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  1. I finally upgraded my bass drum and it changes my experience! Neighbors must enjoy too!
  2. I haven't listened at Rush for about 12 years (no joke, except the usual broadcasting of Tom Sawyer, which I've never been a fan of), so external impulsions telling me I should go back again I did it... Now I have Manhattan Project running through my minds for hours and I just can't stop listening at it. How such a topic could be transposed to that style of music is simply incredible to me.
  3. Has the despair of some of us been heard by Arianespace? They have just released a recap video of the 16th launch and a short view from an on-board camera is visible at 1:12. 3139 days. It took 3139 days to share a sight provided by most other launch providers.
  4. Eight years later, we are still waiting for an onboard camera... However, the AOV-CSG has finally shared some HFR shots from VV16.
  5. XB-70A


    Just leaving this here.
  6. That part where Dr. X talks around 2:30 always got me. (The track's name ironically fits our times...)
  7. Went for SAOCOM 1B and I caught the Blackhawk pair in some kind of Apocalypse Now atmosphere. The incredible sight of B1059 climbing to a polar orbit, seen from the South of Cape Canaveral. First stage landing burn.
  8. The latest NAM forecast gave a central pressure of 897 hPa on Wednesday at 16:00Z, which would make Laura the fifth most intense tropical cyclone in Northern Atlantic.
  9. XB-70A


    Honestly, I can't understand why jackhammers still aren't regarded as groundbreaking inventions. --- What one would say if a pun enters a room to kill ten people? Pun in - Ten dead.
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