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  1. Sorry I was called away suddenly on work. Are you working on this mod From what I gather you are.

    1. Grand Ship Builder

      Grand Ship Builder

      Not now. I'm now focusing on life and KSP doesn't appeal to me for now.

    2. flekota


      No problem


  2. Hows the SpaceX Oddity coming along?

    1. Grand Ship Builder

      Grand Ship Builder

      Well Sam left and I'm now focusing on life.

  3. I am continuing the mod, again. Most of the team quit and started a new mod. I'm not bashing anyone, okay? Below is the DD post, will be updated quite a bit. I miss @SamBelanger Logo! (Made by a very good and helpful friend!) A very nice header made from a very nice friend. Hello KSP players, here is an interesting mod that adds several star systems, some of which are binary pairs. You may find it unrealistic, but what isn't so in KSP? Pictures : DoubleDouble Album Landing! Hum nice picture
  4. List of fun facts today: The speed of gravity is the same as, or close to, the speed of light. We found a new human organ called the mesentery but we don't know what it does. It's mathematically possible to make a time machine, it's just difficult to find the materials that could let us do it. There's a new type of diabetes: Type 3c. There's a mysterious blob of hot rock building up under Northeast America. Lungs make the majority of our platelets. Time crystals are a new state of matter and we can make them. The brain eats itself when it doesn't
  5. I probably don't know but we're (probably) still gonna make a new one but be a lot nicer so we can forget this happened.
  6. Can this thread please be locked? I've messaged the mods and nothing yet.
  7. The DDR Developers have agreed to stop posting here because of this "chaos", so bye?
  8. It is not my fault that @SamBelanger left for no apparent reason, and even if so, not intentionally. How would you know if me making this thread to CONTINUE an ABANDONED mod has only been for popularity? I've contributed to this mod well, and this whole situation is just annoying me, and the other DD developers here. I'm fairly new to modding, yes, but that does not mean I have no modding skills. On manners, what? Sure, we make mistakes sometimes, but no matters at all? You are wrong on many levels. ' I think it's people like YOU who are causing the chaos in the thread, and as such
  9. I think @SamBelanger would highly disagree with you, if he was here.
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