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  1. I don't know why, or how, but I'm pretty sure it's due to one of the mods I have installed. Take a look at this: Both models, new and outdated, show up - only one or the other is available in parts selection at a time. I could attach both to the same plane once the other shows up, though. So, I built something, made a few test flights, came back, wanted to get another J-X4, and didn't find it. Entered the name, the old model showed up. No restarts nor file changes in between building that plane, with the new model of the engine, and coming back to the hangar to find only the old one instead. Upon game restart, it's still the old model. If I load my saved ship, it comes with the new models still attached. They kind of flip-flop around, as it seems. Saving the new model as a subassembly, I can get it from there - but can't attach, nor even place it anywhere. It's stuck to my cursor and won't allow me to discard / delete it, either. I have to hit "load craft" or "new" at that point to get rid of it. What gives? More importantly, what's the file name I need to look for in my GameData Mods / Plugins to find what's replacing (?) or messing with the vanilla model? Or is it due to something else? Plis, halp.
  2. I'm running v1.2.2, and I've got the same issues. My Rovers just curve to the left when accelerating, or rolling with sufficient speed. Guess I'll spend my research points in other categories, then... Any word of when this issue will be tackled?
  3. The bug just destroyed one of my stations with everything that was docked to it in career mode. I tried to refuel an empty mono-propelled probe, which didn't work. Without using the pump fuel function, even. I just clicked at both tanks, but it didn't allow me to pump anything anywhere with that docked probe. Then I tried to do it with "pump fuel", and it completely annihilated my entire solar system. Camera mid-space somewhere, nothing existed anymore, altitude full of red zeros - then the game crashed. On restart and reload, the complete station with everything docked to it is gone. I don't know what exactly is the reason for that, maybe it set the stations altitude to 0, into Kerbins core, or it just completely deleted the station from existance because it was corrupted or whatever - using this without saving your game before you pump any fuel can straight up ruin your game. I'd even go as far as to say with the mod installed, you will randomly find yourself unable to pump ANY fuel to an empty craft which needs it, stranding that craft somewhere because if you try to fuel it, it just nukes everything that's attached to it. Then again, playing with bigger ships that require refueling without this mod is near impossible, too. We really need that mod to work, it's one of the most important functions that should really be vanilla functionality. Please fix... please
  4. Hey there! Is there anywhere we can download your FRAKKIN' AWESOME craft files? I've wanted at least one other in the past and went looking on curse and a topic here, but didn't find any. Now it's your F/A-37 Talon that's got me hooked again. Do you upload your craft files anywhere...?

    So awesome. Keep it up. :cool:

    1. V8jester


      I honestly don't. Due to my mod list growing beyond 100 mods plus a custom folder with my own patch files to alter things even further. Also my average memory usage is 13-17GB. So a lot of people out there will have issues with some of my crafts. Also I tend to build something new every couple of days. I just can't keep up with craft files, forum posts and YouTube videos all at once :) but on rare ocasions when someone proves they have the hardware, the know how and the respect to ask nicely.I have been known to share. Send me a PM and I will see what I can do.

  5. Today, I've once again attempted to configure my HOTAS (Thrustmaster Top Gun Afterburner II) for KSP. It was a frustrating nightmare. While it is possible to somehow, with lots of fiddling, assign the correct axis... having to go back and forth from main menu and gameplay [load savegame, go to runway, quit to main menu, go to settings, repeat] is incredibly bothersome. Especially when stuff you see happening in the game just doesn't add up at all. With a centered stick, the indicators for YPR just went nuts. Going fom far right / bottom all the way to far left / top, and wiggling the Joystick around caused them to eventually swap sides - and stick there. Y far left, P pressed down, and R far right - one wiggle of the stick and some of those swap sides. Impossible to center anything. And this has been a known problem for years by now: I've attempted to read up on what the heck's going on here, and it seems to come down to Unity reading either raw or direct input, can't recall which one it was, while lots of Joysticks provide the other. There are "workarounds" which include disabling basic driver security measures of Windows, and installing virtual Joystick programs to serve as input to the Game while reading the actual Joystick input and putting that through... Long story short, I'm a software dev myself looking to play a game after a long day at work. And I'd prefer the game to "just work" (in regular Windows terminology). As in: Plug, wait a second, and play. No nonsense with disabling system security components and externally emulating virtual sticks just to get a darn Joystick to work in a game that you'd expect requires one to play properly in the first place. If Unity presents these kind of barriers to Joystick usage, it'd be somewhere on top of my priority list to work around these barriers and get Joysticks to "just work as expected" ASAP. In my time, I've played X-Wing Alliance, I've played the whole X-Series, MS Flight Sim and even TIE FIGHTER for DOS on Joysticks [even this particular one], and many, many more. KSP being unable to handle Joysticks at all, for whatever reason really, looks incredibly pitiful. I enjoy playing KSP immensely, which is the only reason why the lack of Joystick compatibility "out of the box" bothers me so much. Please don't expect your community to have a degree in computer science to just play a flight sim (be that with planes and/or rockets) with hardware made for flight sims.
  6. I won't be signing up there just to share a file. There you go: - with part mods included - just the craft files Mods are OPT Space Plane Parts & the Alcubierre-drive "Warp Ship ISX Enterprise". Hope it helps.
  7. There are multiple craft, docked in orbit. Orbit One is my intended refueling station, and the Phoenix is docked to it right now along with a fuel tank it hauled up into orbit at the bottom there, and one escape pod craft hidden behind that tank. It's got two docking rings, up top and at the bottom. The engine is still attached, for emergency orbit corrections since it doesn't even have RCS. But theoretically, lots and lots of fuel. I'll include the craft files if I can figure out how. Because I don't know how to upload files here...
  8. Well, except I can't pump anything in some weird cases. Like shown above. I can't use the mod in any other circumstances than lab conditions. I need it the most in orbit, though...
  9. This? Does it have to be? It was like this by default.
  10. Here we go. That's what I tried to do just now. All stock parts, sandbox mode. It wouldn't transfer fuel. On the other hand, however, this... ... does work. All stock parts, as well. What gives? Did I miss something? I really need this, badly. Someone, pliz halp.
  11. Update: Does it just not work with mod parts...? I tried it again, on the ground, with two rovers made from stock parts. And it worked. When trying in orbit, with my refueling station, it refuses to work. Depending on which ports I click on pump fuel, it even glitches and then crashes my game, like in the post above. I'm using the OPT Space Plane parts, which offer right-click to change fuel tank layouts, and my stations main fuselage is the Warp Ship fuel tanks. Which are basically identical to the orange stock ones in values, just a bit shorter and looking much better. I don't like the raw orange finish on my station... so I went with the white ones instead. And a shuttle out of OPT parts is docked there, too. So it's both Warpship and OPT parts connected to the station when attempting to pump. I'll have to check if it's some specific parts on the ground... I really need this mod. Badly.
  12. Yeah, I've figured it out by now. The outdated and confusing instructions of the mod gave me all those issues. As for such a part: We've got real wizards working on mods here, Harry #challengeaccepted, anyone? ... no? Well. Worth a shot. As for the solution to my issues, see...
  13. There are many mods, but this mod in particular deserves more exposure and an easier introduction to interested newcomers.
  14. I don't know. But blaming people for following lackluster instructions certainly is! We need the proper, up-to-date links clearly visible and advertised on the first post, or else this kind of thing is just bound to happen. There are 74 pages by now. 74. We are new to this mod, see the first post, download the "most recent version" according to that, and are puzzled why it won't work. We eventually figured out there's a 2.0.10 version out there, and got the core files of that - or did we? It certainly said so on the label, and yet, it still didn't work with the parts we got. Unless the first post is updated each time, this soft of thing will continue to happen. You obviously know that things have to be mentioned multiple times in this thread already, because people are unable to find it once it's buried. And they don't even have the keywords to search for like we do now, thanks to you. This mod is way too cool of a thing to be this hard to get into, and that's just because of an outdated first post, mind you.
  15. I've been confused by the included files stating they were from 2016, and v2.0.2 - while the replacement core files were from 2015, yeah, and v2.0.10. I found this rather odd and made seperate folders where I put the mod together: One with the 2016 v2.0.2 files, and the other with 2015 v2.0.10 files. Tried both, none worked. It's very confusing none the less, though. Why are the files possibly all over the 74 pages instead of listed in the first post...?