
  12. What does that mean? at least America still uses a lot of those identifiers when pilots call the controller. You don’t want to be cleared for approach behind a 380 when you’re in a little Cessna and the controller - for what ever reason didn’t double check on his strip - , and America has a lot of the latter (Cessna, general aviation) in busy airspaces. agreed to the „more than just“ lifting vehicle like saturn, but differing by payload mass to wherever worked before, too.
  13. ICAO introduced „super“ when the A380 hit the market as identifier for ATC where a B747 or 777 was „heavy“ until then. Let’s just use super heavy lift vehicle and were done.
  14. This mod here itself only offers a framework for other people's parts and / or configs to use the functions TexturesUnlimited offers. You need to install those parts or configs, examples are given in the forum op, the documentation about how to add them to models yourself is also given in the op.