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  1. Hello everyone! I have a problem which whenever I check a mod, the "apply changes" button is still greyed out. I tried restarting it, reinstalling, restarting, and deleting cache, yet nothing works. Does anyone have help on this problem?
  2. doesn't work for me, I am on 1.3 and I have KRE installed.
  3. I forgot how to land my rockets, dang it.
  4. What other revamps are you planning? For me, the HS-X Hypersonic Cockpit looks pretty strange, especially the nose. It's easy to distinguish from the stock Mk2 cockpit, but it just doesn't look stock-alike enough. Not very easy on the eyes. Of course, that's my opinion.
  5. It was uploaded only 2 days ago.
  6. Hello everyone! Today I decided to make a challenge myself, because I couldn't get my mind out of it. The challenge is currently closed, and open for suggestions. It will open after the August 21st eclipse, for obvious reasons. The challenge: Get to space only using SRBs. Points: Expendable = 10 points Semi re-usable = 50 points Fully re-usable = 100 points Each parachute landing = 30 points Each powered landing = 100 points Reach an altitude of 0-69 kilometers = 40 points Reach an altitude of 70-100 kilometers = 70 points Reach an altitude of higher than 100 kilometers = 100 points Get to the Mun = 200 points Mun landing = 100 additional points Mun return = 100 additional points Get to Minmus = 250 points Minmus landing = 50 additional points Minmus return = 100 additional points Get to Duna = 1000 points Land on Duna = 500 additional points Duna return = 500 additional points More later. You can suggest how many points for a suggested unlisted achievement, or request to change one. The brave kerbals taking apart this challenge: Nobody (yet) = 0 points I don't know how to make a badge, let alone give someone one.
  7. Just add moar boosters, and if that doesn't work, moar struts!
  8. I also meant KSP updates.
  9. So apparently people like expendable rockets more than re-usable ones. Can relate. Falcon 9 is both if you ask me, but it's mostly re-usable.
  10. Only 4 :| Thought I had like 8 or something. Maybe I could, but 4 is the maximum for me. Well, maybe when I upgrade my computer (in a few trillion years) or an update makes the mod work on 4 GB computers.
  11. That would really be a pain to uninstall, and mods usually don't do that. Also, turns out I don't have enough RAM. Time to uninstall I guess.
  12. Mkay. I got frozen pizza in the freezer. I suggest you rename the "GameData" folder into BeforeKerbin or something, because then KSP gets confused. We can rename it, but it's a lot more convenient.
  13. Similar thing here with the gloss and reflectivity:
  14. I never said you were ignorant, it's just a common thing that happens. Eventually someone is going to argue about that (not me) and basically your signature.
  15. The V2 is a pedant missile that terrorized London. Heck, even the Dragon V2 was renamed to Dragon 2, partly because of the V2. Better to name it something else.