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  1. I‘d love to see some math proof for having mixed fuels in a single stage just to make a 1.5 stage. I have a feeling you’d lose on the heavier infrastructure to support dead weight once the RP-1 depleted. Also different pump pressured and injection conditions might require even more support structure? Just some thoughts going into that since the good old atlas used very similar engine specifics stemming from the same series just for different optimization purposes. I get the whole idea behind it, don’t get me wrong
  2. At this point of reoccuring bugs and bug reports from your side of the same issue I'd suggest you make use of Phineas Freak's signature and maybe maybe the logs tell where the culprit is!
  3. are you actually on ksp 1.3? font looks like 1.2.2?
  4. It didn't fly once @Pappystein so I think it's okay to reuse the name for an entire rocket
  5. Yeah the cloud integration at terminator is nice, but imho it is "there because it wants to show off that it is implemented in scatterer", if you get what I mean Might tweak those to a little softer edge and the terminator is also tweakable last time I tinkered around with scatterer's configger, but that was PRE 0.0320 so I'd have to check what can be done.
  6. Of course this might be exaggerated too but sharp terminator is kind of realistic in comparison to what yours looks now. Of course, each to their own
  7. @etheoma did you orient the craft so the sun's heat hits only the smallest area possible of the tank? Orientation and exposed area plays a factor with boiloff. Also you could Starwaster's HeatPump mod which aids with conserving the fuels. Otherwise a complete mod list and logs would help as usual, too.
  8. @cgwhite4 no worries, as of right now the RO suite and its collaborators all brought up their community effort and helped out where they could when things needed little fixes, a recompile (for example - PhineasFreak also provided a Realheat.dll last time which then was just taken by Stratochief and got released officially. This will most likely be the case again). With the big RO environment you don't need to take the names behind every mod release for the owner, it often appears that a collaborator who has a free minute and release rights on GitHub takes care of such a thing when no objections or reported bugs remain. During those times NathanKell took his well deserved time out from KSP and stratochief was very involved with others and maintained lots of the Pull Reauests and dependency releases. Now he is taking some time off and others take over again some of the work it's really like a big family you have to think off. And as much as I also submitted things to RO i am also "only" the OP maintainer when there was need for a new one during the forum crash - I don't collect the official release myself but wait on the "big bosses" to pull everything together and make a new release
  9. [1.2/1.3] Real Scale Boosters, 0.15 (2016-10-12)

    Hey @NecroBones, is there any chance you might give the RS-68 / Delta CBC the needed turbopumps exhausts to have roll control any time in the future? Right now the exit ports of that are modeled onto the first stage's rear end where the RS-68 nozzle is applied under. (Modwise I would think it would be easier to make the rear end part of the engine model and have the thrust transforms all set up on the single engine part?). In the meantime I try to add dummy engines under the model {} node to fight the issue. If you will ever come back to this and implement one way or the other I'd be more than happy - if not at least I wanted to notify you
  10. Simple scene change from VAB to KSC or the other way round fixes it.
  11. How to build bases?

    I know all that. It would essentially need a rewrite of any planetoid rendering features or the entire game maybe? Or a mod which somehow manages to fake it. But one can dream
  12. How to build bases?

    I'd love a mod which allows terraforming (on the grand scope) starting with base modules you can dig into the ground (moon village by ESA) or use the terrain as part of the base itself, building a real infrastructure (e.g ground rail tracks to a landing pad which then gets picked up by a little train or something like this :p) To the specific question: the above posters really got it down in detail.
  13. RSSVE is a no-no via CKAN and I have no clue how it is on CKAN in the first place. Anyways, this is not scatterer's "fault" or anything but making sure your dependancies work with the correct version. Install RSSVE manually from here: (drop RSSVE folder in gamedata after unzipping) Install correct scatterer version for 1.2.2 from here: (drop scatterer in gamedata folder after unzipping) it then is assured to work correctly. Also please provide logs and mod details next time you report some issues you have as this would help mod devs and other people looking to help you as well as show your general interest in receiving efficient support
  14. @Motokid600 Respecting the wish of Shadowmage to not discuss RO in here as he clearly states he does not support it - you can't compare the latest SSTU version which is made for 1.3 with the last working version for 1.2.2 which is this one - for the reasons @Shadowmage mentioned above: many things got rearranged and updated: Not surely following the reasoning behind why you mention RSS/RO in combination with this but RO changes quite a few things via the configs and absolutely need the version mentioned above. ** I am just dropping this here quickly to make sure other users get this correct, too. ** For all other things you reported, FAR works with SSTU flawlessly in the newest 1.3 installment on my end (fresh install, no other stuff installed) and the diameter changeable.
  15. I - just - clicked the sole bare minimum for RO in CKAN and it ran forever in loading screen. I shall retest it. Anyways I think the direct linking to a confirmed working mod is a little QoL improvement and doesn't hurt anyways