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  1. Forum Memes

    When users are trying a new game update:
  2. What did you do in KSP today?

    Today was an occasion for the engineers team to go back to Eve, three contract having been signed. One of them asked for a ComSat to be placed on a geostationary orbit, the second asked for a lander and the third for science transmission from the surface. Sole problem? Mortimer once again asked for more efforts and better efficiency! This finance guy will end up selling us all... Anyway, one solution was still possible: to place the Sat and the lander on the same flight! The mission receiving the name of Evera. Pretty cheap and with good performances, the light-medium Alliance 2-1b was chosen to be the carrier: Powerful kicking with a TWR of 1.9 at launch. The Kerman Kross that everybody knows. Following a common and easy launch, it was then time to start the transfer after only 14 minutes in orbit. Having 1.2 km/s of impulse still available the second stage took care of everything... Before being ejected perfectly. Then 213 long and boring day followed... Until our arrival in Eve sphere of influence. Immediately Evera's relay was separated to realize some maneuvers. A perfect geostationary orbit being reached after only two passes. First contract successful. But the most stressing had to be completed:
  3. Basic Mk2 Spaceplane Guide

    Thank you so much for these tips. I used to build all my SSTO drugged and overpowered by 4 or 6 RAPIER (for the light and medium category), with a lot of air intakes, until I discovered your topic. And the best? It works immediately! That craft reached an orbit of 85 km, met with a station at 250 km and deorbit with around 15 units of fuel remaining, and at the first flight!
  4. The airplane picture thread.

    I just love them. To me the BAe 146/ Avro RJs family was just another proof of how elegant the British aircraft manufacturers were. Which tactical bomber was more elegant and sexy than the TSR.2 in the 60's? Even if I enjoy the lines of the Mirage IV, they are not as smooth than the wonder from BAC. The same for the VC10, and the Trident which were graceful.
  5. Where do you live?

    I am coming from a small coast city called Granville, in the French region of Normandy. But, I am currently living in Florida, after having moved about 24 times in 6 different countries of Europe and North America... Since I was 14 years old I never stayed at the same place more than 2 years. It pleased to me, but now I would like to stay somewhere at least for 5 to 7 years; it will soon be 11 years that my life can be resumed in two suitcases and a backpack.
  6. What did you do in KSP today?

    The decision was taken to work on another small and fast exploration aircraft able to reach a pole and came back. Codename: Sarcina! Knew for her courage, Willey was selected for the test flights! And she seemed to enjoy and be proud of this honor! Take-off! Willey is, once again, demonstrating her bravery and confidence while flying this beautiful monster! Impressive reactivity from the craft, mixed with high speeds possibilities at very low level, AND an awesome maneuvera... ... OK. Anyway, it probably was the fault of Willey. The craft was too complexe and performant even for her! Let's go back with a reviewed model! In live report from Lt. Kerman are indicating her extreme confidence in this version! YEEEEEHAAAAAAAWWWWW!!! THIS IS INCREDIBLE, THIS IS AWESOME, THIS IS PERF', OH SHI.... OK, for the 2nd time... I will work on it later. Thank you Willey.
  7. The incredible possibilities the randomely names generator offers to us... ................................................................ Even Barnie could not retain himself from laughing at her.
  8. What did you do in KSP today?

    It is my first day in months I was able to play a bit, so I finally decided to complete a mini satellites constellation : 125 parts yeah... but only 5.3 tooooonnnnns... Toucan 18 is climbing with the Dwarf units on-board. Inclination aimed: 45 degrees. Time to separate after 1 min 30 s of flight only. The payload fairing was separated once 50 km has been reached. It definitively lacked force, and was ugly to look at. Ap placed at 350 km for now. The second stage past over the southern mountains at approx 80 km. Circularization and... Release of the first comsat successful. The rest is way too long to be show directly, so the best was to place them in a spoiler. Then followed... The end for the 2nd stage which was deorbitted with its fuel residue. End of the mission. Eight small relay in orbit for the modest amount of around 7300 funds.
  9. The airplane picture thread.

    One of the two KC-707-329 Re'em from the IDF at Brest. They were of their way to participate to Red Flag 2014 and made a stop at our airport. It was the fourth and last time for now I've seen 707s. And I will never forget them as during the same day sunset a friend and I were walking along the coast. When, suddenly, we heard some thunderous noise. By looking at the South it was possible for us to see four black smoke trails climbing to the sky. I guess their next step were the Açores. A French Air Force A310-300, still at Brest, but I can't remember why it was there that day... DA40NG F-HOOO. The airclub used to have a fleet of 10 aircraft at the time I leaved, 3 of them being Diamond Star. But of these three Oscar x 3 was the best (to me). Less failures, and, strangely, a better behavior than the others two in flight. F-HOAA rear view from F-HOOO. A good way to see the offset forward gear. Just like the beautiful HS 121 Trident. ---- This ex-BA livery got something exceptional to my taste. I found it was even more better on their 757s, going pretty well with their fine lines.
  10. Your Favorite Anime

    It's pretty hard to have a real favorite, I am thinking about Mardock Scramble, Perfect Blue or Wicked City (glorious!) are passing through my minds, without counting C.B and Planets already announced over. I, actually, got a friend of mine who is still at 24 totally seduced and crazy of Sailor Moon... but I should admit, I used to be crazy of Sailor Mercury as a kid (Mr. Freud would had enjoyed our cases).
  11. The airplane picture thread.

    Some I shared online years ago with JetPhotos.net, before it become some kind of an "artistic but boring" website for usual everyday aircraft: The BSL Airlines Il-78M landing at Juliana in 95, about a week after hurricane Luis struck the island. A Sun County 727-200Adv. An Air Outre-Mer DC-10-30; still at Juliana. It was in 98, but I still can remember clearly the stop-over destination: La Romana in Dominican Republic, before the final step to Paris Orly. Britair CRJ-1000ER landing at Brest Guipavas. My beloved Juliett-Charlie. This picture actually isn't mine... and for a good reason as I was in the cockpit that day.
  12. You favorite tv series

    I'm gonna look like an old timer but... The Aeronauts, originally Les Chevalier du Ciel: Following I would go for: Starsky & Huch (yes, that's old too) Pensacola Wings of Gold (less old, but still) Airwolf Wire in the Blood Midsomer Murders Wallander Knight Rider Drawn Together (just love the level of criticism)
  13. Awesome! Thank you so much, this flag is my favorite since childhood (with Alaska and Mozambique). Also, I was thinking about flags your art remembered me, the first being Saint-Lucia as above. And I finally rememerbered the one I was thinking about, the Seychelles.
  14. Peoples from Saint-Lucia would love your art: Could it be possible to you to realize the flag of Antigua and Barbuda?
  15. Lol-just found this meme

    Cuz' the gravity is an ILLUSION! All of you actually are prison3rs of the Zionist, who are under the rules of the ILLUMINATIS!!!!!!!! Poor peoples, most of you are actually sleepy in special cans and only us got the chance to choose the red pill! Wake up peoples! --- More seriously, if the ideas they are defending are based on non-scientific facts, it's then impossible to counter them with logic.