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  1. This mission patch, though ...
  2. Now, THAT is interesting.
  3. This complete lack of seriousness... How dare they?!
  4. From my opinion, to center your name in the banner would make the whole design more appealing. Edit: Wrote the guy having the same badly placed .gif in his signature for four years now...
  5. It is simply one of the most atrocious fonts to read once you reach a certain age. The original idea was (and still is) rather good, but the fact that adults use it at a daily rate during professional exchange is an atrocity. On my personal Top 5 of the Worst Fonts to Use at Work, I give it the third place: 1. OldDreadfulNo7 BT (supreme insult to a reader). 2. Gigi. 4. Curlz MT. 5. Chiller.
  6. There never was any ULA sniper, just a suborbital attempt. Tory was simply too occupied to test Vulcan upper stage.
  7. Keeping on with ULA meme.
  8. White Phosphorus shell? Intercepted.
  9. Today, I had my tenth surgical intervention in twenty-seven years of existence Fortunately, I only got a local anesthesia, but I'm starting to have more than enough of the "butcher's table"...
  10. ———