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  1. It is locked. End of statement. There really is nothing more to say about it other than you always can check the Kopernikus thread title and use the version that is listed there for the newest version of KSP / Kopernicus. (There are backports for the last two major stable versions of KSP usually).
  2. UPDATE FOR KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM 1.4.5 Updated for KSP 1.4.5 Added a patch to fix the density and size of the asteroids. Cleaned up the RSS source to remove obsolete code. Thanks to PhineasFreak for providing the patches and fixes for this release. Follow the usual installation steps and enjoy the real solar system experience in KSP 1.4.5!
  3. The three mods you listed are fundamental for RO / RSS. And to be honest, it wouldn't consider it "halting" a release, just view 1.3.1 as the base version for RO to remain on until we eventually someday update it to 1.4.X whatever the version of KSP is current. Are there actually features absolutely needed for RO? I didn't bother to check but saw the many bugs, fixes and issues still remaining with the current version of KSP. 1.3.1 is nice and stable. If FAR and other mods remain on 1.3.1, we will too. I think the big update will happen once RP-1 *might* be released, otherwise there is no rush whatsoever. :)
  4. Theysen

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Spinning up before payload release is normal procedure to ensure proper separation. Almost any launcher goes with such a procedure. For example you can look at the Ariane user guide and the values , turn rate and angles are completely documented so the customer knows what he has to prepare for. Of course there are many configurations and customer wishes but spinning up is nominal.
  5. RP-0 is a complete addition to RO, you can’t run it on your own, it’s a hard dependency.
  6. Thread OP and title always has the newest released version in it , no testing at this point
  7. Seems like latest Launchers Pack has features on them from the new 1.4, make sure to get the version for 1.3.1, our configs are a year old, might be changes in the mod itself which we need to adapt.
  8. Exactly. Make the configs and Test them and then PLEASE - submit them to the RO GitHub repo so they don’t start scattering and become „exclusive“ to some people, were a big community and we’d love to have the same basis for everyone.
  9. We should make KRE by embersarc compatible
  10. known bug. you need to add a procedural weight for the amount of your kerbals (100kg per kerbal?), design your vessel and then delete the proc weight and add the kerbals before launch. In flight it is correct.
  11. This is actually needed as KSP doesn't support axial tilt, so RSS tilts all planets around Earth to maintain proper inclinations. Principia implements axial tilt, by the way but it also implements n-body physics.
  12. Updated release available! Changelog for v12.1.0 for KSP 1.3.1 Add support for smart parts Fix NEXT ion thruster Add support for new ProbesPlus parts Correct SSTU orion mass Fix AJ10-190 fuel ratio Update RSB configs Fix SSTU module manager errors Add GCRC srb config Fix X-15 cockpit Various Raidernick config fixes including LOK/LK, Pioneer, Molniya and Luna Add support for RN N1 rocket Fix RN remotetech configs and add for new parts
  13. Update available! Update custom asteroids compatibility for 1.3+ Fix earth terrain noise for changes in ksp 1.4.x, still works in 1.3.1 Fixed the problem with the normal maps for Ceres and Vesta, requires update of rss textures pack RealSolarSystem plugin: Textures: Enjoy!
  14. you most likely have FAR craft files in the KSP/ships thumbs, vab and sph folders. Try to manually delete them and CKAN won't cry about them.
  15. As already said - the op will be reworked completely. What are you running ? For RSS there is RSSVE , EVE 1.2.1-1 and scatterer 0320b are required.