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  1. What did you do in KSP today?

    All the screenshots are coming from my second landing attempt, the first was actually terrible as the lander ended in a crevasse! Not as horrible as what really happened to this poor Philae, but still... damn you, you bad lander! Thank you for these words! To be honest it's even reassuring I started to work on a Parker Solar Probe-like craft five days ago, but I found the final result is looking too ugly... All my pleasure, the details of your mod is really awesome. I was a bit perplex at first when, in the tracking station, I saw the comet being "round", even by zooming at max... how wrong I was, when I saw what it truly was while approaching it. It was like a real dream vision! Also, as the encounters have to be realized extremely far from Kerbol, I finally realized that the lack of the tail is far from being a problem, it's even more realistic.
  2. What did you do in KSP today?

    Today I finally completed the Rosetta-Philae inspired mission with Ptolemaios probe. I reworked a bit more the Ariadne 5ECA to make it looks a bit more like a 5G+. Then... More than fourteen years later the probe was reactivated for a final trajectory correction maneuver, only some days before the encounter with the "comet". Alas, the comet is lacking a tail, but otherwise I find the model absolutely beautiful. It's a work by lajowinker, and can be found at the Realistic Ascension page. A final perigee lowering maneuver and the orbit was established at 1100 x 1057 meters only, orbiting at 2.8 m/s. Yes, it is slow. REALLY slow. Quickly, the lander was uncoupled from the orbiting probe for its single way trip. Equipped with two Ants engines, it is enjoying more than 1.5 km/s of impulsion available, more than enough for its mission. Approximately one minute after the uncoupling, the lander had to realize a retroburn of 2.4 m/s to start its long, smooth, but stressful descent, as the link with the probe was essential for the success of the mission. All these minutes to make some slight corrections to evade any collision with the terrain were also a good occasion to enjoy the unusual topography of this body. Then, a good landing site was finally selected, requiring another incredible burn of 4.6 m/s this time! Alas, so stupid I was to believe that everything was completed then... With a local gravity of 0.001 (yes FIVE times less than Gilly) I didn't know what will happen during the touch down... and I should have. Some terrible bounces and ricochets followed this landing attempt for some minutes... Finally, the lander stayed nearly well on the surface of the comet (still moving a bit, alas). Then I found that the problem was coming from the landing legs. Once retracted the craft could stand here without even using the upper engine. The flight can be considered as a success, with a nice number of "first" accomplished during the nervous last hours. Now I don't really know if I should try to save the probe by sending her anywhere else with its remaining 1037 m/s, or to leave her around the comet. As the perigee of the body is extremely low, there is a high probability to loose her and the lander during the closest encounter with Kerbol.
  3. Zanzalur's Odyssey, my YouTube channel

    All the best for it! It's not particulary easy to start a channell and to attract the viewers, but if you have the good sauce with a nice menu, it should go well. I will follow the updates for sure.
  4. Google Picture War RELOADED

    Jawohl !
  5. What did you do in KSP today?

    Damn! If only I could put MORE likes! I mean, Quiet Riot and Bananarama, totally the opposite of each others, but perfect with such a crazy theme!
  6. Flat Kerbin Society

    You're poor little sheep! Kerbin is FLAT because everything around you is FLAT! The pizza in front of you is flat! The frisbees are FLAT! Just think by yourself, is the dog poo in front of your door bearing round? NO! It is made of multiple FLAT layers! WAKE UP PEOPLES! The round Kerbin plotists are the slaves of the Killuminatis! Themselves under the control of space rays coming from the Mun!!1111!!!
  7. Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

    Here are some of my favorites (I have an addiction to sunny scenes):
  8. What did you do in KSP today?

    I just decided to re-work a bit on my X-26A shuttle. The vertical stabilizer has been reviewed for a better stability on Y, and an enhanced control at very high altitude. Also, two elevons were added to act as speedbrakes during the descent. Two of the Kickbacks got their thrust reduced to 90% while the last pair were still burning at 100%. The result was pretty nice as the whole burn time of the SRBs reached more than 70 seconds now; the reduced pair still being able to help accelerating until reaching around 22 km. Also, all of the 5 Thuds were re-calibrated to 100%, giving a better chance to raise the Ap to 220 km being flaming out. Maybe it was my memory, but I found this newer version to be much more easy to control too. Nearly no commands input were necessary after the SRBs separation, the craft keeping on accelerating smoothly while keeping its angle perfectly. T+05:10, saying good-bye to the External Tank. Next step, the station! Powered under the pitiful thrust of its dual Sparks, the X-26A is really limited in term of orbital capabilities, having around 900 m/s available only after the circularization maneuver. Anyway, the meeting with the station was completed at 200 km without any problems, around 600 m/s remaining to de-orbit. What appeared to be a bit less slow with the lowering mass of the craft. Around 2 minutes... only. The re-enter went normally and without any inputs on the commands. The sole problem being... Another terrible trajectory during the de-orbiting burn, which resulted in a separation of around 80 km from the KSC. Hopefully, with its good gliding capabilities the X-26A was easy to bring back home. It also was a great occasion to me to try the latest stock speedbrakes acting in live, and they were not disappointing! Touchdown! The landing speed was so usual that it even made it useless to deploy the braking chute. It seems like I will definitely kept the craft like this for a long time now.
  9. Shuttles docked to space station picture thread

    I didn't post any screenshot with, but... GLORY TO THE FAIRINGS. Or, it's also working as an E.T. too... This, actually, is the reason why I love the Eos shuttle so much. I tried to make a pure fairing fuselage on another shuttle also, but it failed miserably following the re-enter. The air resistance was so low that the elevons were not even able to correct the Y-angle... on another hand, the fairing belly was giving a total protection against the heat. Too bad it didn't worth the price to keep on testing.
  10. What did you do in KSP today?

    Poor wrinkled Mortimer, nobody seems to like him. He's always the target
  11. The worst, for now, was during my first test flight of the Callisto shuttle, about a year ago. Everything went nearly perfectly, just some problem with the control which were too sensitive. Then, at the time to lower the landing gear... I discovered that I had forgotten to place a nose gear... So simple, so basic, and so stupid. Hopefully, it ended well and taught me a lesson: always check the gears!!!
  12. Google Picture War RELOADED

  13. What did you do in KSP today?

    The shuttle still being on its way to the Mun, I decided to kill the time by making a truly useless craft. I chose to use my heaviest S.S.T.O. in service, Pallas which is normally dedicated to medium sized space stations. Enjoying a majestic TWR of... I can't remember, but it was awesome for sure! Come one, 22 Vector engines for a payload of 5 tons, it's perfect! Each emergency pods were ejected from their mother ship once on a 180 x 170 km parking orbit. After many Kerbals hours orbiting the blue ball, and multiple maneuvers the Outer Heaven station finally received its three operational evacuation pods. It clearly announced the end of these costing flights to bring the scientists back to the surface, now they will be totally independent to return at any time they want! Then, the carrier was de-orbited to return as close as possible to the KSC. Something which, of course, is "nearly" never happening... Well, according to von Kerman the flight was a Total SUCCESS only costing the price of a landing leg, a press release which was quickly denied by Mortimer Kerman, who added that the cost of TWO Landing Struts is UNACCEPTABLE. We can not consider this flight as a success when our company has just lost 880 FUNDS on this mission that I would even define as USELESS. However, it still was not totally over, the fourth and last emergency pods having been docked to a station at 300 km, it was now the time to test it in live from a high altitude de-orbit. Perfectly protected by its shield, the pod re-entered the Kerbin's atmosphere easily, no problems having to be reported. Useless screenshot coming for free. Just note that it is STILL possible to distinguish the capsule landing on the left, but it's requiring a viewing acuity of 17/10 at least. Mission Successful, yes definitely! The Orbital Emergency Capsule I received its license of validity in the seconds that followed, this craft had demonstrated, once again, how wonderfully the unlimited capacities of the KSC engineers were, as well as their talent to spoil the time and the funds!
  14. What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    Well, it did not happen today but during the night of Friday to Saturday. I just drove for 90 minutes to reach Orlando, and finally got the chance to have my second live ever of Marillion! Everything was simply amazing! If there was only a microscopic thing to complain about, it was the low number of 80's-90's songs. I don't know what I would had given to listen to Blind Curve or Out of this World in live just like the first time. Steve Rothery is still such an amazing player.
  15. What did you do in KSP today?

    I just had 30 minutes of freedom to play a bit, so... I looked at the contracts list, and a good choice of one star were available, including two tourist looking for a trip around the Mun, some samples from Minmus, and a three stars contract for saving another dumb good kerbonaut lying on the surface of the mint-like satellite. Enjoying a nice TWR, the good Kolibri Mk. IV was the best choice to me to ensure a nice cost/profit ratio. While it was re-entering independently, we lost communications with the carrier stage. The most stressing moment of the flight, as the probability to recover it in one piece are most of the time under 33% ! NOOOOOOOOoooooo... another overshot... and it still was not possible to initiate a braking burn!!! Anyway... the sea landing was risky, as the angle at the time of the contact with the surface tended to be bad, but the result was not so disappointing, bringing back a nice amount of funds at the end. Then it was the time to begin the transfer to the Mun... and to leave the game definitely for me today I just hope the craft will be able to realize all the contracts at once. Also, I want to try a docking with it on a new ridiculously shaped space station orbiting the Mun, we'll see.