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  1. I KNOW! ... Now you make me think about it... should I sell my “power” to ULA?
  2. Today I realized I saw each launch of B1056 excepted her doomed one three days ago. Some pictures I took of her in last December, when she was coming back following the launch of JCSat 18/Kasific 1. (Taken with a 1/2.3 sensor, so it's going to be pretty grainy) To get an idea of the size of Merlin's noozle. Dolphins like to swim into the canal. Markings of a fairing didn't survive. It was my first time to "see" what was inside the fairing in real life. Just one last shot before leaving the docks.
  3. One of the few times one can enjoy to see a transonic cone with Ariane V. (Bad screenshot)
  4. Got to love that Verizon robotic voice in the back
  5. Talking about the next Starlink launch, it appears that unit 1149 (v1.0 3-36) could reenter tomorrow, about 1.5 hours following the launch of the fifth flight. The satellite was launched on the third flight in late January, and is still orbiting at 302 x 289 km (another site claims 309 x 296 km). Any idea about?
  6. Talk about a bad week... Robert Conrad died earlier today.
  7. As a BX Turbo "brother", I plead you to stay
  8. This one. I saw the Fury while still being a child, and it really marked me. Another Kirk's movie which marked me: Such a great actor...
  9. Today was Kaboom-Day. Once again, a seagull found it would be a good idea to pass right in front. Good bye, B1046 The "mushroom" cloud left by the second stage, minutes after its impact.
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  11. Kacific 1 and Falcon 9 illuminating the sky at night. And Starliner F1, Hard to notice, but one of the SRB is passing through the flame. Gas expansion is easily noticeable when the sun is illuminating the higher level of the atmosphere, while the surface level is still in the dark, RD-180 shut-down, 15 minutes after lift-off.