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  1. Whatdaheeeeeck?! Head of the E.S.A. would like to have "human flights on Ariane 6".
  2. I left. I was still a teenager at that time and had to restart high-school. Also, I was too young for being allowed to drive in my country, so the boss was a bit nervous when I was taking those cars for "deliveries" (I preferred to call them "training-tests"). However, I heard that guy stayed there for a short while, but enough to spread a mess in the staff and make the organization losing money. Cancerous cell.
  3. I had a similar playboy-wannabe working with me at a garage in the late 2000's. The guy was a human incarnation of a cancerous cell, spreading into a well functioning system to corrupt everyone. Anyway, he was also some kind of a not-so-discret perv', and always talked badly of our female customers. Almost each time he had to reach me like, "Wow, look at this one right there!" Usually, I wasn't even looking, but on one day he said it again. I rose my head, looked at the woman, looked at him straight and said, "She's my mother." It was the truth. The creep never talked to me about women anymore for the remaining three weeks.
  4. Just leaving this Happy Birthday's cake baking here.
  5. I know this program can be questionable about first and second stage disposal, but... Isn't it great to collect and park your recently found fairing?
  6. My curiosity is triggered. Will they also give the opportunity to chose another name for the rover? Just asking, as I found that Perseverance doesn't really match the spirit behind those missions.
  7. VV16 now potentially delayed until August. Source is independent, and it still has not been confirmed by Arianespace nor Avio.
  8. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-eu-space-idUSKBN23Z0JC
  9. Note, I'm not really buying that "high-altitude wind" reason, as most data available are showing less than 30 km/h from surface to 13.5 km (FL450) and the cloud base is given at 9.9-10 km.