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  1. Update! RSS v16.4 for KSP 1.7.X pap1723 released this 8 days ago Integrated the RSS Runway fix from @whale2 Removed Version Checker Should help with a borked runway in rescaled systems for good!
  2. 12.7.4 released! Hotfix Changes Make rcs quads visible in ksp 1.7.3(This was a big oversight on my part) Regular Changes Fix kerbal scale of Advanced Capsule Add RA modules to FASA, BDB, DECQ Add F2 Agena Fix tweakscale FATAL error Make DRE heatshields available even with ReStock Make Derwent V compatible with Ven's 2.x Fix mm error with stock battery Fix star 48b and star48bv for kk launchers Fix removal of duplicate atk parts if kk launchers is installed Various Raidernick fixes: Fix block d vernier ignitions for kerosene version Fix soyuz EC rates Fix soyuz crafts for ec rates Auto hibernation on soyuz craft files Separate TRS rcs from model Fix TRS plume Fix TRS CoM offset Fix UDA mass Fix Skylab mass Fix soyuz t craft file abort group Fix titan iv interstage title and description Add titan 34d subassemblies Thanks to @lpgagnon, @raidernick and @Capkirk123 for work on this latest update!
  3. Update Time! v12.7.3 for KSP 1.4.5-1.7.3 raidernick released this 11 hours ago Add STME Engine Config with Testflight configs Fix incorrect Engine Type Names Better Internal Overlay scaling for SXT Ju87 cockpit Scale Bonanza IVA to match the RO model size Fix Conic Cockpit IVA Overlay offset Update RO FASA Saturn V Apollo Lunar.craft Update SSTU tanks configs Create unified procedural tanks for RP-1 Remove duplicate converters from SNAP-9, SNAP-19 and MMRTG Changed default engine config from NK-43 to NK-15V to prevent RF from selecting locked configs Update Raptor Engine Config with new infos from SpaceX Fix Mk1 Pod Kerbal scaling Add KSPWheel configs to all Stock landing gear/legs if KSPWheel is installed Comment out landing leg which is not working Add support for integrated RCS in B9 HL and S2 cockpits Compatability with DECQ's Space Shuttle System Correct RealEngines Raptor node position Add new Methalox plume to RealEngines Raptor Updated RD-170,RD-180,RD-190 rescale factors Various Raidernick fixes: Fix N1 fuel flow priorities Fix RCS ports on various command pods R7 overhaul to engines and tanks to use HTP Various vernier plume fixes Update fairing and les configs for changes to abort system in parent mods Fix Salyut CoM and iva locations Fix Salyut and Soyuz EC usage to be more realistic Add new configs for Titan 34D and transtage parts Fix some issues with missing action groups in craft files Thanks to @vader111, @raidernick, @pap1723, @lpgagnon, @Starwaster, @lukecologne, @whale2, @IronKerbal and @siimav for work on this latest update!
  4. UPDATE: v12.7.1 for KSP 1.6.1 raidernick released this 9 hours ago Fixed Rescaling of DRAG_CUBES for heatshields Removed duplicate AdjustableCoMShifter Fixed AdjustableCoMShifter not showing the offset in VAB after loading and existing craft Procedural Fairings Decoupling is stage-able by default Fixed the RTG Core Temp bug in Coatl Probes Plus parts Update RealFuels Tank Definitions to include the Utilization Remove the erroneous NEEDS since PF and PFFE were updated Add Textures Unlimited Support for Tiny Tim Uploaded some Mercury Capsule reference information Add very simple Textures Unlimited support Variants for Proc Parts Update KK configs for Falcon 9 Fix ReStock Plus configs Updated Planet Distances Update Kerbalism "Engine" with only "Good" Resources Increase number of ignitions for RD-58 and RD-58 to 7 Add MLI Layers tweaks Avionics Breakdown notes Add full support for KK Launchers Delta rockets and ATK pack, updated for new release Thanks to @pap1723, @raidernick, @siimav, @lukecologne, @Standecco and @fat-lobyte for work on this latest update!
  5. Update Time! 1.6.1! v12.7.0 for KSP 1.6.1 Update New Squad Part Configs for 1.6.1 SXT changed the part name of the LEM RealEngines updates & fixes Add back the RD-805 gimbal module patch Added 2 Models from VSR for Engines Fixed MM Patch Warnings and E1 Error LR-91 Plume changes Updated MEMLander to MEMLanderSXT Update configs to work with ReStock Fix the Stock Mk1-3 Command Module to be 4m, Add Sputnik, Fix Mk1 Pod Add the AJ10-138 Transtage using the new Squad Poodle Engine Provide support for SSTU parts in 1.6+ Support for the RT-Antennas without RT Installed MH LR91 plume changes Added support for Decalc-O-Mania Add Support for Hullcam VDS - Add Hullcams to all Docking Ports Beginning of Support for Stockalike Station Parts Expansion Redux Added support for the new Procedural Fairings parts Added ReStock Plus support Patched Bornholio's Nuclear Engines to work with ReStock Fix craft file errors Fix Raidernick NEO probes and rcs plumes Fix Raidernick LK engine plumes Fix FASA rcs plumes and thrust Add support for DLC Thanks to @pap1723, @raidernick, @PhineasFreak, @smartdummies and @Rougemoot for work on this latest update!
  6. This is a final release version for 1.3.1 to support the RP-1 release. Everything after this will focus on development for 1.6.1+. Major Changes Solar Panels now have Decay -> Over time they will lose their effectiveness There is a Solar Panel Planner that was added that lets you see the expected output over time at different celestial bodies Minor Changes SRM's disabled ability to change min/max thrust in VAB SSTU Soyuz adapters given proper amount of volume Global Engine Updates Improved configs for: GEM40, GEM56, GEM60 X-405H RD-180 Dry Mass Aerobee's GCRC, Altair, Altair II, Altair III Alcyone 1A BE-3A NEW: Algol I, Algol II, Algol III NEW: Antares I, Antares II, Antares III Castor 1 (added new config variants), Castor 2 E-1 NEW: Juno 6K NEW: Diamant Solids NEW: S2.253 Scud Engine R-7 Vernier Engines LR79 Agena AJ10 NEW: AJ-260 SRM's NEW: Juno 45K LR101 LR105 LR87 LR89 LR91 H-1 (new configs added) NEW: Nike M5E1 J-2 (new configs added) J-2X AJ10-137 RD-170 RD-0110 NK-15/33 Fuel Cell Balancing Test Flight Reliability Adjustments A-9 engine reliability lowered AJ10 Advanced improved RD-10x adjusted RD-170 configs added RD-58 regressed, fixed New Sounding Rocket Parts Improved and Realistic Thrust Curves Altair, Castor I, Castor 2, Altiar II, Altair III, SRMU, UA1207, UA1205 Improved Bluedog Design Bureau support Improved SSTU support Improved RaiderNick Configs (includes craft updates) Many RealPlume configs improved RCS fixes to RCSFX X405, LR91 now uses THRUST_TRANSFORMS so the turbopump exhaust fails when the main engine fails Removed MiniAVC Vostok EC usage changed Universal Storage II support Plutonium-138 costs updated SNAP-19 RTG changed RemoteTech use cases added for antennas Procedural Decoupler can now be turned into a separator New RF Tanks moved from RP-1 to RO Added support for Near Future Construction Added a fake TACLS Engine so you can configure LS tanks easily Stock Antenna bug fixed where rounding errors would cause science to not be received if not using RemoteTech Added the K2 Command pod as a 2nd Generation 2-crew Pod Thanks to everyone who helped with the update including @raidernick @pap1723 @NathanKell @Ash19256@Standecco @smartdummies @blowfishpro @Zantigar @PhineasFreak @AnticlockwisePropeller@leudaimon @MikeOnTea @mattwrobel @nicolasbigler @DocRockwell @lukecologne @Schnobs
  7. UPDATE! Updated for KSP 1.6.1. Added recovery zone support for the NIMBY (Not In My BackYard) mod (courtesy of @Kerbas-ad-astra - PR #155). Added the Mahia launch site in New Zealand (courtesy of @leudaimon - PR #157). Added an installation checker to verify that the required RSS textures are installed upon game startup. Added support for CommNet stations mirroring the existing ones by RemoteTech. Enabled the "On Demand" feature of Kopernicus for up to 35% reduction of memory requirements (courtesy of @pap1723 - Commit b1b8507). Fixed the incorrect latitude of the MSFN Indian Ocean Ship tracking station (courtesy of @Kerbas-ad-astra- PR #150). Fixed the missing surface tiles on sub-orbital flights (courtesy of @siimav - PR #159). Fixed the incorrect thermal radiation properties of Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Vessels will now explode less when in close proximity to these bodies (courtesy of @Starwaster - PR #162). Removed a lot of non-working stock KSP PQS mods. Removed the stock KSP launch sites (managed for RSS by KSCSwitcher). Removed the compatibility patches for AntennaRange, Better Buoyancy and TextureReplacerReplaced, as these mods are now deprecated and/or not maintained. End User Notes: From this release onwards the following dependent mods that were previously packaged along RealSolarSystem must be downloaded and installed separately: Kopernicus Modular Flight Integrator Module Manager This only affects users that are installing RealSolarSystem manually. CKAN users are not affected.
  8. 1.3.1 or 1.4.5 as the title indicates for now. There are too many dependencies not there yet for 1.6+ so there also is no version of RO for it.
  9. This will be a long-term fix *many* of the RO configs need to undergo. It was introduced by switching the stock RCS-FX modules and some RO configs still reference an old one.
  10. RO based issues related to usage in RO or config-oriented questions are not handled by Shadowmage himself, it's all up to RO itself to fix it. Right now the SRB's are broken, yes. We seek improvement with versions to come.
  11. Did you make sure to follow *exactly* what PhineasFreak wrote in the extensive GitHub Wiki about the correct versions of EVE and scatterer? Most likely you didn't install 0.0320b for scatterer, it's the only correct working version for RSS / RSSVE at the moment and is mandatory. I guess that will fix your issues, hopefully! Check it here to make sure:
  12. But 1.3.1 will never leave my heart. Will change, thanks!
  13. Hey @Avera9eJoe, *when* I play stock I still grab this as its so pure and nice One question though which came up now as I got a new stock install up, will you at some point retouch the scatterer ocean configs? Because - and I hope I didn't botch anything - under certain conditions you can't tell them apart from the land mass, they're all one of the same green/brownish mud. Cheers!